Li Shimin self-effacing way "because I’m afraid that the eldest brother is another Yang-ti, then I’m guilty of a heinous crime. Otherwise, even if the family rules are broken by women, there has been a patriarchal clan system since ancient times, and I have nothing to say."

Xu Ling’s heart stood in awe because he was told by his keen feeling that when Li Shimin said this, his true feelings showed his compassion.
Li Shimin suddenly reached out and grabbed Xu Ling’s shoulder. "I’ve always kept this remark in my heart. I’ve never confided it to anyone. Today, I saw Xu Xiong but I couldn’t help saying it. Even I was surprised by myself, or I always thought you and Kou Zhong were my best friends!"
Xu Ling’s heart is warm and cold. The warmth is Li Shimin’s friendship is cold because he thinks that Kou Zhong will one day want Li Shimin to face the battlefield.
Suddenly, someone whispered, "Well said!" The two men were startled to see that there was a guest left in the pub sitting in the farthest corner, facing away from them and drinking by himself alone.
At this time, a strange wheel rolling suddenly came over. At first, the sound of the wheel seemed very far away, but it sounded very close when you listened carefully.
With the wheels getting closer and closer, Xu Ling, Li Shimin and the mysterious man feel as if there is an elusive magic in this strange wheel, and they can’t help but feel an unspeakable pressure when they hear people’s hearts.
For Xu Ling and Li Shimin, this wine is getting worse and worse. To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-one Li Shimin curve theory of saving the nation
For the wheel sound suddenly stopped Xu Ling and Li Shimin suddenly focused on the mysterious person just now.
This person has just arrived, but neither of them realized that he came in at the right time, and both of them were trying to keep their exercise as low as possible and keep the bunching sound from spreading outside, while the other party was at least five or six feet away from them. If you can still hear them, you will know that the other party is a top player.
From the back, this person looks slender and elegant, revealing a elegant and natural flavor, wearing a bun of scribes, and his hair is black and shiny, which is very attractive.
Li Shimin Yang said, "I wonder if what you just said was aimed at me?"
The man’s head didn’t look back. "There are three of us here, and even the guys have been sent away by someone in Qin. Who did Li Xiong think that sentence was addressed to?"
Li Shimin and Xu Ling listened to each other face to face and felt profound and unpredictable. However, his voice was low and slow, but it seemed very pleasant. It seemed malicious to know that Li Shimin was the most important person in Li Valve. Now 90% of Tang Yuan’s life is his call back. If he leaked the loose-packed and hostile forces who didn’t want what he wanted, he would be content. If he didn’t believe in Thaksin, Xu Ling would never show up. From this point, we can know that Li Shimin really regarded Xu Ling as a good friend.
Xu Ling listened carefully and found that there was nothing unusual outside the pub. "Brother Qin, don’t you come and have a glass of water wine?"
The man replied, "Xu Xiong is polite, but Qin has always been so withdrawn that he is more comfortable talking."
Li Shimin laughed. "How many mavericks are there every day? What’s Brother Qin’s name?"
The man said slowly, "The name is a person’s mark. Let’s call me Qinchuan for lunch!"
Then when two people feel that this person is not simple, suddenly Xu Ling hears a familiar smile coming from the door.
"I advise you to have a drink, because maybe you won’t have a chance to drink any more before long."
As Zhang Ping’s figure slowly appeared, Xu Ling made a mistake: "Taoist, why did you come to Luoyang? You don’t know Luoyang now …"
Before Xu Ling finished speaking, Zhang Ping waved his hand to stop him from seeing Zhang Ping and said faintly, "In my opinion, these people in Luoyang are just a group of Uzbek people who can resist me!"
Then Qin Chuan suddenly said, "Don’t Taoist priests, who are full of profound martial arts, ever think about what they want to do this day?"
Zhang Ping laughed at this time and said, "Heaven and nature will be combined for a long time, and nature will be separated for a long time. At the end of this day, all the great families and hidden sects are familiar with this principle, but don’t you understand it?"
Then Qin Chuan shook his head at this time and said, "Even so, how can the people struggle to rebel if they want to be honest, honest and honest?"
At this time, Zhang Ping suddenly said: "In the past, Buddhism came to China from Tianzhu, and monks talked nonsense and lured people to give money. Instead of production, it was recognized by the rulers by speculation. I don’t agree with my ancestors, but I went to worship the Tianzhu God. These people are no longer worthy of our Chinese people."
Then Qin Chuan said, "It seems that Taoist Priests have a deep prejudice against Buddhism, but I’m afraid this statement of Taoist status doesn’t make people feel selfish."
At this time, Zhang Ping suddenly pointed to Li Shimin and said, "If you can be said that there may be many dead people who will not die, it is as if this Li valve is the most capable man. With your support, he may indeed be promoted to Dabanai. Li valve should not take refuge in Turks."
Li Shimin suddenly gave a salute to Zhang Ping at this time: "It is not what the people want for the Taoist priest to take refuge in the Turks, but …"
Zhang Ping suddenly interrupted at this time and said, "Well, since this is not your intention, you should speak in three days and say that the Turks in Li Shimin will cut off everything from now on. If the Turks dare to plunder you in your Li Shimin area, they will declare war."
At this time, Li Shimin was speechless for a while, and then said, "It is a long-standing problem for Taoist priest, a Turk, to plunder our border with North Korea. Isn’t it too serious to ask Turks to fight because of such a trivial matter?"
Zhang Ping suddenly sneered again and again at this time and then asked that Qinchuan: "I heard that Buddhism has always declared a slogan called: Is all beings equal?"
Then Qinchuan nodded and replied, "Yes."
At this time, Zhang Ping said to Li Shimin: "Should the monarch treat the people of heaven and the people as equal?"
Li Shimin replied at this time: "Exactly."
Zhang Ping said at this time: "So those people who want to come to the border, in your opinion, Li Shimin, if they are robbed and killed by Turks, should you let Turks take revenge on them?"
Li Shimin at this time a long time prevaricated but eventually sent out any words.
At this time, Zhang Ping suddenly sneered at a cold way: "It seems that it is very simple to blame others. It is good to talk. Xu Ling, you must learn to blame first now."
Li Shimin suddenly said at this time: "Now the Turks are big and we are small. If it is a war, it will be a battle. If it is a battle, it will be defeated and the country will perish. Compared with some land, some people will sacrifice first, but the people of the world promise that one day they will give an account to the people of heaven."
At this time, Zhang Ping suddenly clapped his hands and said, "What a good first sacrifice is not as good as the strategy of Qin Wang to take a name called Curve to save the country?"
After listening to this, Li Shimin thought for a while and then said, "The name of saving the country by curve is appropriate. Only in this situation where the enemy is strong and we are weak can the national policy of saving the country by curve bring happiness to the people of heaven."
Zhang Ping nodded with satisfaction at this time and said with a smile: "Although the number of people in China is far more than that of Turks, the Turks really have little chance of winning the battle, but I want to ask why you are not called Wang Jingwei?"
At this time, Li Shimin was so white in his mind by Zhang Ping’s words that he couldn’t help mumbling and asked, "Is this Wang Jingwei a person?"
Zhang Ping suddenly laughed at this time and then suddenly said, "In three days, I will be at the highest place in Luoyang Imperial City. All those who want to live will come together."
This sound is more than ten miles away, and the original chaos Luoyang City has become more and more chaotic because of this sound.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-two Jean stop life also stop.
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Luoyang Chengsihai Building
The largest restaurant in Luoyang city has never lacked guests and means to deal with them. However, living in a guest today has given birth to a bad feeling in the hearts of two shopkeepers in the four seas.
The dragon, the phoenix, and the phoenix dance are beautiful, but if you don’t know, they will be two people, but they are just one person. They have been running the Sihai Building in Luoyang for many years, and their real names have long been unknown. Everyone knows that the twin boss of Sihai Building is very powerful.