"How can you be so cheeky, Master? How can you let a stranger call you aunt?" Han Wenxuan was very unwilling and complained directly to Master regardless of his status.

"Why don’t I want you to tell me what to do?" Master Han Wenxuan said coldly with a stare of anger at Han Wenxuan.
Han Wenxuan felt wronged, pursed his mouth and turned his head away from seeing Master and Haikui, sulking himself.
Haikui’s heart is half full of joy. It seems that her master’s first impression of me is good, but she is a little upset because of Han Wenxuan.
Master Han Wenxuan’s name is Zhen Miaoyu, who is the head of the Leng Yue school. Although she looks like a young woman in her thirties, she is old enough to be Haikui’s grandmother. Haikui has no idea about her at all, and she has a heart for her apprentice. After living for such an age, she still has these insights and her own wishful thinking.
Zhen quips that Haikui Xiu’s strength is better than his own, but this time if Stuart Yuan Wu wins, it’s better to say that if he is defeated, he will die or not. I’m afraid their Leng Yue faction will suffer.
Leng Yue sent people to protect the magic of voyeurism now. She gave the magic to Han Wenxuan for safekeeping, but somehow the wind leaked out. She already knew that Han Wenxuan was besieged by her brother, and someone rescued her.
Zhen Miaoyu can help Leng Yue send an arm through Haikui’s performance and judgment on Lou Yunfei just now
"I haven’t asked the public name yet." Zhen Miaoyu asked with a smile. Just now, the injury was serious. After all, the aftermath of the battle was not a locking attack
"Elder martial aunt, after my name is Haikui, please call me Haikui." Haikui’s face is very sincere and sincere, and Han Wenxuan wants to beat him up.
"All right, just do more and faster chapters as you say. Please go to Haikui. Where are you going?" Zhen Miaoyu kept silent about going to Taiwan, actually asking Haikui what to do next.
Hai Kui’s mind whirled twice.’ Yes, where am I going? I just came to Han Wenxuan to guess that her sect was in trouble and came to the rescue. Now it seems that nothing important happened …’
Haikui didn’t know where he was going for a while, and when his eyes turned, he had "I don’t know where Shi Gu and Wen Xuan are going."
Han Wenxuan turned his head and stared at Haikui. "My name is Han Wenxuan. Don’t ask me to remember Han Wenxuan clearly."
"Don’t repeat your surname Han and my surname Hai with me. The tone of this word is almost more and faster. Please go to the chapter where it was hard to be a family 500 years ago." Haikui quipped with a smile. He knew that Han Wenxuan was in a bad mood, but at this time, with her master around, he didn’t take this opportunity to impress Han Wenxuan. How can he do that? After all, he was her first man and she was her first woman. If she forgot, she would be sad to death.
Zhen Miaoyu smiled and made a round speech. "You two should stop bickering. Xuaner is a young man who wants to live in harmony."
"Yes," Haikui quickly echoed.
Zhen quip watched Haikui’s face smile fade away. "Haikui is dissatisfied with you saying that we have some difficult things now."
Looking at Zhen quip and sighing, Haikui vaguely guessed that things might be in Stuart Yuan Wu’s magic palace.
"What’s the problem?" Haikui asked after seeing Zhen’s quip.
"Two years ago, Stuart Yuan Wu, the palace master of Wanmo Palace, came to me. The Leng Yue faction defeated me and seriously injured me. Many younger brothers asked us to merge into Wanmo Palace. I couldn’t protect the names of Leng Yue faction and all the younger brothers, so I agreed to Stuart Yuan Wu’s conditions and Leng Yue faction merged into Wanmo Palace."
"But a year ago, Lou Yunfei, a sinister villain, slandered me in front of Stuart Yuan Wu, and the Leng Yue faction caused Stuart Yuan Wu to want to put me out of Leng Yue faction. Today, Stuart Yuan Wu brought us to let me take the lead in Leng Yue faction just to lend someone else’s hand to put me out of Leng Yue faction."
"But the Taoist priest’s practice is too high, and even I can’t resist Stuart Yuan Wu’s personal efforts, but he will definitely kill us for various reasons in the future."
Zhen Miaoyu hid the cause and effect and told Haikui simply.
But Haikui knew in his heart that he had learned from the memory of Han Wenxuan, who had been besieged by the Palace of Heaven, that it was only because of the fate of the Taoist priest that he attracted this murder.
After listening carefully to Zhen Miao’s quip, Haikui asked, "That martial aunt has plans."
"I have to hurry back to Leng Yue to pack up and take my younger brother away from Leng Yue to send the mountain gate. Stuart Yuan Wu already knows where he will not let us live if he doesn’t die." Zhen Miaoyu said with a frown.
Zhen quip is right. If Stuart Yuan Wu didn’t grab the refined tripod and a few top fairy pieces, he would surely force Zhen quip to hand over the magic of peeping the Tao because it is important to him.
Haikui knew these things clearly and nodded. "My aunt is right, so if we leave late now, I’m afraid there will be some changes."
Zhen Miaoyu nodded. "You’re right. We’ll leave now."
They discussed it properly, but kept Han Wenxuan cool all the time. Han Wenxuan didn’t want to say, "You two go home, I won’t go back."
Zhen Miaoyu was furious. "After asking Xuan, you are going to take charge of Leng Yue and send me a younger brother. Although there are not many, can you bear to see that something happened to your sisters and teachers since childhood?"
Han Wenxuan was dismayed at the moment. She knew she didn’t want to.
"Master, I was wrong," Han Wenxuan said with tears in his eyes.
"Come on, let’s go back and wait until we find Ann’s place." Haikui hurriedly stretched out his hand and made a rounder.
"Then let’s go first. Where is my nephew going?" Zhen quip has counted him in when he discussed with Haikui just now. He deliberately asked Haikui if he wanted Haikui to say the words himself.
"Of course I’m going with you. What I don’t like most is bullying women. I’ll help you move first."
Chapter 271 Something happened
Haikui and master Han Wenxuan will leave after discussing it properly, but Han Wenxuan is unhappy with Haikui, the man who took her virginity, because of his bad mood, and some are dissatisfied with him.
Before leaving, Kuiyin gave Monty Flag to let him note Stuart Yuan Wu. Monty Flag promised to arrange for him to have a soul and leave a few probing messages.
The three of them immediately got up and flew all the way to the western plateau of Leng Yue Paishanmen. Because of the long distance, Han Wenxuan and her master Zhen Miaoyu had to rest several times for half a day before they came to Haikui, Ningdong Province to see the speed. It would take at least three days to get to Leng Yue Pai’s place.
Stuart Yuan Wu and Dao Fei’s battle will never last for three days. Then Stuart Yuan Wu will rush to Leng Yue immediately, and I’m afraid it won’t take even half a day.
"Elder martial aunt, I’ll take you away. I think I’m faster than you." Haikui suggested to Zhen Miaoyu when he robbed me.
"No, we fly by ourselves" Han Wenxuan refused directly.
"Xuan er" Zhen quip low call a Korea asked Xuan pie pie no longer say anything.
"That’s troublesome, nephew." Zhen Miaoyu smiled and said to Haikui.