The original is not very clear, and it is even dimmer at the moment.

Around the ground, a huge magnetic field was suddenly generated at the center of the six paths of God-eating and Aino Mina-a huge Tai Chi magnetic field, and the two polar eyes of God-eating and Aino Mina-eating are this Tai Chi magnetic field. Because of the constraints, the two sides can now confront each other and attack each other, and the dominant one is eating God.
"This is the China area two ultimate trick a virtual supercilious look tai chi magnetic field? It looks so much. "Ai Ye Mina humanity looked at the Tai Chi pattern around her eyes. Although she was a little disdainful of Tai Chi magnetic field, she was still very afraid when her hands quickly printed and sang," Turn around the eyes-like turning. "
(Turn around the eye-the special skill of turning around the eye consumes 5 mana. It creates an entity with 5% attribute by the power of turn around. All skills owned by the avatar entity can be copied to turn around the avatar for 3 minutes. When the skill cools down for 1 hour, the avatar must be the player of his own side.)
"If you are not in the Taiji magnetic field, all your members will be hiding." God eats and then adjusts the strength to attack the Taiji magnetic field.
4, 16, 32, 64, and 12 times, when I was in the middle school, the skill level of empty eyes was only elementary, so the first attack damage was only 2 o’clock. At this moment, the skill level of empty eyes has reached the intermediate level, and the first damage has crossed from the original 2 to 4 o’clock, which is quite an improvement.
Therefore, when the first six attacks of Taiji magnetic field were output, the six entities of Aino Mina in the magnetic field lost 254 health points in the avatar by image transformation, and the total health points of the six entities were around 4. It can be said that the six entities left 15 health points in the first six attacks.
In the image transformation, the avatar stays at the entrance of the mine, and the lizard and Thunderhawk have just broken through 2. After receiving six magnetic field attacks, both the avatar and the beast output 254 health points, but they can’t support such high damage and dissipate in the magnetic field.
"One is you." God-eater naturally saw the six entities of Aino Mina. At this moment, there are 15 health points left in the department, which can’t support a magnetic field attack. The balance of victory has tilted towards God-eater, which makes him feel unprecedented excitement.
"Who wins and who loses may not be!" Ai Ye Mina’s Hungry Ghost Road has been extremely laborious in Tai Chi magnetic field attack, but she still supported the broken body and formed a handprint. Just when the seventh Tai Chi magnetic field attack came, she saw that the Hungry Ghost Road had just finished printing "eye circle-absolute absorption!"
The purple energy shell suddenly appeared around the body of Hungry Ghost Road. It was not long ago that the purple energy shell just wrapped itself too hard and just attacked six entities this time, as if all the attacks were absorbed by Hungry Ghost Road.
"I’m sorry, it seems that I’m faster." Ai Ye Mina said slowly with a sigh of relief at this time. "The absolute absorption of eye circle is really a good skill. In the reincarnation of six roads and six entities, it is necessary to circle around the hungry road within 1 meter-absolute absorption can absorb the damage."
God-eater still has some small regrets about not killing Ai Yemi Nai, but he is surprised.
Because he knows that the absolute absorption of the eye of the circle lasts for 25 seconds, and his Tai Chi magnetic field is five seconds. If he develops his Tai Chi magnetic field according to the present situation, there will be five attacks, and the output will be absorbed by the absolute absorption of the eye of the circle. Then the last attack, that is, the twelfth magnetic field attack, will be the key to decide the outcome.
The seventh, ninth, eleventh injury parts were absorbed by the absolute absorption of the eye circle. The six doppelgangers of Aino Mina were not hurt, but relied on these 25 seconds to help restore all the entity’s health points in Hell.
Devouring God tried his best to release Tai Chi magnetic field to twelve attacks for the first time.
Each of the six entities in the magnetic field floated 192 ultra-high damage Tai Chi magnetic field overhead, and the last attack output was fatal enough. The health points of the six entities in Aino Mina fell to the ground one after another.
Players in this surrounding China area immediately fried the pot, because the first master in Japan has hung in the land not far away at the moment, and the land belonging to the China area has hung in the hand of the top strong guardian in China area.
No matter what point the China area will cause a sensation and shock the rest of the world, it is said that the game area is a little excited. At this moment, patriotic players have leaned against the door of the Nishino mining area in twos and threes, and they are going to whip the corpse of Aino Mina to vent their heart.
On the other side, God saw Ai Ye Mina’s six places at once fall on the ground, and I was so excited that I just felt like I was pinned down by a 10,000-ton boulder, almost out of breath. At the moment, my original calm feet were so soft that I couldn’t even lift a little strength. My body was like a 10,000-ton boulder, and I fell to the ground on one knee, so I didn’t fall to the ground.
"I have to say that the strength of God-eating Wang is enough to open my eyes." At this time, a cold sound entered the ear of God with his head down and gasped. This lonely and cold sound was enough to tremble and eat God’s heart. Because the owner of this sound was none other than the twelfth attack on Ai Ye Mina in Tai Chi magnetic field.
God looked up in shock at Aino Mina’s inferno not far away, and he couldn’t say a word. Those players who were going to whip the corpse near the mouth of the Sunfall mining area had fallen to the ground at the moment and didn’t want to know that they must have been killed by Aino Mina.
"Isn’t it incredible to eat God?" Looking at God’s eyes, I was shocked by Aino Mina’s inferno, but I appreciated it very much. "You are the most powerful player I have ever seen and the only player who can destroy the reincarnation of six entities, but it’s a pity that there is a reincarnation-reincarnation in the skill bar of the six entities."
(reincarnation-reincarnation stunt passive trigger skill does not consume mana. Hell has the ability to reincarnate, so once you die, you can rely on reincarnation to self-revive. This skill has an effect on Hell. It belongs to the passive trigger skill of Hell for one week.)
God-eater struggled to get up and looked coldly at Aino Mina’s inferno and said slowly, "Since I have metempsychosis, I can kill you again. Hum is a professional inferno similar to a priest. It’s not easier for me to kill God."
"Duiyi is a professional inferno similar to a priest, but Kegen is not an opponent of God-eating Wang." Eino Mina’s inferno nodded and actually agreed with the view of God-eating. Just when God-eating was wondering, I saw Eino Mina’s inferno hands print and said slowly, "Since a single one is not an opponent of God-eating Wang, let’s summon the other five! Round eye-group resurrection "
Chapter two hundred and six Retreat
"Round eye-group resurrection! 」
(Round-eye-round-eye stunt of group resurrection consumes 2 mana, which violates the powerful stunt of astronomical phenomena. 1% can revive the dead object and make it regain its living strength. The group resurrection area is 5*5 square meters, and all friendly skills are cooled for 3 hours.)
Group Resurrection can be said to be the ultimate meaning of the profession of priests. It takes great luck to learn it besides having certain strength, but even so, the scope of resurrection of group Resurrection of priests is only 3*3 and the probability of resurrection is only 3%.
The resurrection of the circle eye group is much more powerful than that of the priest, and a 1% chance of resurrection is enough to make all priests jealous.
(Note: All priests can learn Resurrection to resurrect a single dead player.)
"If you can still cast a Tai Chi magnetic field now, I will lose my mind." After being resurrected, Aino Mina humanity looked at the crumbling eyes and said slowly with a cold smile. "But now, it seems that even the Tai Chi magnetic field may not be stable, let alone released again."
It’s clear to me that I’m eating God now, but now I’m attacking myself, ignoring my defense ability, ignoring my agility and ignoring my avoidance ability. In other words, I’m like a sandbag with no defense ability, no attack ability and no avoidance ability, and I tend to be broken if I attack a few times.
Looking at Ai Ye Mina’s humanity, Zhencun is cutting himself to bite God. Although he really wants to avoid it, he ignores the avoidance of the deputy, but his roots will dodge. However, 534 damage has floated from the top of the head of the god, and ignoring the defense deputy to launch damage is quite high.
Just as Aino Mina’s humanity was going to stab the second sword, she suddenly felt that a cold frost wyrm was biting her back. The sharp Rowen made Aino Mina feel uncomfortable all over and raised her head with fear.
Aiko Mina stabbed Shin Murakami forward and quickly changed direction. He turned around and drew five or five swords in front of him. After that, the pentagram defense shield with purple energy suddenly appeared in front of the original object. It is the high-level defense skill attached to Shin Murakami-pentagram guard!
(The pentagram guarding the true village is accompanied by high-level defense skills that consume 5 mana. Draw five in front of you to condense mysterious purple energy in the air to form a pentagram defense shield, which can resist all attacks. The pentagram guarding defense power 1 is firm and 5 lasts for 3 seconds. When the skill cools down for 5 minutes, the skill limits it to five times a day.)
Frost wyrm collided with the pentagram defense shield, and neither side would let frost wyrm finally look for a breakthrough to cross the pentagram defense shield; The pentagram defense shield is firmly defended. On frost wyrm’s surging momentum, it is still standing.
Soon the power of frost wyrm was exhausted by the pentagram defense shield. At this moment, the pentagram defense still has more than 2 points of strength, which means that the first collision between the two sides ended with the victory of Aino Mina.
However, Aino Mina was not happy at the moment, but kept staring at the shadow of the flying sword in the sky.
But seeing each other wearing a white snake forehead will completely cover half of their faces; Holding a sword in his hand, the cold air is flashing at the moment, showing that frost wyrm was born by this sword just now; Yu is wearing a red dress that is on fire and is as bright as a flame.
Before coming to China, Aino Mina had already heard about Avengers’ costumes. At present, players are very similar to Avengers except clothes, and the most important thing is that he is floating in the sky with his flying sword on his foot, which leads the whole China area to the whole world, and I’m afraid the Avengers have it.
Therefore, Aino Mina has 99% concluded that the mysterious player suddenly appeared in the sky should be the Avengers. However, Aino Mina still asked, "Is the newcomer the Avengers, the leader of the Dragon Soul Organization?"
"Exactly!" The player who stepped on the sword in the sky smiled and nodded, and looked at the six states and six entities in the fundus. He said slowly, "Ai Ye Mina, you are really powerful, and you can be divided into six entities, and each of them has its own skills, but if you want to kill God Wang, you have to pass me first."
In fact, as early as the battle between Aino Mina and Xuanwu, I had already arrived at the Ribu mining area because I was standing in the sky with my feet hidden, so neither Aino Mina nor Qinglong had found me.
Later, the god devourer appeared. Although he found me by looking at the hidden characteristics with his eyes, we can be said to be players in the same camp at the moment, so he didn’t discover that I was hiding in the sky. This is also why the god devourer didn’t wait for me to’ come’ because he knew that I couldn’t fight until I recovered my attribute roots.
Aino Mina naturally doesn’t know my current situation. When I finally appeared, my hands immediately formed handprints. "Then let’s try the fire escape and burst fireball technique!" Say love wild Mina’s right hand into a circle on the corner of his mouth, and when he vomited, he spit out a huge hot fireball from his mouth.
The burst fireball mixed with hot flames quickly attacked me in the sky. Because of the lessons of Qinglong, I know that this burst fireball is extremely fast and powerful enough to kill the current state. If I resist the burst fireball strongly, it will be a’ hang’ word.
Therefore, just when Aino Mina’s right hand was rounded on the corner of her mouth and she just spat out the burst fireball in my direction, she saw my teleportation figure disappear directly from the original place and appeared ten meters away. Because the burst fireball was released so fast, Aino Mina’s root didn’t change its direction, so this fireball fell unexpectedly.
"Miss Aino Mina, can you survive in the Tai Chi magnetic field that eats God Wang? I don’t know if you can resist my photo." I dodged the burst fireball, and I looked at the fundus. Aino Mina immediately took out the photo title and planned to scare each other well.
Although the method can’t be used as a’ celestial photo’, it’s not bad for me to use my signature trick and bite the Tai Chi magnetic field, and I call it the two ultimate tricks in China area. Even if the method is used orally, it’s scary. After all, it’s only a few people who know that my attribute is weakened. They won’t preach it to me everywhere.
Sure enough, after listening to the word "the sky shines", Aino Mina’s face changed greatly. Although she recovered in an instant, it almost passed, but she was captured by my keen insight. I know that her heart must have a little resistance to the sky shines after receiving the Tai Chi magnetic field.
Scared by Aino Mina, I immediately sent a message that I had already prepared through the communicator, hurry back to the city, and then go to the square to issue a notice to all players in the China area to return to the city. I am here for the time being to resist delaying Aino Mina as much as possible.
It turns out that I edited this passage in the sky just when the god eats and loves Mina.
After all, Aino Mina is the highest in the world, and her strength is unpredictable.
It’s okay if the bite wins, but if the bite loses, I’ll temporarily stall Aino Mina and they’ll evacuate China players in the mining area at sunset first, so that when I lose, Aino Mina will slaughter players in the mining area to increase his experience.
Sure enough, after receiving my message, God knows that it is almost impossible for Japanese master Aino Mina to hang up today and hold the scroll back to the city in his hand. When Aino Mina was fighting for the Avengers, he quickly crushed it and returned to Xuanyuan Imperial City.
Chapter two hundred and seven Drunken Fairy House Council ()
Three minutes after Bite God left the Ribu mining area, the China regional player department received a China regional announcement. The sender is the player of Bite God China area. Please pay attention to all players who are in the Ribu mining area, please return to the city immediately. Otherwise, once they are killed by Japanese masters, the Bite God-eating Sect will no longer be responsible.
Just less than one second after the announcement was made by God Eater, the China area received another regional announcement. The sender is a player in Qinglong China area. Please note that all players in Ribu mining area should return to the city immediately, otherwise, once they are killed by Japanese experts, Qinglong Four Holy Beasts will no longer be responsible.
It was 1 second after Qinglong was issued, and the money auction house also issued a regional announcement. Players in China area should pay attention to all players who are in the mining area of Ribu. Please return to the city immediately, otherwise, once they are killed by Japanese masters, I love gold coins on behalf of the Avengers Dragon Soul Organization, they will no longer be responsible.
I’m afraid that if God Eater sends out a regional notice to stay in the mining area at sunset now, players will be able to retreat by 1%, and if the rest is left, God Eater will not be notified. After all, they will recognize that there are still Avengers fighting at the gate of the mining area, and maybe the Avengers will defeat Japanese players.
If we miss this wonderful play, it is equivalent to missing a fairy artifact, so they are too lazy to retreat.
After eating the gods, the players in the Sunfall mining area received the retreat password from Qinglong. Before and after, the two masters asked the players in the Sunfall mining area to retreat to the Sunfall mining area, and some of them seemed to smell the smell, so they took out the scroll and returned to their respective cities.
Of course, it is impossible to persuade all players in the mining area to retreat. After all, there are quite a few people who want to see the drama. However, it is still possible to persuade 7%. After all, God and Qinglong both spoke, and the influence of players in the mining area should not be ignored.
If I say that I love gold coins on behalf of the Avengers Dragon Soul organization to retreat from the mining area, then even the stupid players know that the mining area will become a very dangerous place. After all, two gangs and a large organization in China have spoken, and their influence may be enough to make China area tremble.
Of course, there are many players who are not afraid of death. After God Bite, Qinglong I Love Gold Coins have issued the persuasion password, there are still 30 people in the Sunless Mining Area. Some of these people admire the Avengers very much, and some tabloid newspapers have their own plans to grab equipment ……………………………………………………………………………………..
As I am flying in the sky, the line of sight is naturally far away. Looking around the original dense mining area, there are more than 30 players left at the moment. I know that the delay policy is almost the same as these remaining players. I am sorry for three times, but you don’t want to die.