"Look! This bug is really there! " Juice said, pointing to the display

Xiaowen stood there and said, "Brother Xiong actually gave up such a big bug…… … he is the real DNF!"
Chapter 141 What can I do for you?
"Well, the bug has told you. Watch and report to Tong yourself." Juice patted Xiaowen on the shoulder and said, "You are white."
Xiaowen nodded and answered, "Don’t worry about your benefits! Go and take you to chic now. "
Said the two of them got off the plane.
"If this bug really spreads out, I’m afraid the game will really have a super big event! Perhaps this is the biggest bug in dnf history! " Two people sitting in the car small cloud patterns heart waves way
At this moment, he thought of "bringing up" the unlucky bear himself.
"Brother Xiong, since you fight so hard, I must fight for it!"
Just when Xiaowen was so determined, the juice next to her suddenly said, "Hey, if I had a workshop, I wouldn’t tell you about this bug. I wish I could secretly do it myself!"
"Don’t worry, you% will be indispensable," Xiaowen said at once.
"Well, at least it’s better than fixing the bug directly without getting a penny," Juice said with a smile.
Xiaowen shook her head slightly and continued, "I have to take care of this matter … how long can the paper be wrapped in resignation?"
Live day by day.
Suddenly came to the first of the month.
13 months is of great significance to Tianyu, which is definitely more important than having a holiday in one month after school.
Moonlight night they came back from the imperial city again.
It is said that Izumo officially entered the company in September and gave it directly to Master Yan, who will be righting at any time. It may be necessary to see the ability and performance of Yunyun at the specific time.
Bones and Lu Yao finally decided to get married in December 13 after many discussions, but they haven’t gone out to show off this happy event yet. Isn’t it still four months away?
"I don’t have much time to rely on me. You must accompany me crazy this month!" Izumo typed in the group and said
"You all sit in front of your head like you and get tickets?" Xiaoye is at home at this moment to see a cloud bubbling in the group immediately bury way
"It seems that everyone here except you is sitting in front of your head and has a ticket, right? Look at that guy Bones. He runs supermarkets and store cash registers, but he’s also a brain. Silly Bear and Erxiu need me to explain more? It’s much longer when they look at their brains every day than when I look at company statements, right? " Izumo replied without thinking
"…" Xiao night talk but wanted to think as if it were true.
"Give me a message!" Izumo continued to shout in the group.
"Sorry, we may be very busy recently," Tianyu bubbled in the group typing.
"Yes, I have to deal with two large quantities of materials recently, and I may have to rest in a few days." Erxiu typed.
The prices of eternal and golden crystals (including large crystals and small crystals) in the eye auction house are erratic.
In fact, these two materials have been opened and closed long before Tianyu and them.
After all, most people copy what Han has changed and have Han as a reference.
Those who aim at this business opportunity must have experienced the renovation of the ancient town soul house a while ago, and some of these people think that the number of followers has reached its peak and choose to sell at this time.
Therefore, Tianyu and others were impacted by other merchants’ materials, which led to a price war.
As a result, the material price began to fall to a certain extent, Tianyu, and they chose to stop, and then the material price began to pick up again
It is this that Tianyu and Erxiu feel tired recently and need to deploy strategic policies at all times to cope with the changing material prices at any time.
How can I go crazy with Mr. Izumo?
"I rely on bones and dawn night to value friends. You value money over friends!" A cloud to see two whew this reply immediately typing quipped.
"Izumo Erxiu is not kidding. We have been really busy recently. We really don’t have time to go out and have fun when we’re done." Tianyu also came out to type and said.
Izumo sighed at the brain and then typed, "I have entered the society now. Although I entered my father’s company, I can feel the pressure from reality."
"All right, you’re busy. When your department is ready, find me again. high, but before it’s too late! I have the last month. "It’s a light cloud and a light cloud," he said with a smile and typing.
"I haven’t even had a month, have I?" Tianyu spread out his left hand and looked at the original long red line, which has shrunk into a little red snack at the moment.
In fact, after Tianyu typed and replied to Izumo, Erxiu typed in the management group "I don’t know silly bear, why are you in such a hurry to cash it?" Anyway, I think you are a little different from before … "
But after Erxiu finished this passage, she saw a message from Izumo and deleted it for a moment.
Because it’s so boring to "question" your partner in the group …
It’s really hot and dry in the month.
"Day will update the material to get rid of half …" Tianyu looked at two whew report file novel way.