The evening breeze is blowing with a chill.

Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the past.
Cherry Blossom told Su Orange that her father had found the sacred instrument to help her successfully fight the hell gate and rescue the red leaves when she left early.
Gangro poison bottle
Toredo golem
Giovanni butcher knife
Assamai guqin
Fierce spoon in elder’s hand
Sue orange has to admit that Edward is very thoughtful, and it is much safer to have these things.
My current ability is to control the butcher’s knife, but if I have a poison bottle and drop blood into the bottle, the blood in the bottle will be alienated, and drinking the alienated blood in the bottle will make her mutate and make her ability soar.
And the golem can be transformed into a person who has eaten or a blood clan by sucking blood, and it has the fighting capacity of the other side, so that it is more likely that it will not be defeated alone.
The guqin is a perfect defense and has a strong attack power. In battle, it can change its shape to form armor to resist enemy attacks, and at the same time, it can make magic sounds to cause magic damage.
Su Orange wants to go back to school to see someone before going to the Dracula family.
For the snow dance emotion, she knows very well that this love is not simply because she attracts her like Mu Xue, but because the other party is pure, kind and lovely.
Sue orange hasn’t seen her since she fainted in the snow dance on campus.
She has never been to school again to listen to Chu Yin’s snow dance, and she is recuperating at home because of illness.
You must be very shocked and scared to see your terrible appearance!
Now that you have chosen to save Hongye, there is no turning back.
I didn’t let Qiuqiu erase the memory of Snow Dance because I wanted her to see the truth and live a new life, but I ignored it and was cruel to Snow Dance.
Even Ziyue was afraid to hesitate and struggle when she learned the truth that she was a vampire. What’s worse, it was simply snow dancing.
Familiar with the meowing when the gate is covered with rose walls, it seems that everything is as usual
Remember the scene vividly.
I saw the snow dance for the first time in the food tasting activity …
The research room sends out new dishes together …
Be a guest at home.
Make a pet bag for three kittens …
After coming out of prison, I went back to school and danced in the dormitory to find myself …
I refused the snow dance again and again after learning that I would become a vampire.
Holding a party in Blue Nine again snubbed the snow dance …
Snow Dance disappeared during the study tour and was taken captive to the demon clan. The situation of psychedelic fragrance revealed to myself …
Memories of the past are vivid, and fragments keep popping up in my mind, forcing Su Orange to desperately want to see her again, even if it is a distant look.
Cross the high wall and go straight to the attic where Snow Dance lives. Su Orange is startled to find that there are succulent potted plants on the windowsill that she gave to Snow Dance when she was attending a family gathering.
I didn’t expect a pot full of flowers to grow in a few months.
Sue orange heart can’t help but quiver through the glass window and look in through the curtain gap. The bedside wall lamp in the room is on and the snow is dancing. Lying in bed, the whole person is pale and thin. Many slender eyelashes are trembling gently, and it seems that they don’t sleep well.