Xu Taotao means that the first recruitment is for the capital, but after the second and third recruitment, she will give priority to the relatives who come to the capital with her.

After all, there is always some preferential treatment to accompany her out to explore the territory.
This is Xu Taotao’s promise and bait to arouse everyone’s enthusiasm.
Everyone was in high spirits when they heard this.
They know that director Xu always means what she says, and they don’t doubt the truth of her words at all, and there is a shortage of jobs now.
Not to mention the shortage of jobs in their western province meat joint factory, and the prospect of workers’ welfare is good. I heard that their factory will expand its factory and build new family buildings this year, and not too many people want to enter the meat joint factory.
Xu Taotao’s pie painting has aroused everyone’s fighting spirit, and one by one, they vowed to slap their brains all over the western province meat joint factory.
After dinner, Xu Taotao asked Aunt Chunhua to help her thugs cook a pot of hot pot bottom material, and then wait for it to cool and solidify before wrapping it in small plastic bags. This was exhausting. It took Xu Taotao an hour.
By the time she’s packed up and rushed to Huada, the whole person will be tired.
As soon as Wang Qiuhong went out to dry clothes, he went back to the dormitory and saw Xu Taotao at his desk.
"Taotao, you’re back. Go to the bathroom. Now there are fewer people. By the way, I’ll fill the thermos bottle for you. If you want to drink water, just pour it. There is hot water in it."
Xu Taotao was moved to tears by a tingle. "Autumn rainbow! You are really my lucky star! "
Then she picked up the washbasin and rushed out with the thermos bottle.
In the dormitory, Zhou Qiaoyue put a hexagram on her face and asked, "What conditions do you think Xu Taotao’s object family has? I think it’s less a cadre family or her mother-in-law can’t give her food every day. It’s too glaring."
Qin Dan turned his head and rolled his eyes at her. "What conditions does Jamlom’s husband have with you? You are so worried about finding one yourself!"
"Hum! Sister Dan always protects Taotao! " Zhou Qiaoyue pouted sourly.
Qin Dan raised his eyebrows. "Hey, you’re right. I like peaches. Who told her to look good, little apple!"
Zhou Qiaoyue "Don’t call me little apple!"
Qin Dan "Your face is so round that it is a small apple!"
This dialogue without nutrition makes Tang Xiao’s ears hurt. "Sister Rong is watching. You two stop!"
Qindan and Zhou Qiaoyue made a face at each other.
When Xu Taotao returned to the dormitory, he found that everyone was watching the preview and memorizing the words. The strong academic atmosphere made Xu Taotao stunned.
Chapter five hundred and forty Cousin was beaten
Xu Taotao’s performance in class today stimulated the economy severely, and other students met to go to the library after class.
Xu Taotao was also warmly invited by her roommates, but she declined the kindness of her roommates when she had something to do.
After bidding farewell to her roommate, she asked the office of Professor Min of Foreign Languages at Huada University and went straight to it.
The professor in the foreign language office is preparing lessons. In this office, she and another professor are rushing home to cook. She has already started work. She doesn’t have the trouble. Anyway, the old couple are eating in the cafeteria today.
The office door was knocked.
"Come in"
The professor looked up and saw Xu Taotao pushing the door in.
It took the professor a long time to remember who this beautiful girl was.
She was happy to take off her nose reading glasses. "Jamlom is here. Is the bottom of the hot pot cooked?"
I don’t know what politeness is. The professor looks at Xu Taotao’s eyes, which is called nakedness.
Xu Taotao smiled and said hello to the professor, then took out five pieces of hot pot bottom material from the bag and handed it over.
"These five pieces are the bottom material of the hot pot I cooked. When you go home to eat, put one piece at a time and add a proper amount of water or bone soup to rinse the pot directly."
The professor smelled the bottom of the hot pot and felt that it was very fragrant. Her baby seemed to put away the bottom of the hot pot and slipped into her pocket to pay Xu Taotao.
"At the beginning, we agreed to pay with one hand and deliver with one hand. Your hot pot bottom tastes delicious. I haven’t waited for the twenty dollars in vain these days. You don’t want to eat peace of mind by pushing my wife around!"
The old lady can’t even stop Xu Taotao at this speed.
The old lady kept a straight face. "Why do you still want to go back on your word?"
Xu Taotao couldn’t stand the old lady’s stubbornness and accepted the money.
Her face was bitter. "But this is too much. Five pieces of hot pot bottom materials become five dollars at most. If you give me twenty, I will become a black-hearted businessman."
The professor can’t wait to pack up and get ready to go home, smelling the smell of hot pot bottom material in the air.
For Xu Taotao’s words, she waved her hand nonchalantly. "If you give it to you, just take five dollars and make it into fifteen pieces."
She didn’t give a damn about that money.
What a rich old lady, Xu Taotao.
However, she has never been a person who likes to take advantage of others. She took out a canned glass bottle from her bag for a pretence and said to the professor, "I made dried radish myself and gave it to you as a hot pot bottom material."
The professor gave her a silly look.
Is it foolish for this girl to build something if she doesn’t earn money?