They won’t be afraid of fighting anything!

"hoofs and hoofs are us, and we will always play soy sauce" is like saying that you are like confirming what fudge ratio is.
"You?" Kelp words are as light as a gust of wind. The soy sauce makers didn’t hear clearly. "I gave up when it was his time, but now I have to give up …"
"What did you say?" Mumbling root didn’t hear the soy sauce frowned.
"She’s me, she’ll be me." Without any hesitation, Kelp insisted, "Come quickly if you want to fight. I’m looking for me outside Suzhou now. Come here."
When I knew that everything was her forced smile, what reason does he have to let her come back to you now?
If you can’t take care of her, he will.
He will always retaliate against those who make her sad, just like himself.
Looking at the chatter, the noise and the soy sauce, the kelp just waited quietly for the result without saying a word.
He is not a bad person. If they really come to soy sauce, he is the only one who has to face it. He is not to be yelled at. He is always gloating, but his friends will come.
But he didn’t want to do that.
Hoof-hoof theory is that he wants to get these people in Heifengzhai, no matter how close they are at ordinary times, he doesn’t care, although he says he will never let them in Heifengzhai.
But how can that be the case?
It was she who entered his heart, and he would never let …
Therefore, if the soy sauce is really found, even in the face of a group of people, he will solve it by himself, even if …
I can hardly see the look in my eyes when my eyes are covered. Kelp is wearing big headphones, and the sound inside is clear and audible, so I just sit quietly …
Soft soft sugar! I’ll fuck him! Don’t we dare!
Being released by kelp is almost like a stone completely broken. It is rare for us to be quiet when we play soy sauce regardless of the consequences.
In the group, the words accompanied by kelp are completely boiling.
Stupid wait for a while fudge is exploding at this time.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Oh, they really went to make trouble!
All kinds of jingle bells sounded by the news, and the North finch watched the flashing news all the time, but he couldn’t help but have a look. The news had already turned over five or six pages.
What a smash, what a threat, what a kill …
Looking at these words, Beique’s heart is tight, especially when he turns to the front, when he sees the dynamic Xiaoxinxin report, there is a black wind village, and Beique wants to bump into the front column of the gang station.
What the hell did he do!
Even at that time, I thought not to curse him to curse others, but I can’t go to the evil black wind village!
If you get into trouble for nine days, it is estimated that it will be difficult to smooth it out. After all, people there will not care about the gang.
When the fudge word came out, almost everyone agreed.
It’s not like that! It’s rare to be so kind to talk to this robber who robbed his sister, but instead of being ungrateful, he said something to fight.
They are not easy to bully!
Round pie outside Suzhou?
Dynamic Xiaoxinxin, let’s send it to Suzhou now.
It’s no problem to send it to Doudou Cat, but how can we find him?
Soft and soft sugar, why don’t you just call it Eat Doudou Pig? Didn’t he have a name on his vest? Let’s just look at the gate of Suzhou city. It’s not a big place anyway, is it?