Seeing the reaction of the war army, the pencil necked’s eyes flashed with a smile and hurriedly said, "This was given to me by a person, but he said he wouldn’t let me tell others, but I don’t want to enjoy the news alone because I have a close relationship with the war army’s eldest brother, but I don’t know whether this antidote has really been tested. I will try it myself. If it can be solved, it will be best. If it can’t be solved, then it won’t be a big deal."

After hearing the words of the pencil necked, the war army suddenly flashed a little surprised look in his eyes. He didn’t expect the pencil necked to have such determination and I’m afraid he didn’t have the courage to change his words.
"Don’t worry, I’ll take you with me when I go out. I won’t lose you." The war army sighed. Section 1118: The storm is coming
Hearing the war army guarantee that the Pencil Man’s face was excited, because the war army was called a crazy god, which means that when he fought, his roots were crazy, not only for others, but also for himself. When he fought, he always tried his best, but he had an adventure in his early years, and his ability to recover from physical injuries was very strong, even if he was seriously injured again. Of course, it might take a little longer, and the strength of this war army reached a medium-level and high-level level. If it were not bound by this poison, I am afraid this war army would be the first person to rush out.
"Thank you, Brother Zhan Jun. I will definitely ask for more copies of this antidote when the next time, and then I will contact more experts. Then we will have a better chance to act together." The pencil necked was delighted.
"Well, I’ll leave it to you, pencil necked. I remember this favor." The war army looked a little excited
At noon the next day, the pencil necked who had just arrived at the ground took Huangfu Zhantian aside and looked excited. "Brother Chiying, you are so amazing that the bodhi old zu in the Dragon Valley can solve the problem of cuixian poison."
Hear pencil necked HuangFuZhanTian without a surprise, but he still modest way "pencil necked you test the poison? You are a good man. Tell me, is there anything wrong? " [
"Ahem …! I’m embarrassed to come, but in that case, I can tell you. Brother Chiying doesn’t know if you can give me more antidote? " Pencil necked slightly embarrassed way
"What’s the matter? Is that antidote insufficient? " Any suspection.i war day strange asked
"Brother Chiying, how can it be? You gave me the antidote very well. I’ve got rid of the poison in my own leg. Maybe Brother Chiying is new here. I don’t know the strength of this barbarian hall. This barbarian hall has a high-level strong god and ten medium-level strong gods. Of course, the strong gods at the bottom are even more numerous. If we rely on our strength alone, I’m afraid we can’t get out," replied the pencil necked.
"Well, it seems that I think it’s too simple here, but isn’t that Fan Biao the peak of a medium god? If it’s really like what you said, what do you think we should do?" Any suspection.i Zhantian was immediately surprised after hearing this pencil necked talk. This time, it was really a shock. He didn’t expect this barbarian hall to have a higher level of god. If so, it is really impossible to go out by ourselves and others alone.
"I don’t know how many antidote you still have?" Pencil necked some embarrassed way
"There are quite a few, but what does this have to do with going out with us?" Any suspection.i war god knows past ask a way
"If there are more words, then I can contact some powerful experts, and then everyone will rush out together. We may still have a chance to escape in the midst of chaos. It is absolutely impossible to go out on our own," explained the pencil necked.
"Well, I’ll give you fifty antidote first. You should contact more powerful experts so that we can have hope when we go out." Huangfu Zhantian said excitedly, taking out five packages of medicine from the small world, and there are ten antidote in each package.
Seeing Huangfu Zhantian and never knowing where to take out the antidote, the pencil necked was suddenly shocked, because when he came in, the ring was taken away. Who on earth was this red shadow? He could hide it from those people, but he didn’t ask, because everyone has their own secrets. Even if he asked Red Shadow himself, he couldn’t say such a thing.
After receiving the medicine bag handed by Huangfu Zhantian, the pencil necked was very concealed and hid the medicine bag. Even Huangfu Zhantian didn’t notice where the medicine bag was put by him, but he was sure that it was the medicine bag. He couldn’t be inside the ring.
Pencil necked quickly contacted some seemingly cold or bloody or murderous people with these medicine bags, and every time he handed them to a person, Pencil necked would quietly expose the bottom legs of Tibetan trousers, and then the faces of those who took the antidote would change more or less, but these people were all very scheming, and they immediately changed back to their original state after showing a little, but they looked at Pencil necked with a little gratitude.
Soon all the 50 packages of antidote were distributed, and everyone returned to their cells after the distribution, but the mood of the 50 people who were assigned to the antidote was very unusual, but these people were not in a hurry but waited for the next day.
After the next day, about half of the people ate the poison, and those who had not eaten it were very eager to wait, but they ate it in some hidden ways.
On this day, Pencil necked asked Huangfu Zhantian for forty packs of antidote. Pencil necked wanted more, but Huangfu Zhantian told him that there were so many, and there was nothing he could do. But these forty packs of antidote almost included everyone, leaving those weak people, but Pencil necked was also able to do this.
After distributing the remaining 40 packages of antidote again, all the people who were assigned to the antidote ate them for the first time. None of them had Zhang Yin. If the barbarians knew about it, their plan would fail.
"Ha ha, this time we can wait for them to react." After returning to the cell, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly laughed.
"Yes, these people have been detained for a long time, but they must be more eager to go out than us. Let’s wait until they rebel and then leave in chaos." Snow vulture’s face also showed excitement.
The next day, all the people assigned to the antidote looked excited, because everyone had been waiting for too long on this day, and they didn’t want to wait for even one more day. Everyone saw the excitement in each other’s eyes and looked at the guards with a tacit understanding.
Huangfu Zhantian found the pencil necked with the snow eagle, and there was a man with the pencil necked. The man’s face was very calm, as if nothing had happened, but Huangfu Zhantian could see that this calm face concealed madness and excitement [
With a wave of his hand, the warrior wrapped everyone in a barrier. After these things, the warrior avenue "Do you want to go out?"
"think!" Everyone broke out in a loud voice, screaming and shouting. The emotions are all excited. Section 1119: Action.
"In that case, let’s escape in all directions. The people in the barbarian hall must be chasing one direction. When the time comes, it depends on everyone’s luck. Then we must desperately entangle each other and create escape opportunities for others. Do you have any opinions on this?" The war army shouted
"No, just do it. It’s luck!" Everyone crashing should way.
"But we all have to remember our benefactor, Master Chiying. If there is no Master Chiying, then all of us may not be able to die here for generations. After that, anyone who has something to do with Master Chiying is not allowed to push from pillar to post. If we let our army know who is indifferent to Master Chiying, then our army will find him first." After the battle, our eyes swept all of them mercilessly.
"War army, you’re the only one who values friendship. We’re not cowards who want me to get out of here, so Master Chiying’s business is my business." A bloody man stepped forward and said, "Cold way."