Sword flying snow coldly said, "I told you this detail in the hope that you will stay a little safer in the new century, but this is not what I mean, but a group of people mean who are those people?" You should know better than me. "

Looking at her cold expression, mad dog dragon has a kind of unspeakable warmth in his heart.
Everyone still hasn’t forgotten his unfinished business.
Chapter six hundred and ten Feast
Drunk Xianju is one of the most atmospheric and luxurious restaurants in Shuiyun City!
Mr. Zheng sat patiently on the sofa in the magnificent first floor hall. He was waiting for someone!
It’s not much to be worth waiting for in person. Tibet is one of them.
However, Da Cang hasn’t arrived yet. On the contrary, after the rain, Qingyin people arrived first. Qing Feng, Jin Dance, Widow, and their two vice presidents were all here.
Mr. Zheng is so sincere and gentle in treating people. He didn’t hesitate to shake hands warmly because of the low ranking of voiceless sounds after the rain, which made Qing Feng really flattered.
Mad dog dragon naturally wants to greet his old friend Jin Wu and widow. Of course, he is here, and now his wife Gu Xiaoyue is naturally dressed up and smiling.
But to say that the only person who is neither dressed up nor smiling today also has a sitting room in the southeast corner of the hall.
This man is wearing a very ordinary yellow cloth jacket, and his head is a little dirty. He wears a very old cap, and his face looks gloomy. Now his whole face seems to be hidden in the shadow forever because of this cap.
In fact, he is not ugly, but he is afraid that others will see him because he doesn’t like others to look at him, but he likes to stare at others.
When he’s staring at someone, that person definitely doesn’t feel so good.
That’s it. A man’s attitude towards Mr. Zheng is really respectful.
He listens to what Mr. Zheng says, and he appears when Mr. Zheng needs him.
Of course, Mad Dog Dragon is no stranger to him now. This person is the core member of the new century-Lv Wenda nicknamed Manager Lu.
He has asked all the affairs in the new century, and he can take care of them, which shows that this person’s high status does not seem to be in Lu Chongyun.
Lu Chongyun was not present today, but Lv Wenda, Fan Nerve, Shui Tianji, Mad Dog Dragon and Gu Xiaoyue were present.
It is obviously meaningful for Mr. Zheng to arrange the arrival of these people, because there are no more or less people coming to the Shenqu. There are six people hiding, fighting stars, cigarettes, coquettish hehe, scented tea leaves and pen thrush faintly, and there is a kind of rival and neck-in-neck posture.
Mr. Zheng looked at a large collection of Chinese tunic suits, and there was a wise light in his eyes. "It’s been two years, three months and six days since you arrived today. This is the first time we’ve sat down to have dinner together!"
His attitude is sincere and honest. Ordinary people can’t hear what’s wrong with this statement, but it should be clear to you that Mr. Zheng has done a full study on the data of the big hiding place.
You can understand that this is a hostile banquet, but it can also be a competitive meeting. What do you understand about this meeting, but you just can’t regard it as a simple dinner.
Every move is not as simple as what you see in your eyes.
Dazang has held out his hand and smiled. "I have always admired President Zheng’s hospitality and hospitality. It is a long-awaited thing to be lucky to be here today."
Compared with Mr. Zheng, he is more like a young man, but his attitude and movements are not at all young and childish, and he is full of calmness and sophistication.
Mr. Zheng smiled and stretched out his hand and said, "The chairman of Dazang is a happy person. Let’s talk about it in detail!"
Dazang is also reaching out. "Please, Mr. Zheng!"
Instead of entering the banquet hall on the third floor, the group came to the observation deck on the riverside on the second floor, which is a very high-end semi-open and semi-elegant place dedicated to drinking tea and chatting with guests.
But if you really go in and sit down, there are three families, each with its own boss, and the others can wait outside.
Lv Wenda is staring at Mad Dog Dragon all the time. Mad Dog Dragon doesn’t care. Let him stare enough.
Staring at Gu Xiaoyue for a long time can’t go. She knows that it’s definitely not a good thing for Lv Wenda to stare at people like this, so she took the initiative to come over. "What have you been up to lately? I haven’t seen you for many days. "
Lu Wenda said, "Money!"
Gu Xiaoyue said, "Busy with money?"
Lu Wenda said, "Yes!"
Gu Xiaoyue said, "How busy!"
Lv Wenda said, "Very busy!"
Gu Xiaoyue is speechless. Lv Wenda is such a freak. He is not interested in people. Talking to him is like talking to a horse.
Seeing mad dog dragon coming, Lv Wenda said, "What is the tea merchant with you?"
Mad dog dragon immediately became alert, and his head quickly thought about it. After a little meditation, "I often took his boat to Frey Island when the evil horse platform was not put away."
Lv Wenda said, "He seems to have Alzheimer’s disease with me."
Mad dog dragon heart suddenly a discerning hurriedly said, "I don’t know how he is with others. I know him as simple as that and I have changed a little money."
Lv Wenda ordered a little bit of the leader’s satisfaction. "No wonder Mr. Zheng appreciates you very much. You really seem to have no problem. You and Xiao Gu are the main players at dinner later. I like you!"
Then he turned away from the side of Gu Xiaoyue is heard confused about.
Although she was confused, Mad Dog Dragon secretly broke out in a cold sweat. He had already thought about what was going on.
Inquiring about the new power group has always been done by a bald man in secret, and the tea merchant brother is also an intermediary. If you want to inquire about it, you must deal with these people
It must be that the bald head is hard to be detected by Lv Wenda in the process of inquiring, because the mad dog dragon believes that what Liu Yun said when he cheated is true, and Lv Wenda is still a little worried that he deliberately asked those two questions inexplicably, and if he answers them slightly incorrectly, he will immediately give away the clues.
He is at least 50% sure that the new century is really connected with the new impetus. Of course, this is not the problem to be considered.
In the evening, a group of people entered the staircase and went straight to the third floor of Zuixian Building. Today, the boss of Zuixian Building heard that the two most awesome bosses in The Ninth Mainland were coming to eat, and the third floor was cleared and closed for business. At the same time, the boss vowed that all the orders today should be ordered at will if you need anything.
Climbing the boss of these two families, Nima really walked sideways in the Justice League.
This banquet hall really deserves this name. Its most striking feature is its size.