It’s like a man of practice, which is hard for ordinary people to see, but they do lie in where their abilities come from. No one knows, maybe it’s because of some accidents or they are born.

There are also many movies in this field, such as the Spider-Man Hulk, which have made them have extraordinary abilities due to accidents. For example, Superman, who likes to wear red pants outside and has a hobby of changing clothes in street kiosks, is a legacy, that is, a natural superpower.
The former can be explained by science, that is, genetic variation, but the latter is hard to say. After all, God has been heard of and never seen.
Similarly, a yogi is a yogi. Although there are some immortals such as Dou Ruomei, they are not really immortals, but whether there are immortals in heaven or not is still unknown.
"Come on, I know you can’t say one, two, three." When Dou Re-mei saw Qin Shaojie, he stopped asking.
She has been abroad for many years, and the yogi has seen vampires, but this power is the first time she has encountered it.
"Well, I don’t know," Qin Shaojie said. "But just now, that black hole was a kind of power. I know this, but it seems that this guy’s ability seems to be better. We didn’t find out where he was and he was better than that Joseph, but fortunately, they are all auxiliary types of power, otherwise it would be really a bit of trouble."
Both of them have already landed on the ground, and Dou Re-mei’s long black dress has disappeared and turned into her dressing, which makes Qin Shaojie look one leng one leng.
This woman saves the time to undress when changing clothes, but it’s not bad. She doesn’t worry about being peeked and photographed when changing clothes.
There are too many photographers following Mr. Chen these days.
"You also mean to say," said Dou Re-mei, looking at Qin Shaojie with a face of contempt. "It’s a pity that you are still a Dane. In less than two years, you will have a meat fairy period. It’s impossible for you to put it in the spiritual world. It’s even better to say that you are still restrained by others. I bah, you throw people to death."
"I can’t blame me for this." Qin Shaojie shouted to cry foul of himself. "Can you blame me? That power that field is too fucking bullshit, what’s the defense and what’s the reduction? I feel like I’m playing online games. People are awesome, and I’m a rookie. "
"Bah, don’t explain," said Dou Re-mei pie pie. "It’s not that I haven’t seen the field of that woman. It’s also claimed to be the strongest defense. It’s not that I easily broke it."
"How can you compare you with me?" Qin Shaojie said angrily. "You have lived for an old monster for a long time, and you are so much taller than me. I am a pink and tender newcomer."
Qin Shaojie immediately felt the sudden drop in the temperature around his body, and a strong murderous look spread around him, by the way.
"What’s the matter? Someone is coming again. "Qin Shaojie was on high alert.
"No one came," said Dou Ruomei.
"How did you …" Qin Shaojie just wanted to ask how she knew, but she turned around and saw Dou Re-mei’s icy face.
"Hey, what’s wrong with you?" Qin Shaojie asked doubtfully.
"Who did you just say is the old monster?" Dou Re-mei said slowly with a face of ShaQi, and the charming face was gone.
Qin Shaojie was frightened in his heart, and he also came here in vain. Where did that murderous look come from? The feeling was that he called Dou Re-mei an old monster for a while.
No wonder women are like this. They are obsessed with a creature.
When I was a girl, I had to dress myself up as sexy and mature as a familiar girl. People called her a little sister, and they would stand up with their undeveloped breasts and yell at you, "Where is it small? Show it to my aunt."
But when I get old, I always try my best to dress myself up like a virgin at the beginning of my relationship, for fear that others will see her age.
They can tolerate you calling them ugly, but they can’t tolerate you calling them old.
Qin Shaojie, this is a curse. It is even more outrageous that he wants to say that Dou Re-mei is a little older, but he is an old monster. This is a powder keg to light.
"What do you want?" Qin Shaojie asked cautiously as he retreated. This is no joke. Although Dou Re-mei won’t kill herself, it’s an indisputable fact that she can’t beat herself. It’s also hard to beat herself up.
"how about it? Hey hey "DouReMei a face of sneer at said" what did you say just now? Say it again if you dare. "
"I didn’t say anything. You heard me wrong." Qin Shaojie hurriedly denied it.
"oh? Did I hear it wrong? "
"Yes," Qin Shaojie nodded like a chicken pecking rice. "You just heard wrong."
"Well, I heard wrong," said Dou Re-mei.
Qin Shaojie just breathed a sigh of relief but heard Dou Ruomei say, "I want to beat you up now and tell you later that I dialed the wrong number, okay?"
Said DouReMei hands a light blue light that a black dress cross-dressing again.
"I depend on help!" Qin Shaojie shouted for help. Raytheon’s wings flashed off and flew away.