"But I … will become a real vampire one day, and then I’m afraid I’ll do something to hurt you." Su Orange worried.

Qiuqiu held Su Orange’s arm tightly. "Even if Daddy becomes a real vampire, Qiuqiu won’t leave you."
"Aren’t you afraid of being sucked by me?"
Qiuqiu got a cold war, but he nodded resolutely. "I’m not afraid! If daddy needs blood, drink my blood! I can go out to fight and eat other people’s pets so that I can have a steady stream of energy and blood to support my father. "
Well, this little girl seems to be a little relieved when she really grows up, but now is not a good time to chat.
"Let’s go! To save my mother and my sister, "Su Orange stepped out and walked out, followed by Qiuqiu.
From the dilapidated house mound see Sue orange footsteps some heavy look and tired don’t worry, "daddy, why don’t you have a rest first! I went to find grandma and sister. "
"Grandma and my period?" Sue orange one leng.
Qiuqiu pouted. "You are my daddy, so your mother and sister are of course my grandmother and aunt."
"Oh … OK!" Su orange hangs several black lines on his forehead, hoping that the child will not scare his mother and sister. "But there may be other vampires here, aren’t you afraid?"
"I’m not afraid!" Qiuqiu stood up with a small chest and looked righteously.
Suddenly, a black shadow darted through the corner of the room, hiding behind Sue Orange.
Sue orange secretly felt funny. This girl was so scared that she was still strong and daring to talk big.
"It’s a stray cat" Sue orange sighed.
"Oh …" Qiuqiu was holding Su Orange’s back. "This cat is so scary!"
"if you are afraid, go back to the warehouse!" Sue orange patted QiuQiu head.
"Well, all right!" Even my legs are shaking. Let’s go back to the warehouse first!
Although Qiu Qiu is a pet, he still has self-esteem
After seeing Qiuqiu back to the warehouse, Sue Orange looked at the phone and there was no signal. It was already midnight when she saw it.
D area is still relatively large. If you look around, you will definitely have a lot of energy and time.
Or you can find a place with a high position and a wide field of vision to see.
Since the other party has an appointment at Luoying Street, there must be a light at the appointed place, even a weak light is easier to find at night.
Su orange glanced around for a week. There seems to be a church not far away. If you can climb to the top of the church, you should be able to see the whole D area clearly.
Sue orange took a deep breath and ran towards the church.
Looking outside the church first, even though it has been abandoned for decades, it has survived the wind, rain and sun, but it is still very intact.
Scientific and technological progress can bring convenience to mankind, but if it is mishandled and neglected, it will have incalculable disastrous consequences.
Sue orange quickly ran and climbed. Although she felt a little tired in the middle, she still gritted her teeth and persisted.
Looking around at the top of the church, the view suddenly dawned.
A breeze blows the broken hair on the forehead, which makes people feel a little cool and awake.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Close
"I helped daddy exchange ten blue potions and ten red potions. Didn’t you feel it when I clicked on the host daddy?" Qiuqiu asked δ "Look at δ" δ Pavilion www.к anshuge.la.
No wonder I just felt a force pouring into my body. It turned out that Qiuqiu helped her exchange things, and she didn’t know that she could still do this.
There seems to be something wrong, but now it’s a little confusing
Seeing Su Orange’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, she asked thoughtfully, "Daddy, did I do something wrong again?"
Sue orange came to her senses and shook her head. "No, you did a good job, but these three things are a little strange."
With the thermal detector, the location of mother and sister can be located more accurately, and the high-sensitive infrared camera can quickly capture a clear picture ten meters away in the dark environment.
This will make it easier to avoid other vampires and find their mother and sister quickly.
There are two little red dot on the screen of the thermal detector, a red dot is bigger and a red dot is smaller. It must be yourself and Qiuqiu.
Su orange feels a little strange because it’s already Zone D. There must be many vampires around, but what thermal detector can’t show it? Do vampires have lower body temperature?
She touched her forehead and touched Qiuqiu’s forehead.
"What’s the matter, Daddy? Are you sick?" Qiuqiu cocked his head and asked
Sue orange shook her head, and sure enough, her temperature was slightly lower than that of Qiuqiu, and she was a half vampire. The vampire temperature might be even lower. No wonder the thermal detector didn’t show it.
It seems that two red dots on the screen, one big and one small, actually represent the mound and the little one represents himself.
Su Orange smiled and patted Qiuqiu’s little brain. "Let’s go!"
"Ok, go and save grandma and aunt!" Qiuqiu will be full of energy with a wave of his hand.
The night is quiet, the wind is rustling, and the hair tip of Su orange floats backwards.
Two figures, one tall and one short, quickly walked through the D area of people.
Walking in the rugged ruins, Su Orange found that the speed of the mound was not slower than her own. It seems that her strength has really increased during this period, and she will definitely become her own strength. Stop.
Suddenly QiuQiu took Sue orange motioned for her to squat down.
"What’s the matter …" Sue orange words haven’t say that finish was QiuQiu covered her mouth.
The two men hid behind a pair of broken walls for a long time, and Qiuqiu leaned out and looked forward, then buried his head at an extremely fast speed.
"What’s the matter? Qiuqiu? " Sue orange bass asked
Qiuqiu raised a finger and issued a "shh" signal to Sue Orange not to talk.
After another moment, Qiuqiu poked his head out again and looked forward, then he breathed a long sigh of relief.
Only then did the bass voice say, "Daddy knows that I’m afraid of vampires. Just now, I felt two vampires in a broken house opposite."
"Two vampires?" Sue orange one leng, it seems that this girl’s perception ability is still very strong, and she is actually aware of it.
Qiuqiu nodded. "Well, the strength is still very strong, so strong that I feel a little scared!"
"Not afraid! Have me! " Sue orange stretched out his hand and stopped QiuQiu shoulder comfort.
Qiuqiu raised her beautiful little face and her eyes were firm. "Daddy should be the one to protect you. Although I am afraid of vampires, Daddy can rest assured that I won’t flinch easily!"
"Well, good!" Su orange smiled. "I haven’t felt it yet, but you noticed it first. It seems that Qiuqiu’s strength has increased a lot!" "
"That’s for sure! The back collar of the mound will increase! " Qiu Qiu is very heart-warming to get daddy’s approval.
I leaned out again to look at the abandoned house not far ahead, and my face became a little strange. "What happened?"
"gone?" Su Orange frowned slightly. "Is it a passing vampire?"
I don’t know! Qiuqiu pursed his mouth and looked around.
Behind them is a lush oak tree. The broad canopy covers the nearby area like a canopy, and the faint moonlight can be projected to the ground through the dense leaves.
The night wind rustled through the leaves.
Qiuqiu was seriously looking for a shadow hanging from the branches of the face suddenly appeared in front of Su Orange and Qiuqiu.
Are you looking for me?
"ah! Ghosts! "
Seeing a figure hanging upside down like a bat in a tree with his hands crossed on his chest, he opened his mouth and showed his fangs, which scared Qiu Qiu to flee behind Su Orange.