However, shortly after the release of Radhner Island, the Immortal City was purchased and occupied by a mysterious figure. Since then, there have been thousands of elite troops guarding the players. If they dare to approach this place at will, they will be killed.

Because there are not many players going to Radhner Island, and we don’t want to be stuck in the city, it has gradually become a forbidden area. Few players came here until May 20, when they entered the city-these players who entered the city were none other than those who were invited by mysterious invitations!
Since May 2nd, players from all over the country have come to Immortal City. Many of them have brought guards and hands, but none of them can bring guards and hands into the city. Those who can enter the city, those who hold invitations, can’t enter the city without invitations, and those who want to bring guards and hands will be resisted by Immortal City guards. That is to say, they can’t bring guards and hands if they want to enter the city!
At first, most people were afraid to go into the city because they couldn’t bring their hands in. They wandered around outside the city all the time. Later, when they saw that some people were still free to go in and out after entering the city, those who were less courageous dared to enter the city.
However, people who entered the city were very dissatisfied because the person who sent out the invitation never showed up-the city waiter said that their owner would not show up until June 3, and if they didn’t wait, players could leave and never stop and stay at will.
Most people are extremely dissatisfied with this kind of thing, but a few people leave-players are all’ eager’ to come here. Isn’t it a loss to leave the company like this since they have all come here? 95% of the people who come here are patient and wait for the arrival of June 3.
After coming to Radhner Island, the night wind immediately set off on the road to the fixed city, and finally reached the fixed city at midnight on June 3.
At this time, there are many strange people stationed outside the city. Most of them are members of a blood alliance organization. There are several to dozens of people. The wine pipes in the major hotels and restaurants in the residential areas outside the city are all packed one by one, making this place a mixed bag.
Dress in red and go all the way to the fixed castle. Give the invitation to the guards outside the city to verify that the night wind has entered the fixed castle across the gate five meters wide and twenty meters high!
Magnificent, gorgeous, noble and brilliant
These are the feelings that the castle department gives to the night wind.
At present, the night wind has not officially entered the castle department, but the exquisite carvings and ornate decorations everywhere can be seen. The elite guards who patrol around with powerful equipment have clearly told the night wind what the castle has.
This city is definitely worthy of the name.
Walk slowly along the corridor night wind, carefully visit (get familiar with) the structure of the city, and record every road and room in your mind.
Night wind met many other players all the way, but because the night wind was dressed too shabby, others ignored it and didn’t pay much attention to it. But this is exactly what night wind meant-he didn’t want to be with strangers because it would hinder him from doing things …
Unconsciously, the night wind has entered a square corridor, which is small, but there is a rectangular lawn in the center, and there is a small circular fountain in the center of the lawn-the lawn is open to the sun.
The morning sun enters the cloister through the top opening and falls on the night wind, while a thick hand is placed on the shoulder of the night wind.
Looking back, I saw that the night wind was dressed in a white swordsman and had not seen an old friend for a long time-cold seal!
"Ha, it’s you!" Cold sealing immediately revealed a smiling face of surprise after seeing the night wind.
"Cold seal!" The night wind was also taken aback-I didn’t expect to meet in a place like this.
Cold seal in the previous step suddenly stretched out his hand to bridle the night wind neck laughed "smelly little incredibly so long don’t meet me! Did you pull it to which MM? Heavy porn friends guy "
"Is it possible? Let go of the pain! " Night wind shout
After hearing this, Leng Feng let go and said, "Well, I’ll let you go this time. If you dare to make another mistake, it’ll be a big pity!"
The night wind rubbed his neck and looked at the cold seal face and revealed a smile. At the same time, the cold seal evoked a smile, and then Lang smiled from both people and kept ringing in the cloister
There is joy, disappointment and long absence in this smile-the smile will clearly show their feelings at this time.
For a long time, the two men stopped laughing, and the cold seal first asked, "You also received the invitation."
"hmm!" Night wind nodded his head.
Me, too, smiled bitterly. Four days ago, someone sent me a mysterious invitation. I was not interested in it, but I couldn’t help but come here when I said that there were clues to the extremely chaotic demon soul. I didn’t expect that many people besides me received the same mysterious invitation, and everyone was attracted here by the last sentence of the invitation, but no one knew who the sender was! Ha, speaking of which, I am very interested in the person who sent the invitation-the person who can grasp so many people’s’ desires’ at the same time and make great efforts to bring everyone here is definitely not a simple person. "
"That person may be wisteria," said the night wind suddenly.
“! ?” Leng Feng was puzzled and asked, "Why do you say that?"
The night wind was silent for a moment and told Leng Feng that Wisteria personally sent him an invitation, but it didn’t say anything about the "moon shadow".
After listening to the night wind, Leng Feng bowed his head and lost in thought for a moment. After that, Leng Feng looked up again and stretched his eyebrows and smiled gently. "Ha, I can’t believe that the organizer is wisteria. This is interesting. What does she really want to do? I really look forward to pary tonight! " Said the cold sealing eyes have revealed the look of excitement and expectation.
The night wind looked at a face of excitement and smiled coldly and said nothing.
A moment later, the cold seal regained calm and rushed to the night wind. "Then again, why did the Wisteria Queen who was not interested in men’ personally’ come to you to send an invitation? Tell me honestly, are you having an affair with her? "
"…" Night wind looked at Leng Feng like an idiot, turned around and slowly walked off the watch, just telling Leng Feng to say "Don’t tell others that you know me"
"hey! How do you go? Don’t be angry. Just kidding! Hey night wind! " Leng Feng stepped up to pursue the night wind.
At the same time, several other people whom Ye Feng and Lengfeng knew also entered the castle first and then, and the pary held by the castle will be wonderful …
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Pary(2
Since leaving the League, Yu has been looking for Xiaolan with Leon and Gulan, but because the world is too big, they have searched for more than half a month and there is no clue.
Just as Yuyi was silently exhibiting, a mysterious invitation was sent to her, saying that if she wanted to know about Xiaolanluo, she would have to attend pary’s birthday held in Immortal City on June 3rd.
At first, they all suspected that it was a trap and hesitated to go there. They decided to go to this mysterious birthday party after learning by chance that many people had received this bunch of invitations.
Feather didn’t know that besides her, two people she knew also took part in the pary…… …
Since the two met, Leng Feng has been with the night wind, wandering around the immobile city together, getting familiar with the environment of the city. At first, someone recognized Leng Feng’s office, and then they met some troubles. Later, Leng Feng changed his appearance a little, so that others could recognize him, and then he left naturally.
The structure of the immovable castle is really large, which can definitely be shaped by the word maze-there are many divergent intersections in the city, and at the same time, there are many roads and some houses connected, and there are several night winds and cold seals. Both of them have returned to the places they have traveled before.
I don’t know how long it took them to walk, but they finally stopped somewhere on the first floor of the immovable castle. The reason why they stopped was that they painted a picture hanging on the wall-this picture was red. On a red day, a black knight stood on the red corpse mountain and stared at the distance with cold eyes.
"This painting …" Cold seal gawk read aloud a way.
"What’s wrong with this painting?" Night wind looked at the wall oil painting.
Cold seal silence did not answer and slowly reached out to the mural-when the cold seal hand touched the painting moment, the black knight was painted immediately, and then a strange black engraving fell off the painting and slowly moved to the back of the cold seal right hand.
At the same time, the cold night wind felt that the feet were falling involuntarily-the two of them suddenly hit the floor and when they fell, the floor was closed again.
The night wind is cold, and the two people keep falling. There is nothing to catch around them to make them stop falling. But this does not mean that they will be injured. After falling for more than ten seconds, the two people plop into the water and get hurt.