He was so startled that she showed an incredible expression. She was more surprised than she was. "You mean they can accept each other?" You have no problem with two boats? "

"Don’t be so ugly. It’s just that they like each other and it’s hard to tell. They get along very well and they have given me the management of the club in the partnership business office." Ye Qing is very cool and tunnel.
Na Lan’s eyes widened as if she had just met Ye Qing. She shook her head and said, "Ye Qing really can’t see it. I always thought that you were a very upright person and a very single-minded person, so you chose Da Mi and gave up on me. But I just found out today that you are not so single-minded and you can find two girlfriends at the same time. I finally realized that you didn’t give up on me because you were single-minded, but just because you didn’t like me!"
Ye Qing saw that he was a little guilty. In fact, he didn’t like him, but because he didn’t want to get into any more trouble. With Da Mi and Su Yanbing, he felt that he had enough, and Da Mi probably wouldn’t accept other girls, especially since Na Lan had made a big contradiction before the two.
Big honey has no affection for Nalan, even if ordinary friends are reluctant to accept her as a girlfriend, which is simply impossible. What matters is that Nalan and Big Honey can choose one. Now that they have chosen Big Honey, they will never have anything to do with Nalan again. He and Nalan can be good friends.
Dami is a very stubborn person, especially if she decides things by herself. It is difficult for others to change what she will accept Su Yanbing because she has a good impression on Su Yanbing since she came. She thinks Su Yanbing is a very cultured person, elegant to the extreme and very natural, and she is willing to accept it.
Ye Qing sighed, and then remembered that the cigarette in his hand had not smoked yet. When I looked at it, it was about to burn out. He hurriedly took a drag and then bounced the cigarette butt into the trash can by mistake.
He vomited a faint wisp of light smoke and said apologetically to Nalan, "I’m sorry, I can’t accept others now. I hope you can understand me. It’s not your fault, but my situation doesn’t allow me to accept another person. I’m not a playboy. I don’t know what to say. I always hope you can understand me!"
Na Lanwen looked a little disappointed, but the result was expected by her. She smiled sadly. "I understand that you can’t accept it, but honey can’t accept it, especially me. I also know that you are not a playboy but a very responsible person, otherwise you wouldn’t refuse me!"
Ye Qing turned around and looked at Nalan very seriously. "You know I’m not a playboy. Don’t make wild guesses about other things. I believe we will be very good friends and even best friends!"
Nalan nodded and then asked, "There is one last question, which is very important and I want a very positive answer!" "
"You ask!" Ye Qing is very frank and tunnel. Anyway, he asked all those difficult questions, so it is not difficult to answer this question.
"Have you ever really liked me? Or have you ever been tempted for a moment? " He asked a little shyly. After asking, he even dared not look at Ye Qing’s eyes and bowed his head directly.
"yes! I tell you for sure! " Ye Qing did not hesitate to tunnel he suddenly burst into a flower-like smile, which is like a flower instead of the flower-like smile in Stephen Chow’s film …
She nodded. "Thank you for telling me frankly, so that I can really be satisfied. After that, we will be really good friends or best friends. Let me know if there is anything you don’t care about, and I will help you share it!" You can also discuss with me when you are in doubt. I can help you refer to it! "
"good! After that, we are good friends! Can you smoke? I’ll order one for you! " Ye Qing smiled and waved to Nalan Dao Nalan. "Don’t treat me as your brother, although we are good friends. I am still a woman after all!"
"Women can smoke as well!" Ye Qing is a so-called tunnel.
"Do you dare to smoke for Dami and your other girlfriend?" He lifted up her head to leaf tilting way leaf tilting ha ha a smile "dare not! Let’s go, I’m out of cigarettes, you’re out of questions, it’s time to go to training, and there’s an fdl game in the afternoon! "
"good! I will follow you throughout your career to see you create myths! " He patted Ye Qing’s arm very seriously to pat his shoulder, but Ye Qing’s height was a little too high, and he couldn’t reach his arm.
Leaves to listen to he couldn’t help but smile "reigns? That’s not easy! And I still don’t know if I will stay in this team all the time! "
"No! Isn’t this team honey? And she has been handed over to you to manage, which is equivalent to your own team. Do you want to leave your team? " He is very surprised tunnel
Ye Qing sighed a bit naively. "The team’s strength now wants to compete among the super-strong teams in the top-level events, and it is still difficult for them to win the Lele Cup. We have a lot of luck because they don’t understand us, but after winning the championship, all teams will definitely attach great importance to us and analyze our play. Our play is based on me. Once I am restricted, the team will not be able to play, and the nb team will definitely lose miserably. When we meet them, we will play even harder. It is difficult and there is almost no chance to win. If I want to get higher honor in the future, I must leave here. In fact, I don’t know if I will leave this team when the time comes. After all, I have worked hard to reorganize, and my sponsors are almost all I have found! "
Chapter 75 Continue to maintain the second place
Ye Qing has great affection for the I club. He started his career in this team and met Dami and Su Yanbing in this team. If he hadn’t joined this team, he might not have made friends with Dami and Su Yanbing. Life is so wonderful.
Every thought will determine your later life and the people you will meet. If Ye Qing doesn’t join the I club, he may stay in Julong Internet Cafe for a long time and then suddenly realize that he can’t go there any more. Maybe he will join other professional teams. Maybe he will choose to give up F to find an ordinary job. He may also have a girlfriend, but it will never be one of Da Mi and Su Yanbing.
Ye Qing won his first championship in this team, and also met with a fright in this team, so his marksmanship improved greatly, and at the same time he got K’s personal guidance, which made his strength rise quite rapidly and realized the realm of unity of man and gun.
He has gained a lot in life and everything he can get in this team. He almost got to leave this team. Yi Dami has also invested a lot of effort in this team and is full of expectations for the future of the team. If he leaves the team, the strength of this team will be reduced by at least half, and Dami will not agree.
At first, he also thought that Ye Qing should stay in this team until he retired, and even he would continue to manage this team after retiring, but after hearing Ye Qing’s statement, he might have to leave her and think about his future.
If ye leaves the I club, then she will go from? She is still playing F. The only motivation is to stay with Ye Qing. Once Ye Qing has left, what’s the point of her staying? She knows very well that Ye Qing can’t take her with her when she leaves the team, and Ye Qing must be a very top team. She is afraid that the other party can’t want her.
Ye Qing’s speech is actually reasonable. He is the sky eagle. If he has been trapped in a cage, he will fly high. His dream is that the blue sky can only be realized if he flies to the blue sky, and the I club is a cage that traps him here.
The cage can be expanded in a limited way, but it is not as vast as the world. This team is too dependent on him. If it encounters a strong enemy, it will have him to bear all the pressure. The teammates will not help much.
If Ye loses a super team, then he is sure to be a blockbuster, and the hero will have the strength to cooperate with those powerful teammates. They can win many championships, and he will definitely become a superstar, perhaps the greatest ak machine gunner in F’s history.
He wanted to think that Ye Qing can only get better development if he leaves here, and he will just choose to retire directly when the time comes. Ye Qing will still meet often after his good friends, and it is impossible to die of old age.
She smiled at Ye Qing and said, "My good friend, I will definitely support you in deciding that this team has a place where you want to stay, but the eagle aiming at the blue sky will definitely fly away from its mother nest. You will never learn to fly here! No matter which team you are in, I will look at you. You are the strongest! "
Ye Qing couldn’t help but be excited by Nalan’s words. Yes, good birds all know that it is natural to choose a better team to develop by themselves, just like persuading meteor and others to leave the team in order to make the team stronger.
"Good have you encouraged me to have the courage! However, this matter has not yet come to an end, and I don’t know where it will suddenly be decided that I am still in this team, and I am also the team captain and general manager of the club. I have to manage this team well and lead everyone to continue to create brilliance and train! " Ye Qing said, patting him on the shoulder and they went back together.
See Ye Qing and he walked back together. Pearl Krabs’s eyes were a little strange. She guessed in her mind that the two men were mostly talking outside, and he looked a little happy. It must be that Ye Qing said something to make her happy. Is it that she has made a breakthrough with Ye Qing?
Pearl Krabs thought of here and couldn’t help but feel very uncomfortable. After falling behind people everywhere, his marksmanship has been surpassed by Nalan, which makes Ye Qing sometimes trust Nalan more in the middle of the game.
In feelings, he seems to be walking in front of her today. He is bolder than she is, but she can speak her mind openly. But she has always kept her mind in her heart. Yuzryha knows that if she goes this way, she may always be able to wait and see.
She couldn’t help sighing, and then her expression became a little lonely. She couldn’t muster up the courage to make it because of her personality. There was no way to do this. In fact, where did she know that the joy in Nalan’s eyes was not because she had made a breakthrough with Ye Qing, but because she had completely released Ye Qing as a good friend, so her heart became unburdened and she seemed very relaxed, so she would show a little joy in her eyes.
After Nalan sat down, Ye Qing clapped his hands and said to the players, "How about I invite everyone to dinner at noon and invite everyone to dinner after winning the game at noon?"
"Captain terrible! Too handsome! " Zhao xia yang and Thomas both cheered. Pearl Krabs smiled gently and he took a leaf and tilted his shoulder. "Dude! Look at your meal, we will definitely not lose in the afternoon game! "
The afternoon training went well. Ye Qing led everyone to practice the tactics again, and practiced the position more accurately, and the tactical execution became more in place. At noon, Ye Qing took the players to eat fast food, although it was not very good, but it was much better than the box lunch.
After eating, everyone took a rest at noon and maintained a good mental state. Then we played the second round of fdl regular season in the afternoon. The opponent was not strong, and naturally there was no suspense. Club I beat the opponent cleanly with a total score of two.
In fact, there is no suspense in winning the Big Dipper Palace I club, and it is bound to win easily. There are six teams left in the team except themselves and the Big Dipper Palace, and the strength gap between them is obvious.
Long Xing, this slightly stronger team was wiped out by Ye Qing alone. It is conceivable that when other teams met Club I, what game won the afternoon match, and the second place position of Club I was very stable. If they can win the Big Dipper Palace again, they will return to the top of the list. If they lose to the Big Dipper Palace again, they can continue to maintain the second place.
In fact, there is little difference between ranking first and second in the regular season, but there will be a slight gap in the strength of the opponents in the playoffs. The strength of the club has no influence. After all, among these teams, there is the Big Dipper Palace if they can be their opponents.
Winning the first place in the regular season is actually listening to the sound. The winning record is quite scary. Ye Qing is not so persistent now. It is not necessary to win the first place. It is not necessary to win the championship in the finals. The previous process is not important.
After the game, the team continued to train until 5: 30 in the afternoon, and then Ye Qing announced the end of the training and took everyone to dinner. This meal was good and the grade was relatively high. Ye Qing was ready for massive bleeding. Anyway, he was looking for big honey to reimburse these accounts.