Then he pointed to GongSunYing and said, "Do you know who I am? If you dare to treat me like this, you will die."

Lingyun walked over and kicked him in the stomach. "Shut up. If you dare to say one more word, I will kill you."
Lingyun’s foot is not light, so he can’t breathe for a long time.
"What’s the matter?" Lingyun asked is GongSunYing.
Gong Sunying must have seen something when he entered the room, otherwise he wouldn’t be so rude to this person.
"He wants to rape and defile the girl inside." GongSunYing is full of murderous look.
When GongSunYing went in, the girl had been knocked unconscious and stripped naked at the same time.
"Do you dare to rape and defile women in broad daylight?" Lingyun appearing fade to stare at these lai.
I didn’t expect that there would be such a law in his secluded state.
Some people don’t respect Wang Fa Lingyun because they know that it is impossible to avoid such things in any dynasty, and there are always criminals.
But Lingyun didn’t think that anyone would be so bold and daring to rape women in broad daylight.
The former woman shouted not only that GongSunYing and Lingyun heard it from many people nearby, but no one dared to stop it, not even the newspaper officer.
Obviously, these people all know what happened, but they dare not go out.
Now see lingyun and GongSunYing rushed into the room before anyone dared to watch in front of the destruction.
Also in front of the door watching the root dare not walk into the courtyard.
Visible in the sight of these people in yanyuan city is how natural.
"Who are you?" Lingyun is a kick in this person. This time, the power is greater than before, and people will be kicked directly.
After falling to the ground, Lingyun walked over and stepped on his chest and looked at each other with his head down.
"Run, run, tell your adult" before being hit by Lingyun. Someone got up in panic and ran to the door.
GongSunYing body move instantly appeared in front of the gate to escape lai was a kick back.
"I’m the magistrate of Yanyuancheng County, and you don’t hurry to let me go."
Although he was beaten and trampled, the magistrate still felt that Lingyun was afraid to deal with him because he had his identity, and he wanted to turn it over to curry favor with him.
Of course, men don’t eat immediate losses. He can pretend not to blame Lingyun and others for killing Lingyun after they left.
He dares to rape a woman in broad daylight. He is not only a legal person, but also a victim. He will not let go of Tai Lingyun and GongSunYing for treating him like this.
Of course, this is what he thought when he didn’t know the identity of Lingyun and GongSunYing. If he knew Lingyun’s identity, he would have knelt down and cried for mercy at the moment.
"County magistrate?" Lingyun frowns
"Yeah, don’t let me go quickly. I think you two have good strength and just hang out with me. I promise you will have a very good life," said Zhang Ba.
The satrap dare not do this, but a county magistrate dare.
If Lingyun didn’t happen to meet him, I don’t know how long this bully will be in Weifu, Yanyuan City, and how many good women or other people will be persecuted by him.
Lingyun frown is to let Zhang Ba Lingyun get scared after hearing his identity, even if he is trampled by Lingyun, his arrogance is unabated.
"Do you really want to die if you don’t get your smelly feet for me quickly?"
Lingyun sneered, "It’s just a county magistrate who has nothing to be arrogant about."
Stepping on Zhang Ba’s chest and feet added 100% strength.
"Blare … cough"
Zhang Ba’s mouth kept coughing up blood, and his chest thickness was directly flattened by three points, and his heart was directly punctured by ribs.
After seeing it, the other local ruffians were scared to look like Zhang Ba, but the magistrate looked at this miserable situation and they all knew that Zhang Ba could not live.
Now, if there is a doctor, it can really save his life, but it doesn’t.
"You … you killed the magistrate’s adult and you are dead meat."
A gangster trembled and said that people were afraid of being implicated after hearing the appearance of the door.
Other gangsters also looked at Lingyun in horror or anger.
Zhang Ba is dead, and they can still live? The county magistrate will definitely let them go with him.
"ah!" At this time, the house screamed again, but the woman who was knocked unconscious before woke up.
Gong Sunying put a sheet on her, and now she wakes up to find her clothes stripped off, and she is very frightened.
Lingyun doesn’t know what’s going on inside. When she hears a woman screaming, there’s still someone hiding inside who signals GongSunYing to go in and have a look.
Lingyun himself is prepared to tie these lai ropes one by one into a string.
Killing Zhang Ba Lingyun is not worrying at all. It’s just a county magistrate. He will kill not only Zhang Ba but also the county magistrate.
This county magistrate of Yanyuan City is his appointed, but who exactly is Lingyun has not remembered. After all, there are 100 county magistrates in a secluded state alone. Many people in other places in Canada have never seen Lingyun, but they have seen their names on paper. It is difficult to remember who these county magistrates are.
GongSunYing get in, get out, and there’s a woman screaming for the second time.
Chapter 53 Long fat
"Don’t worry, it’s okay."
The house woman has got dressed and came out.
"Thank you," the woman said with tears in her face.
Although it’s tears, it’s hard to hide her charm.
Although it is not as good as The Story Of Diu Sim, it is also very beautiful, otherwise Zhang Ba would not want to rape her.
"You should go quickly. The magistrate’s adult will not let you go. If you don’t leave, you won’t be able to come." The woman said.
Lingyun laughed. "We’re leaving. What about you?"
A woman’s words make Lingyun’s affection for her increase greatly. Ordinary people must now try their best to distance themselves from them and persuade them to leave quickly.
Some people are more likely to bite the hand that feeds them.
The county magistrate was killed in her home. At this time, she let Lingyun, the murderer, leave. What would be the consequences? She must know, but even if she knew, she still chose to let Lingyun Gongsunying leave.
At this time, if Lingyun Gongsunying leaves like this, the fate of this woman may be even more tragic than before.
"Don’t worry, it’s okay. He won’t touch us," Lingyun said.
A woman is silent at the moment, and her heart is still very scared. A few months ago, she met a very powerful man, but she didn’t know if this man would help her.
Now, if Lingyun GongSunYing is away from a woman’s house, she doesn’t know what to do.
I don’t know when another group of people gathered at the door, watching someone persuade the three people to leave quickly, and someone showed sympathy. In their view, Lingyun three people were dead.
Don’t go now. You won’t leave until the magistrate’s adult comes.
Lingyun didn’t tell them his identity. These people don’t know him at all. Even if he did, he wouldn’t necessarily believe it.
Everything will be clear when the magistrate arrives.