"Not yet. If there is any further information, I will inform you immediately. That’s it!"

Hang up the words sitting at the table Xu Kerr hands holding the bar is said curiously.
"Who are you talking to?"
Slightly hesitated a Wei Ya decided to tell the truth sink a said
"Hualian Liu Tie"
Xu Chloe cocked his head and looked at Wei Ya expression changes and said
"You should not be set up again? It’s best for Hualian to get less water in it. It’s not only deep but also muddy! "
Nai nai stared Xu Kerr a Wei Ya bitter face and said
"Don’t do this. Let’s get drunk today!"
A fishing boat sailing at night off the coast is searching for the position of fish.
"Hey, Lao Zhang, slow down. There seems to be something floating in front!"
The roar of diesel engine gradually approached a behemoth that was similar in size to a jellyfish but comparable to a football field. When the fishing boat slowed down, several fishermen watched this non-floating object by boat lights and argued noisily about what it was. When a slender tentacle crept out from the bottom of the boat and firmly entangled the fishing boat.
"What is this? Ah! Plop! Help "
There was a panic and screaming, and the strange sound of the broken hull of the fishing boat made people feel sore. In an instant, the fishing boat disappeared from the water, and the bright moonlight shone on the sea, leaving a piece of oil floating and falling with the waves.
Only at the beginning of the Chinese lunar calendar, it seems that the night is affected by the abnormal lunar phase, and the oceans all over the world, big rivers and rivers, especially the lakes where the water holes are known, are all out of order.
Fishing boats, merchant ships and even hundreds of thousands of tons of displacement tankers have lost contact with each other.
The mysterious disappearance of ships has reached an alarming level. The total number of cases is almost equal to the sum of similar incidents in the past 100 years. The search and rescue personnel have gained nothing from these missing ships. It seems that all of them are steamed, but no one is alive, no one is dead, and no one is dead. What’s more, in some six areas, the proportion of fishermen who went to the riverside and lake that night is also appalling.
A series of unprecedented bad situations have really frightened the whole world, and it is natural that human beings have made the whole world panic for a while.
Assigned by the interest groups behind it, all kinds of experts and professors at home and abroad are scrambling to come up with all kinds of incredible "scientific" hypotheses, and they are so eloquent that they make the insiders feel uncomfortable.
"Thousand anthracene quickly see the alas! It’s unbearable to have to listen to these big speakers on any channel! "
Wei Ya continued to pace back and forth in the living room like a caged animal. His face looked dignified. From the night of the first day to this moment, Hualian still heard from him for three consecutive days. Seeing that the day was approaching the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, Wei Ya did not give birth to much speculation and thought, and his anger was hard to follow.
After receiving his legacy, Xu Keer returned to Qiyun Mountain, and Wei Ya temporarily returned to Xu Keer’s apartment because she did not trust Yin Qiananthracene to live alone.
Yin Qian anthracene smiled and leaned over and poured a cup of tea to Wei Ya and said
"Don’t be too impatient, but you can’t reach it."
Looking down at the ups and downs in the white porcelain cup, Wei Ya took a deep breath and said
"shout! Of course I can’t understand this truth. "
When two people were talking, a beam of slender blue sword light came out of the window and entered the window. At the light convergence point, Xu Keer appeared. Wei Ya interrupted Yin Qian’s conversation and eagerly took Xu Keer’s hand and said
"Chloe, tell me something quickly about your master?"
A pair of hands were suddenly held tightly by Wei Ya Xu Keer, feeling that his body temperature was as still as water. He couldn’t help but have a ripple in his heart and stole a look sensitively. Yin Qian Xu Keer tried to break away from Wei Ya’s big hand and said primly
"My master said that there are so many chaos in today’s world that I’m afraid everyone will have to ask for more happiness!"
"That’s it? Didn’t he say goodbye? "
The old Taoist priest’s ambiguous advice made little difference between saying it and not saying it. Wei Ya asked Xu Keer unwillingly. The answer was to shake his head and say nothing. After Wei Ya closed his eyes for a moment, he suddenly sighed and stopped talking. The whole room followed the silence and could hear if there was breathing.
Volume 16 Section 5 No hair
It is absolutely true that some people are easy to handle.
After all, neither fish nor fowl Hualian, as a semi-official organization, has been forced to evacuate the residential areas around Taihu Lake under the pretext of overhauling the cofferdam or searching for missing fishing boats and personnel along the Taihu Lake after the imperial government ventilated in advance, and at the same time, it has paved the way for prohibiting unauthorized ships and personnel from approaching Taihu Lake and re-banning the water port.
After all these complicated procedures, Liu Tie, on behalf of Hualian, called the swearing-in meeting of this action in Dongting Mountain in the middle and west of Taihu Lake.
"Dear friends, we have come to Taihu Lake today to eliminate disasters and calm people’s hearts. Liu implores everyone to be sincere and do their best to achieve great things together."
Say Liu Tie hands picked up a bronze Jue of Shang Dynasty and gulped down the wine in the cup.
In the past thousands of years, the Divine Yu ban has been the last barrier to prevent the flooding of water eyes. This time, Wei Ya will dive into the bottom of Taihu Lake to find the water eyes. When the Divine Yu ban fails, he will invest in the town to help the shore practitioners set up new bans to replace the Divine Yu ban.
If Wei Ya can enter the water hole as scheduled, maybe many things that are usually imagined will happen with time. Therefore, Hualian called all kinds of experts to join hands to set up several water retaining dams around Taihu Lake.
These dams, which are invisible to the naked eye, can withstand the flood overflow of ten times the normal water volume of Taihu Lake in a short time. If these preparatory measures are still not enough to cope with the scene, Hualian will have to risk shocking the world and forcibly open a suspended river to directly introduce the flood into the East China Sea. This is the last emergency treatment plan.
It would produce some kind of agitation, and the mood of the participants was slightly exhausted. Liu Tie slowly came to the side of meditation and pranayama, and said with a low side.
"Wei Xiaoge can be!"
With a smile and eyes open, Wei Ya got up and played two skirts and grinned at Liu Tie and drove straight to the lake.
With the rapid industrialization of the great river delta, Taihu Lake, which was called "Zhenze" in ancient times, has become a sewage channel in the surrounding cities. Every day, I don’t know how many industrial sewage is poured into the lake from morning till night, which makes the visibility of Taihu Lake poor enough to hire American sewage pits.
When Bu Yi entered the water, Wei Ya’s side shone with a golden aperture, forcing the dirty lake to wait for the animals to swim around him. It didn’t seem that the sewage in this lake was unpleasant.
After judging the topography of the bottom of the lake, Wei Ya pulled his hand away from the flippers, and then the animals left and happily dived to remember the position of the water hole.
Everyone in the communication sea eye is unfathomable, and no one can say whether some unknown dangerous creatures will suddenly appear in the water eye. In ancient times, practitioners and non-human power owners such as wizards and monsters felt that the water eye was very harmful, so they closed these dangerous areas together, but these means were limited to the closed environment, and those factors that would lead to danger were still there.
Wei Ya just approached the area near the water hole, and the animal suddenly stopped and growled from his throat. It seemed to feel something unusual in danger.
The beast’s intuition is better than that of human beings, and so on. By eating, the animals’ judgment in sensing threats is much sharper than that of the yogi. It is true that Wei Ya’s heart is afraid of what is coming, and there must be a huge threat hidden in the front water eye.
In the face of danger, Wei Ya first closed his eyes and prayed sincerely.
"The younger generation Xiao Weiya came to Zhenze today because he was entrusted by the same people to stabilize the source of the flood, rearrange it, and prohibit the preparation of unexpected things. I sincerely pray for Dayu here.
After praying, Wei Ya took out a night bead from the bag of Gankun. Once the magic urged it, the light was so bright that the bottom of the dark and cold lake shone like day.
The human world is unfathomable, and it has never been successful since ancient times. For example, the surface world of living species in the sea is very different, and the law of the jungle is cruel. It is hard to imagine that animals are separated from this out-and-out fierce beast, which can be regarded as a medium role in the food chain of their hometown. Really pull out a top predator, even if he is afraid, he has to eat and suppress it.