Women attack hard one by one and want revenge from their brothers, so hard that Haikui’s toes can guess that this brother is probably her lover’s dark sigh. As soon as she knows how to explain it, she blows the dust away with a wave of her hand and then appears behind her, pointing out her figure.

This refers to breaking the magic finger, not just one day. Haikui dares to stab this woman to death with a slight force.
"Don’t dare!" A big drink came from behind Haikui, and the old man with a fair hair reached out to find out the sun’s rays while healing Song Chengan’s younger brother. Haikui felt that he was behind him, and his body was black and his hair was suddenly in a strong sense of crisis.
The old man stretched out his hand and grabbed Haikui, but suddenly there was a man behind Haikui. He glared at the old man without moving his body. The old man instantly felt that he had fallen into the abyss from the cliff.
Anger in his face disappeared into panic, and it took him a long time to recover. When you look intently, the man behind Haikui just disappeared, as if he had an illusion.
Actually, it was Lao Huang who just appeared behind Haikui and glared at the powerful gods of the old fairy. Just one stare made the old man lose his mobility.
The old man gasped in horror and took a step back and said, "Eve, back off!"
Teacher younger brother Song Chengan got up slowly and gently coughed and turned away in the distance.
Haikui’s sense of crisis behind him was eliminated, and the strength in the female body was instantly blocked and the whole person sat down on the ground.
A man in the distance shouted "Sister!"
Haikui was a little upset. Grandma, martial brothers and sisters were at sixes and sevens. He grabbed the ground girl and shouted to her in the distance. The man threw it to "Then you, sister."
Hai Kui Li Ping and the man easily picked up the younger sister and shouted, "How are you, younger sister?"
The woman whispered, "I feel that my body is full of qi."
"Let’s go, I’ll take you back." The man is leaving with her across his arm.
The woman said, "I’m not leaving, but my brother is still here."
"exemptions is dead! Master is also dead! "
Then the man and a woman left the man and forcibly took the woman away, but his brother and master’s body were left alone.
The old man stayed away from Eve with a frown. Looking at Haikui and others carefully, he suddenly lost his resistance just now, which made him concerned. But after careful look, his heart was more curious. He observed that at present, several people were distracted to Mahayana, and one person was unable to see through the palpitations of the old man during the Mahayana period.
The old man decided to salute before the enemy!
"I’ve taught Yin Xiu and met your Taoist friends."
Haikui frowned slightly and sighed in his heart. This knot can’t be solved. He didn’t come back from the dead. Song Chengan is dead. How can he justify killing himself when he saw it with his own eyes? And he really killed Song Chengan himself. Do you mean I didn’t accidentally miss it? This is even more insulting to people’s IQ.
Haikui sighed and waited for a while and replied, "Haikui in Longmen Sect."
Yin Xiu and his eyes stayed in Hai Kui’s body for a few seconds and then moved to look at several people. Finally, they stopped their eyes at Lao Huang’s body. "Surely this is the Longmen Sect?"
Old Huang shook his head.
Yin Xiuhe doesn’t understand, but he just looks at this old man and has an inscrutable feeling, which is always a little worse than other people.
Lao Chang pointed at Haikui behind him. "This is the head of our Longmen Sect, Hai Zhang. Don’t you see the ceremony?"
Haikui’s expression is awkward. It’s embarrassing. Isn’t he so unlike the boss?
Yin Xiuhe was also stupefied. It was unexpected. He never imagined that this young man was the head of the Dragon Sect, and then he threw a fist at Lao Huang. "Then dare you ask if this is the head of the Leng Yue Sect?"
Old Huang shook his head again.
Ling flue "We Leng Yue faction leader didn’t come, and our leader won’t come in person."
Yin Xiu and frowning, he is estimating the strength of the two factions, and the final conclusion is profound!
Haikui felt that it seemed too wrong to say something at this time. "Yin Zhang taught me not to kill your brother on purpose, but it was a slip of the hand."
When it comes to this matter, Yin Xiu and his face are cold. "It is a foregone conclusion that the head of the sea has killed people since ancient times."
"Can’t we discuss it?"
"Unless I return to my soul!"
Haikui sighed, "I did!"
Yin Xiu and Lengmu said to each other, "I don’t know you longmen sect elders, but even if you are huge wheel elders, you should be a gladiator today, or I’ll be sorry for my dead disciple!"
Yin Xiuhe said that a few pieces of paper appeared in his hand.
Around four weeks, most people have been able to flash as far as they can, and some of them have advanced their studies, and they think they are a little higher than Song Chengan, the first teacher of Taiyi.
At this tense moment, a person slowly walks to the field, and the slow speed is the normal walking speed.
"Are you Haikui?" The man asked.
Haikui looked at the man, a man about thirty years old, with cold eyes and no feelings, and a cold feeling emanated from him.
Lao Huang suddenly stepped out and said to Hai Kui softly, "I’ll solve this person!"
Haikui was a little surprised that Lao Huang didn’t take the initiative to talk or hit people at ordinary times. What happened today? This person has a strange identity.
Haikui low way "wait" old yellow feet stopped.
Haikui looked up at the cold young man. "Who are you?"
The man sneered. "Why don’t you know me?"
Haikui shook his head.
"I am Xue Zhengxiu!" Youth cold way
Haikui suddenly felt the explosion in his brain slow down for a few seconds and then looked at him cautiously. "How did you come back?"
Xue Zhengxiu sneered, "If you can come back, I can’t come back, but it’s really a narrow escape!" Xue Zhengxiu said, sticking out his tongue and licking his lips, looking bloodthirsty.
That’s not the point. Haikui stopped asking questions and explored Xue Zhengxiu carefully. He found that he couldn’t see through it like a mystery. "I didn’t expect you to grow!"
"I owe you a fortune, and today is your funeral day!"
"Old Huang is yours!" Find out the identity of this person in front of him. Haikui directly said to Lao Huang, What has Xue Zhengxiu experienced outside the country? What appearance has changed greatly? This is not his heart.
Yin Xiu and his brow slightly wrinkled and listened to the conversation. Knowing that the cold young man next to him was now on his side, he said to him, "Can this Xue Daoyou let the first brother take revenge for killing my brother?"
Yin Xiuhe thinks he is a famous sect and doesn’t want any dirty tricks, but this male disciple next to him is also very inscrutable. Although he is afraid that so many masters have suddenly jumped out, now if he doesn’t stand out, other sects will laugh at himself. If this male strength is really strong in front of him, he will slay the other party. Then other sects will even condescend to teach him too much, but his brother was killed, and finally he should stand out by others.