"Will it be okay? Why are you so cruel?" Qiu-fang Chen said with some worry.

She is worried that Sean is not worried, but that it would be bad for Sean to call the police if it hits too hard.
"Did you just see me move?" Song Xuejuan didn’t look at the stairs and Sean didn’t answer Chen Qiufang’s question.
"I just became a dragon sword in Pojun," Song Xuejuan exclaimed. "I didn’t expect the real world to be so powerful."
Chen Qiufang thought about it for a while. It was really a bit like the first move of Pojun’s dragon sword.
These days, she has been sparring with Song Xuejuan, and she is familiar with Pojun’s dragon sword moves. If you change the broom into a long sword, don’t ask Chen Qiufang in Song Xuejuan, you can see it at first sight.
to be continued
Chapter 252 Police
"Will you come again?" Song Xuejuan is very proud of looking at the stairs and holding the wall, Sean.
A big man can’t even beat a woman. He was caught bursting his balls in the game. It can be said that he was thrown out of the office by the wind and kicked by Song Xuejuan. It can be said that he was drunk, smashed his head by Chen Qiufang and cut his face by Song Xuejuan broom a moment ago. It can be said that he was ambushed.
But now he’s been beaten by a woman. Now women are queens? Think about it. The yellow-faced woman in the family can give him orders. He feels that being a man is really a failure. Any woman can bully him.
Can’t beat people’s physical pain. Sean already has the heart to leave, but he thinks it’s too embarrassing to escape like this. In fact, he has no face at all now
Holding the wall, Sean is afraid to say anything. When he goes, he can look up at Song Xuejuan and Chen Qiufang and shout, "Don’t be mad at this enemy. I will definitely repay you for not letting me feel better. I will never let you feel better."
"What’s the matter?" Lingyun holding the wind dance walked beside Sean looked up and asked.
Is light snow was about to come to Qiu-Fang Chen after quitting the game, but I heard Sean scold for Zhang Liangyin. Light snow is also very familiar with it. Although I didn’t see anyone, Light snow already knows who is at the entrance. Light snow is worried about returning to the game and talking to Lingyun Fengwu.
When I learned that Lingyun was dancing in the wind, I saw Sean’s face against the wall and there was blood on his face and mouth when the game came out
Lingyun some white is to come to trouble Sean what it will be repaired by others Qiu-fang Chen and Song Xuejuan have so strong?
"You are a group. I knew all this was designed by you to harm me. Why should I do this? What do you want to harm me? "Sean saw Lingyun Fengwu appear from everything. This was designed by Lingyun and Chen Qiufang to trap him.
The source of the incident was Lingyun, and then Chen Qiufang made him lose the position of the dean of education. Now two groups of people actually live together, so they think Chen Qiufang reported him and Zhang Liang Ma nao made up everything. I think he will have such a result. Lingyun and others combined to harm him.
"What is he saying?" Just arrived in Lingyun.
"I’ve done everything. I’m like this now. Don’t you have the guts to admit it?"
"What’s the matter with him? It’s not your head, is it? " Lingyun jumped off a building with the help of wind and dance.
Light snow with some fear behind two people glanced at Sean turned away.
Chen Qiufang said, "He is no longer the master of the teaching department, but now he is nothing."
"Oh," Lingyun nodded. "But what’s he doing here?"
Chen Qiufang said, "He said I wrote an anonymous letter to report him."
"Did you write it?"
Lingyun and Chen Qiufang are chatting on the steps, and Zhang Liang’s face is getting darker and darker. But now there are so many people here in Lingyun that he can’t beat a Song Xuejuan, but now he can’t beat it even more.
"If you ask me, you should report this kind of person or not stay at school. What about the principal? Has anything happened to him?"
I don’t know.
"I said you’ve had enough." Stair Sean couldn’t help it. Although there are many people, anger can wash away reason and strengthen people’s courage.
"I said, what do you want?" Lingyun overlooking Sean way
"I …" Sean was speechless. He came to find Chen Qiufang’s trouble. Even if he couldn’t do anything, he would disturb Chen Qiufang’s life. But now there are so many people on the other side. Although there are three women, one child, one disabled group and three women, they are not easy to handle.
The burning pain let Sean know that if he continues to pester the pain here, he can’t.
But leaving like this, he was really unwilling to me. After half a day, he shouted, "What do you want me to do now? I have become like this because of you, and you will compensate me for whatever you say. "
"What do you want us to compensate? Regardless of you, we didn’t cause all this. Even if it is, you deserve it. Don’t even think about it. "
"Don’t pester such people with him and drive them away."
"I’ll come"
Song Xuejuan picked up the broom and ran to the stairs, Sean. There were more than a dozen stairs, and Song Xuejuan came to Sean in five or six steps, scaring Sean to run upstairs with his head in his arms.
He lost his broom long ago. Even if he did, he wouldn’t dare to fight Song Xuejuan now.
Song Xuejuan hit him twice in the back even though he played it by ear.
After driving away Sean, several people went to Chen Qiufang’s home and Chen Qiufang continued to cook and dance to help.
It wasn’t long before five people sat around the table, eating and chatting.
However, before the meal was finished, I heard a knock at the door, but this time it was normal. The knock at the door was not very loud, but it was not small enough for people in the house to hear.
Song Xuejuan put chopsticks and knocked at the door, but the door was stunned by Song Xuejuan.
"Who is it?"
As soon as the door was opened, Song Xuejuan saw three policemen outside the door. Zhang Liangze was hiding behind the three policemen. Song Xuejuan didn’t see it at the moment.
"What’s the matter with the police eldest brother?" Song Xuejuan is still a little nervous in the face of the police.
Hear is the police house lingyun and others also put pants rush to the door.
"With Chen Qiufang, some of us called the police and said that you deliberately beat others." The first policeman in his forties said.
However, after being driven away by Song Xuejuan, former Sean still went to the police station to report the police in anger.
The police saw that he was covered in injuries, and there was no doubt that the horse followed him.
But now looking at a room full of people, the police have some doubts. There are four women in a room, and the only man is still inconvenient. It doesn’t look like he will maliciously hit people.
Although he thinks that Lingyun and others can’t do things that hurt people intentionally, a policeman still knows that he can’t judge a case by his own subjectivity, and the informant Zhang Liang was really beaten.