The two professors turned blacker when they heard this. One of them was stronger and flustered, pointing to Mo Xiaoyan and shouting, "You … You come with me!"

Mo Xiaoyan walked with them without saying a word, and recognized that Roar was the master of the discipline and the other was a life tutor.
Lord Lin, the two of them may be angry and say nothing all the way. Mo Xiaoyan looks as usual, and his heart is in the middle of a calculation. Can’t girls’ apartments stay with boys? Will she be judged as the worst student in the school when she is defending the motherland?
Follow the Lord Lin and you will arrive at the training center. Mo Xiaoyan is very curious. Go in and see the Lord Lin and Jiang’s mentor. Look dignified and sit down.
The forest owner stared at his eyes and raised his eyebrows and asked, "What do you have to explain?"
Mo Xiaoyan asked with an expression, "What’s the replacement? The college stipulates that boys can’t stay overnight? "
"pa!" Lin was so angry that he grabbed his face and slapped it on the table and shouted "sophistry!"
"It seems that you don’t know that you have been exposed?" Jiang’s tutor is very sad. "You should admit your mistake earlier in front of the forest owner. He won’t make extra treatment because you are a girl. If you are so stubborn again, you are afraid that the college will call your guardian Mr. Mo to come over."
Call parents? This is not good. Mo Xiaoyan’s heart is tight. Dad told her not to make trouble. Did Xia Shuying say anything bad about her?
After much deliberation, Mo Xiaoyan told the two professors about touching Xia Shuqing yesterday. "… That’s the truth. I took him in because I had to. I guess he left when you came later."
After listening, Mr. Jiang was a little ugly and asked the owner, "What do you think?"
"If you don’t believe me, you can call Xia Shuqing and confront him!" Mo Xiaoyan certainly saw the professors’ faces.
"Well," Lin seems to have thought about it for a while but pressed the button on his desk. "I’ll ask them to confront you if they are good."
Mo Xiaoyan rushed to the door and longed for it. After ten minutes, an outsider passed by, but it was not her two brothers in the summer family, but three other boys who didn’t know each other.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
One of the boys pointed to Mo Xiaoyan and talked to two professors, Kan Kan. "That’s her, Lord Lin! It was she who ordered us to do that, and it was she who asked us to cooperate with her’ hero to save the United States’ and said that she would pretend to save Xia Shuqing. Xia Shuqing would definitely have a good impression on her, but we really didn’t know that she would imprison Xia Shuqing in her room. We were really wronged. "
"Yes, yes!" The other two boys nodded straight and glared at Mo Xiaoyan and shouted, "Let’s forget the deal."
"Deal?" Mo Xiaoyan is very repetitive. I recognized that these three men were the ones who beat Xia Shuqing last night. Is it because they were exposed? Do you want to blame everything on her?
Master Lin knocked on the table and asked, "Xiao, what do you have to say?"
"I said that I am the owner of the rescue forest. Just look up and you will know that I believe there is a truth." Mo Xiao said frankly.
But the three boys insisted, maybe the owner of the forest knew about it and waved them all back first.
☆, Chapter 20 Honey doll photos
Maybe bad things are faster everywhere. Mo Xiaoyan walked back to the apartment with an umbrella and met her classmates. She didn’t pay attention to her.
What’s more, when Mo Xiaoyan passed by, he joked with his friends in the same field and said that someone had hit Master Xia’s idea, and it was too much for a toad to eat swan meat.
Chinese people are shallow and listen to the wind more, even if it rains, no one will argue. Anyway, the Qing dynasty is self-cleaning, and she is too lazy to ask for a young lady like Xia Shuqing.
Back to the room, Mo Xiaoyan didn’t have the heart to play games, washed an apple and ate while thinking that Na Xia Shuqing had Xia Shuqing and An Lan in the college to protect his background or master Xia, and they were afraid that the three boys were in ghosts and didn’t dare to really design him.
Recall that when she saved people, she really didn’t have any strength to run over and kick them casually. Maybe she didn’t kick them until they fell down on the water, got up and ran away quickly.
They didn’t dare to make a big deal about it before they fled. What did they want to cooperate with themselves at that time?
If so, that’s too bad! Someone impersonated her to meet someone else? Mo Xiaoyan feels like grasping something and thinking about it is wrong.
Yesterday, she only went back from the path on a whim. If she hadn’t thrown garbage casually, she would have followed everyone through the front door of the auditorium, so she wouldn’t have touched them. Isn’t it impossible to play "Saving the Beauty by Heroes"?
I can’t figure it out. Mo Xiaoyan is a bit arrogant. The game has taken a big advantage. Honey is very enthusiastic about the group. She joined the team, and the voice is very flattering. She said that she would play points together.
Mo Xiaoyan has the strength to’ good’ to fight a few scuffles between husband and wife, which may be absent-minded, and the consequences are always wrong. Finally, honey is angry and yelling at once.
"Don’t play not to play! Go dig the grass. What are you doing? Slow down so much? I told you to blink and stand still. Are you eating? Or is your period in a bad mood? "
"Yes, I’m in a bad mood!" Mo Xiaoyan is very frank.
Honey was very unhappy and cried, "is it because of fashion?" If you don’t want to give me back to you … "
Afraid to give children misunderstanding Mo Xiaoyan cut off his words "no! Because of the reality, I … How can I put it? I was nosy yesterday, and now I’m in a little trouble. I may have to call my parents. "
"Oh," Honey hesitated before hesitating, "Call your parents … You will be punished by … What will you do?"
"Cold salad!" Mo Xiaoyan casually threw out two words, and his mind suddenly flashed.
She remembered something important. Why was Peacock alone last night? It’s impossible to go out to buy supper on a thunderstorm night, and his brothers won’t let him out alone, and he’s coming to her dormitory. Last night, he was scared when he was watching thunder and lightning, not pretending to think about it.
It’s 99% possible that Peacock Man is up to something. Do you want to find a parent?
In fact, it’s nothing to find parents! Mo Xiaoyan figured it out and smiled easily. "In fact, it’s okay. Parents always protect calves."
"That’s good!" Honey breathed a sigh of relief and said happily, "Why don’t you add a button number to each other?"
"ok!" Mo Xiaoyan said that the number was added to each other. Anyway, she only had one number and nothing …
Sure enough, honey soon complained, "Why don’t you have anything? You don’t even have an album."
"Ah … get that trouble" Mo Xiaoyan grinned but couldn’t help but look at honey and was really curious about a so-called Ximen Qing-style Wu Dalang.
Oh, the number level is so high that even the mouse has become a lovely staff album. There are several kinds of Mo Xiaoyan’s photo albums. It’s depressing to look at a few at random. First, the honey doll photos show that the people inside are not beautiful, which is obviously a serious ps thing