"If people respect me, I will respect people! No matter who you are! " Lin Yuan sneer at although he has a grudge against Huang Yun, but today ri is not for Huang Yun to find them and take the lead in swearing. He naturally won’t shoot in public.

"What a big breath!" There is also some chill in the eyes of the red man’s face, Se Wei Han. Lin Yuan will make Long Yun into this picture in front of so many people, which can be regarded as a slap in the face of their Qinglong mercenary group. If you don’t find some words, I’m afraid others will be weak in their Qinglong mercenary group.
In fact, this red man has been hidden in Sirius mercenary group and his breath is not revealed. This time, Long Yun specially invited him to come over. What happened? I didn’t expect a special situation to happen.
Mo Yan ran naturally felt the strong momentum at the moment when he saw the appearance of blood Shirley, but when he heard the words of blood Shirley, Mo Yan ran’s heart sank immediately. Although he compensated when he was in contact with the forest edge, she knew that the forest edge ing case would never be bloody.
Sure enough, when I heard the words of Xue Li, Lin Yuan’s face slowly lifted a strange radian. He tilted his head slightly and stared at the former with cold eyes and slowly said, "What are you?"
Lin Yuan’s words without giving face once again made many people leng. Obviously, I didn’t expect the former to be fierce to the point where I don’t even care about blood and complete. This is two big and half steps to mix Yuan realm fighters.
"Say it again?"
Blood and complete eyes are also slowly y and n at this moment, and anger is surging in the depths of eyes, which is an anger generated when status and dignity are provoked.
In Huoyun County, his position is extremely high. Don’t say a little that makes fighters even gather spirits. Some fighters dare not speak like this, but Yan Linyuan is merciless and sarcastic in front of so many people.
In the face of blood Shirley that y and n heavy eyes Lin Yuan is towering up and binge drinking in the forceful force package shaking the clouds, and the words are clanking and sharp as a blade, which makes people face Se in the place suddenly change, and the blood Shirley is even more face Se like Lin Yuan on the eve of a rainstorm. This words are so sharp that he feels scared!
The whole day is echoed with the sharp drink from the forest edge, but in this way, many eyes look at the blood and complete it is slightly changed.
Is a big war going on again?
Two vs one?
Who will win and who will lose
There are some changes in the road, and the eyes are bloody and complete. When the handsome face is flooded with some Y and N, the Se tone is also freezing cold, even if two people kill the forest edge together, as if he doesn’t care.
Of course, he can recognize this idea in this way, but it can’t be shown in public, otherwise it will inevitably attract a lot of people’s dissatisfaction, which will also affect the Qinglong mercenary group
However, although the eyes are bloody and the words are relaxed, it is the best ending. However, when he was in position, he was so questioned and denounced. What’s worse, he was just an ant in his eyes!
Just now, Long Yun also said that one-on-one encirclement at this time will arouse public anger, and the academic eyes are constantly changing.
"What a sharp tooth, sharp mouth, and self-interest. Today ri will teach you a lesson like being a man." Se’s cold footsteps on the blood folded face stepped forward, and he stepped forward, and his innate status as a fighter was detached and impossible to lose. However, when he stepped out, he was stopped by a sound behind him.
"Everyone has come to the grave of the venerable deity and will be hurt. The grave of the venerable deity is about to open, and everything will be said after the grave of the venerable deity." A bright and clear voice sounded throughout the plain.
The sound of the sky came directly to the ears of the forest edge, and it was already planned to be in a big war. When the forest edge heard this sound, it had already started to disappear.
"mixed yuan realm!"
Lin Yuan’s own j and jīng divine power are keen at hearing the sound, and they feel each other’s momentum at that moment. The whole momentum of mixed yuan ruyi’s own true yuan reveals nothing. This shows that it has already stepped on the mixed yuan realm fighters.
"Sure enough, there is still a mixed yuan realm fighter here to watch" Lin Yuan thought in his heart.
"Lei Shui Zong Li Yang"
Chapter two hundred and seven-the tomb.
The person who knows others instantly comes out is Li Yang, the younger brother of Lei Shuizong, whose strength has reached the mixed state.
Hearing that even Lei Shuizong’s younger brother said so, his opposite eyes sank, but he finally nodded his head. Although his position in Huoyun County is not low, after all, he still doesn’t provoke Lei Shuizong’s single-minded words, which may lead to his greatly reduced position among fighters.
And now Xue Li just needs a step, and he himself is not sure that he can defeat Lin Yuan. His own strength and Long Yun are also half the weight. Although Lin Yuan has experienced a big war, the Trumpet is very big and there is no follow-up means.
In addition, as I just said, it’s one-on-one once the two of them are besieged, it may cause any trouble, and some fighters who can’t look forward to disturbing it will make it worse.
Blood folded eyes god se flash seems to have figured it out.
"Lin Yuan will treat you again and again in the face of many fighters’ predecessors. If you meet me, I will personally arrest you and be punished!" Blood folded took a deep breath to suppress the surge of anger in my heart and then looked at Lin Yuan with cold eyes and drank a way.
Smell speech Lin Yuan is too lazy to ignore this guy with a smile. The feud between the two people is very deep. He doesn’t care if he will completely offend this guy. Anyway, every time he meets them, he often meets the scene of enter the dragon’s undead endlessly.
When the time comes, doubt will be severely torn out!
"Since Xue Li doesn’t ask Lei Shuizong to come forward, let’s not go too far. Let’s spare him this time and meet him later to kill him!" See things happen at this point in the face se also slightly pale Long Yun eyes slightly cold immediately cold way
"Ha ha, that’s right. The tomb of the Venerable Master is about to open. Are we still in the overall situation and don’t affect others?" The name of Lei Shuizong’s younger brother saw that things eased and smiled.
"And now the seal of the Venerable Master’s tomb is about to weaken. If it delays the opportunity to enter, it will be really uneconomical, right?"
Hearing this, the blood and complete face Se is also a slight change. I took one look at the rear grave of the venerable one. The faint coercion has weakened a lot. I took one look at the edge of the forest with a noble sword. Obviously, my heart is also in balance.