Anyone who meets a team like Tiger Brothers League will have a headache. It is definitely a hard battle to play against them, except for the weak team. If the weak team meets them, it will be one-sided slaughter. If the strong team meets them, it will be nerve-racking. The tactics will be absolutely unexpected. If there is no sniper with the same height in the opponent team, it will be suppressed quite miserably.

Club I is now on the verge of victory, and they will defeat the Tiger Brothers. This is something they can’t imagine. Once it is realized, everyone will be ecstatic. When the game has reached this point, they will naturally not let the victory slip away. Although most people are waiting to see them play overtime, the people in Club I don’t want to play overtime at all.
At half-time, the Tiger Brothers launched an onslaught. The attack point was point A, and they rushed directly to the front without even laying smoke bombs. The reason why they were so bold was that they had a powerful sniper to cover the other person. If they dared to flash out and shoot, they would definitely be hit by bleak feelings. This is a matter of no doubt.
Relying on the sniper’s deterrent, the four machine gunners can rush into the package point without any hindrance and then engage in close fire with the other person. When the four machine gunners rush into the package point, they find that the package point is alone. At this time, they dare not check whether there is anyone at the door of the stairs. If there is an ambush, things will be big.
At this time, bare, a gun came behind him, and he was shot in the head without coming back. In his heart, he couldn’t help but be frightened that he was finished. When he died, the gunners were afraid that it would be difficult to keep Point A, even if four packs were installed, he might not win the game.
In the first round of this half, he really didn’t expect Ye Qing to attack directly from behind. Now he doesn’t want to know that the other person must have come out of the middle door to outflank the posterior point A, and there is no gun in it. If the players don’t report, he will know that there is definitely no one in it. Wait until four machine gunners enter the package point and the other party will have a two-way double team. This move is too cruel!
"Awesome!" Bare, can’t help but sigh that Ye Qing’s command ability has become more and more prominent, and being bold and daring to take risks can often be unexpected.
Bare, after falling down, they came out from behind him, both of them were machine gunners, and on both sides of point A, I club people attacked at the same time at both ends. The Tiger Brothers League was in a mess at the package point, and they were attacked by the other side before and after they found a good position. In an instant, two people were killed.
The remaining two people were dying and killed two of the I club members, but they were killed by random guns. Even the first round of defense was successful. It was a very good game, and the score was two points ahead of the opponent and it became five to three.
Ye Qing’s tactics in the first round can be said to be quite risky. He didn’t arrange anyone at point B, but he made up his mind to defend point A and sent someone to kill him in the middle. One of them even chased him to point B and looked at the situation. No one was found, so they could conclude that the other person was at point A.
Bare scratched his head and easily said to his teammates, "Without their tactics, we can make them have no chance once we are a little more vigilant."
In the second round, the central troops continued to attack point A, but this time he was on guard behind him. He would be interesting to see if the other side dared to outflank them.
Chapter 1213 Tactics are single
Ye Qing knows very well that it is difficult for five people in the team to defend three points at the same time. Once the troops are dispersed, the firepower will be weakened. Moreover, the other gunners are quite strong in terms of individual combat ability. The other side will not compete with you for individual combat ability. The other side will definitely attack one point with the troops. If the number is at a disadvantage, can it be defended?
Since we can’t keep it, we should attack it. This is Ye Qing’s idea. The idea is very clear and simple and rude. He doesn’t intend to stick to three points at all. None of them are good at defending. In the first round, the opponent’s attack is point A. In the second round, it is reasonable to say that the opponent may attack point B. However, this person is more cunning and does not rule out that the opponent will continue to attack point A.
Ye Qing thinks it’s still necessary to find out which direction the other side will attack in order to deal with it. It’s definitely the quickest way to go out from the middle to check the enemy’s situation. It’s closer to the middle gate. Just send someone to rush out quickly to check the enemy’s situation. If the other side wants to attack point A, it will certainly pass outside the middle gate. If the other side doesn’t pass outside the middle gate, it may go to point B, but it doesn’t rule out that the other side is lying in ambush at the base and then deliberately giving them an illusion to attack point B.
After the middleman sent to the middle school rushed out, he saw that the last person of the other party passed away and just disappeared behind the wall in the direction of going to point A. He immediately reported it to Ye Qing.
Ye Qing frowned and felt that it was impossible for the other side to keep on attacking point A like this. If you outflank from behind, you will probably suffer a big loss, but if you figure out the attack direction of the other side, you can withstand it even if you don’t outflank it. You need to just put the troops in the department at point A. He believes that five people will defend at point A and rely on bunkers. The other side will certainly not be able to attack.
Quickly put the people’s department to point A for defense. Although the other side was covered by a top sniper, they threw flash bombs and smoke bombs on Avenue A to cut off the vision of the other sniper, which also created a lot of interference for the other sniper, making it impossible for the other side to kill their machine gunners.
Bare, seeing that the other side didn’t come to outflank the rear road and attack point A effectively, but the other side actually reached point A one after another. The firepower was quite strong, and his vision was blocked by smoke bombs, which effectively covered the gunners for his teammates. The sniper of the other side was not a vegetarian, and the Tiger Brothers paid a heavy price on the way forward.
Bare, seeing that the death information was constantly being brushed out, his heart was cold. It turned out that all his teammates were dead. He hurriedly ordered to retreat, but eventually he was able to retreat. There was a residual blood machine gunner who died three people, but the other position was still rock solid.
This round of storming plan obviously failed again, and Ye Qing felt a little strange about it. Bare has always been full of wisdom and tricks, and he didn’t play according to common sense. These two rounds of tactics are so single that they haven’t changed. The first round is even more on guard against being attacked by them. This is really something that Yuzryha can’t figure out
Bare, he thought it was the simplest tactic to attack himself, but he didn’t expect the other side to make his attack route so clear.
Now the score has become six to three, and the I club is only one step away from the match point. Somehow, it is exciting to finally defeat the Tiger Brothers Alliance. This is a historic moment to defeat a super team in fpl, which means that they are qualified to be called a super team, but in fact, the overall strength of this team is not qualified to be a super team. Everything is because this team has his personal ability to prop up this team and forcefully raise its level to the super team level.
In the third round of half-time, he abruptly changed his tactics. He had been pushed to the cliff. I didn’t expect that he was the best at attacking. He actually broke the defense line of the other side and let the other side beat him badly. Since the other side likes to spy on his attack route in the middle, he simply set up an ambush outside the middle door, waiting for the other side to rush out, first kill this person and then attack directly from the middle door.
Ye Qing, of course, won’t continue to send people out from the middle to check the enemy’s situation. He knows that there are only three reasons. The other party must have been prepared and sent someone to go back. He simply sent a person to point A to check the situation. The others all hit point B and attacked from point B non-stop. If the other party’s attack is point B, they may take the initiative to attack the other party. The other party may be caught off guard and may not expect that they will take the initiative to attack.
The Tiger Brothers arranged outside the middle gate, and tight encirclement and other people rushed out, but after waiting for a long time, no one was seen in the middle gate, and nothing happened.
Bare, can’t help but take a look at himself. This trick has been seen through by Ye Qing. Ye Qing should have guessed that he would ambush in the middle gate and didn’t send anyone out again. He gave a wry smile and he seemed to be less and less his opponent. The growth rate of that guy was really terrible.
In the contest with Ye Qing, the wind is gradually blowing on the ground, which is actually related to mental fatigue. After such a long game, his mind is not so clear, and the most important thing is that he has a little cold today, and he has been dizzy all the time. If you think about tactics in depth, it will be even more uncomfortable. Physical condition actually affects the state of the game, but there is no way that things can be better than meeting the other side when you are in a bad state. Then even if you are slightly stronger, you may lose. This is the cruelty of the game
Ye Qing’s physical condition has always been very good, which has something to do with him going home every day and exercising. There are 100 push-ups and sit-ups, which is almost firm. Occasionally, he has to go upstairs to fun run after dinner.
In fact, it is very popular now. Many people in fun run choose to go out to run at night, wear headphones and listen to music. It feels very good to run. It is to practice long-distance running, and if you don’t run every day, you will feel that you haven’t finished anything, and you will often take time to run.
He has always been physically strong, seldom gets sick and has a strong recovery ability. He has recovered quickly from several injuries. He has always maintained a good competitive state. He was in good health and had abdominal muscles in college, but later he neglected to exercise, and gradually his abdominal muscles turned into a piece of body, which was not as good as before. Occasionally catching a cold became a common occurrence. When encountering a strong team, it would definitely have an impact.
Today, I was unlucky to play against Club I, but it happened that I caught a cold. Last night, their team members also had dinner together, and then turned around outside and returned to the hotel. After he took a shower, he just wore a pair of shorts, and the words rang. He picked up the phone and went to the window to pick it up. It was his real girlfriend Fang Xiao. At this time, Fang Xiao went abroad instead of in China. A student went to the United States to participate in a competition, and her instructor accompanied the student.
Even in China, bare and Fang Xiao are bound to talk on the phone every day. In fact, both of them are very busy. During the day, they almost can’t see each other. They can express their thoughts through the phone. Although they have an extra Zhou Wei and Yi Qiuling, it doesn’t affect their feelings at all. Fang Xiao is, after all, bare’s real girlfriend, who is kind and generous and deeply loved by bare, and Zhou Wei naturally doesn’t have to talk with bare every day. She is much happier, for example.
There are not many opportunities for Yi Qiuling and Xiao Ran to meet each other, but they can meet twice a week. Her team has a poor record recently, and many of them can’t even enter the semi-finals. After all, there are too many strong teams in the professional circle now, and they are also female teams. Of course, they still take advantage in the women’s competition, but they have to stubbornly participate in the men’s competition, resulting in a very poor record.
The top management of the team is also very dissatisfied with their achievements. I hope they can improve their team strength as soon as possible. Yi Qiuling has been drawn as the captain and shouldered the heavy burden. Recently, she has also been working hard with the team and has few opportunities to get along alone with bare. The two are also more indifferent through words.