Although many people don’t care that Lingyun brought people back from Luoyang City, Lingyun was unlucky enough to meet Yuan Shu who came back from the palace.

Yuan Shu didn’t think there was anything wrong with the two women and two babies that Lingyun brought back, but he just wanted to make trouble with Lingyun.
Therefore, seeing the horse stopped Lingyun and shouted, "Lingyun, this is a military camp. How can you just bring people back?"
"I bring people back after your consent? Why didn’t you say anything when you brought a group of women? " Lingyun faces Yuan Shu directly.
Yuan Shu "Who am I and who are you? Can you compare with me?"? You are a small county magistrate. What qualifications do you have to bring people? "
"I will take them in today. What can you do? Aren’t you born in the Yuan family? If there is no Yuan family, you are a fart? " Lingyun stretched out his hand and pushed Yuan Shu with people and went in.
Yuan Shu didn’t expect Lingyun to be so bold and shouted "Lingyun, you live for me"
But Lingyun ignored his words, and he really decided that the county magistrate was Changshan’s prime minister, and Yuan Shugen couldn’t control his head.
Give him a face because he is a Yuan family. What if he doesn’t give him a face? Now the League Horse will be dissolved, and Lingyun just borrowed the excuse that he had a problem with Yuan Shu, so it’s really certain to return.
Lingyun is in a hurry to go back because the baby in this maid-in-waiting hands is reasoning. Lingyun thinks that this maid-in-waiting baby is probably the same flesh and blood as the spirit emperor.
But now the maid-in-waiting doesn’t want to say that Lingyun can take her back to the real decision.
If he suddenly returns at this sensitive time, perhaps others may guess what Lingyun got in Luoyang.
Maybe Lingyun will be inexplicably blamed for several times.
Maybe in the end, others heard that it was really a small county magistrate who got the national decree.
When the time comes, one door after another will beg for Lingyun and can’t get it out. The result may be the enemy of the world.
Let the person who really got the national decree pick up a great bargain.
Now that there is a conflict with Yuan Shu, Lingyun has an excuse to leave, and this separation will not make others think much.
Of course, the conflict just before the barracks was not enough, so Lingyun was waiting for Yuan Shu to come back after returning to his camp.
He believes that Yuan Shu will definitely not swallow it and will definitely take the initiative to find it.
Lingyun didn’t wait for Takuji to make Yuan Shu white at the dinner party. His own personal strength is not comparable to Lingyun’s. This time he came with an army.
But let lingyun didn’t think it was Yuan Shu. This fellow actually came with a bunch of Niang troops.
Lingyun looks up and sees Chen Qiufang and Song Xuejuan.
Two people are beside Bingxin Jade, and Bingxin Jade is very conspicuous beside Yuan Shu.
Lingyun has to say that this group of women’s armies really don’t have a flavor, and their heroic spirit is very eye-catching. No wonder Yuan Shu will let them follow.
to be continued
Chapter 395 Shake hands
Lingyun saw Chen Qiufang and Song Xuejuan, and two people naturally saw Lingyun.
Yuan Shu just asked them to come and teach a person, but I didn’t expect Yuan Shu to teach it to be Lingyun.
Song Xuejuan turned his head and said to Chen Qiufang, "I didn’t expect that he even dared to offend Yuan Shu now. Do you think he will be fine this time?"
Chen Qiufang whispered, "I don’t think so."
"Wait, if there is a fight, do you think we should do it?"
"It’s not bad for the two of us," said Chen Qiufang.
Song Xuejuan added, "Is Yuan Shu not bad for us here or Lingyun not bad for us to beat him?"
Qiu-fang Chen eyes white Song Xuejuan way "this also said?"
"Why don’t we talk to Sister Bing about killing Yuan Shu?" Song Xuejuan Road
"Sister Bing definitely doesn’t agree"
Bing Xinyu turned his head and said, "What are you two cooing about?"
"Nothing" Qiu-fang Chen shook his head.
But Song Xuejuan didn’t hide it. "Sister Bing, you said that we didn’t get any benefits from following Yuan Shu, and now we have to be used as a gun by him. I think it would be better to kill him and we could just find a mountain and fall into bandits."
"How can we leave here after killing Yuan Shu?" Bing Xin Yu Dao
Song Xuejuan spat out her tongue, and she just said one thing.
Opposite and Yuan Shu scolded Lingyun. In fact, eyes have been fixed on this side. It’s funny in my heart. I didn’t expect Song Xuejuan, a little spicy girl, to have such a lovely side.
"If you can’t kill us, let’s just go. This Yuan Shu is not a good thing when you are here. Every time you look at Sister Bing, your eyes are slanted," Song Xuejuan said.