"Eldest brother which go to? Why hasn’t it arrived yet? I have already found my own place. " Chen Ming complained at the bottom of the teaching building.

"Forget it, forget it, go up and see for yourself, maybe the boss is flirting." Chen Ming prepared to go up from the side stairs.
I didn’t expect to go to the third floor where I had my own class. On the second floor, I saw my boss talking to Lin Keer. Lin Keer’s face was red and his head was low.
Chen Ming was ready to watch a good play. I didn’t expect footsteps coming from the stairs. Chen Ming nodded for a while and got a fright.
Damn it, isn’t it that the dean of education is going upstairs? I have to tell the boss quickly. If the dean of education sees it, the boss will be in big trouble.
Chen Ming came to Li Yi’s side.
When Li Yi saw that it was Chen Ming coming, he said, "Chen Ming, what’s the matter?"
Fortunately, Chen Ming came, otherwise he would have made a fool of himself.
Chen Ming pointed to the stairs and whispered in Li Yi’s ear, "Boss, the dean of education is coming soon, so hurry up!"
"Lin Keer, don’t be mad. The dean of education is here. Let’s go." Li Yi looked at Lin Keer and stared at himself and said.
"Who is in spring?" Lin Keer finally lifted his red face.
"Why are you so red in the face without spring? Stop talking and hurry. " Li Yi directly took Lin Keer’s hand and ran out.
In this way, Li Yi, Chen Ming and Lin Keer ran out of the teaching building.
As soon as he got out of the teaching building, Chen Ming asked, "Boss, what’s the matter? Did you do something to Lin Keer? Why is her face so red? "
"She is in spring, which has nothing to do with me." Li Yi looked indifferent, as if the whole thing had nothing to do with himself.
"Who’s hair spring? I didn’t. " Lin Keer stubbornly shook his head.
Chen Ming smiled and said, "Boss, lying is wrong."
Li Yi wants to beat Chen Ming. What kind of expression is this? Just write on his face that the boss has something to do with Lin Keer.
Li Yi also don’t know what to say.
In this way, Li Yi a face of speechless, Chen Ming a face of the boss and Lin Keer, Lin Keer pursed his cute little mouth.
Finally, under Li Yi’s various expectations, I came to a wall.
"Boss, you can go out if you turn it over." Chen Ming said.
"I didn’t know it was so troublesome to get out of school." Li Yi skimming the pie mouth said.
"Boss, we haven’t skipped class before, of course we don’t know." Chen Mingxiao smiled and said.
Chapter 45 Gangster War (I)
"I did say that I wanted to merge, but I didn’t say whether our gang became yours or yours became mine." Huang Mao smiled and said.
"You fucking play word games with me." The little leader said a little angrily.
"No, no, it’s not that my mother plays word games with you, but that I play word games with you. If you want to find my mother, you can go to hell. Don’t worry, it’s free and doesn’t cost money." Yellow hair said faintly.
People with yellow hair are going to be overjoyed. It’s so interesting. My boss is so funny.
"You still play word games with me, yes, yes." The little leader was so angry that he even spoke a little incoherently.
"You can play word games with me if you can." Huang Mao posed as if you could come and play with me.
"I … I … I want to fight you one-on-one." I don’t know how to describe the little leader’s anger. Let’s just say that if anger can kill people, it is estimated that Huang Mao will die 100 million times last time.
"Look, you can’t do it. Don’t dare to play word games with me." Huang Mao said.
The little leader was ready to go straight to the knife, but he was pulled back by his men.
"eldest brother, this is a goad. when you go up, they will beat you up together." A younger brother said.
After hearing this sentence, the anger of the little head disappeared in an instant. By contrast, life should be the most important thing.
"Don’t think that I don’t know. When you fucking wait for me to rush up, you find a few people to beat me up together." The little leader seemed to have seen Huang Mao’s mind clearly.