"Don’t rob him? The overlord’s little man heard that there are fairy devices and dozens of magic weapons. It is said that it is only an elixir. We worked so hard and sent people to monitor it for several months later. Is that it? And overlord, if we don’t start work, it will be dangerous for hag or silver shark king to get it. Although the two of them are not as good as overlord, they are not weak. If we have dozens of magic weapons and a fairy device in our hands, we will not be rivals. "The woman said in astonishment that she was a little anxious to gather together and pulled the arm of dumpling demon king in front of her and said.

Dumpling demon king turned to look at the sight of a large number of women and then took it into his arms and sneered at it and said, "fairy?" Magic weapon? The magic weapon must be in the fairy device, but I don’t know it, but we don’t want to participate with or without it. "
“?” The woman was a little confused and asked, it’s a pity to let such a great opportunity go for no reason. You know, the value of dozens of magic weapons and fairy wares is not higher than that of the eastern waters of the Starry Sea or the whole Starry Sea.
"Hum that stupid people things and they can take? So what if you rob it? I’m afraid they’ll be killed! " Dumpling demon king sneer at a little cold, said jiongjiongweishen with a bright eyes.
"Overlord? ~ "The woman asked again in astonishment, but without saying a word, she was interrupted by the wave of dumpling demon king, and said impatiently," Okay, you listen to me, we have to fight for the sample, but don’t start work. Remember my words, don’t start work! If the little one’s life is in danger, it’s not too late for you to shoot again, but remember, it’s not for you to kill, but for you to keep this little one! "
After this, the woman was confused and puzzled, but she dared not disobey the dumpling Lord’s order and walked out.
After she went out there, the dumpling demon king laughed again and muttered after laughing, "King Hag Silver Shark? Hehe, it’s just two buffoons. I hope you won’t let me down. I’ve tried my best to kill a few cronies and spread the news myself. If you don’t do it, you won’t be a little sorry for me ~ Well, if you do, you’d better kill someone successfully. Hahaha, I’ll give you a funeral then! "
On the other hand, Ye Guchen flies in the vast sea and keeps flying towards the east. In this marginal ocean, it is easy to get lost. There is not even an island in Wan Li. There is no blue water that day. This Yuzryha solitary Chen is somewhat lonely, stepping on this flying sword and enjoying this vast sea. Occasionally, seabirds fly over a peaceful atmosphere. Yuzryha solitary Chen’s heart is very stable.
I feel a little excited at the thought of coming back to Datang from here to meet Xiaobai and Nina Li, the eldest brother Ye Guchen. Just as Ye Guchen wanted to be absorbed, suddenly the sea fluctuated and the waves swept into the sky instantly.
A series of tentacles suddenly rushed to the sky by rising for two meters thick and 100 meters long, and Ye Guchen’s consciousness escaped the flying sword. Some of them shook and escaped the attack of this tentacle. Ye Guchen had been a little angry and instantly stood in this half-finished flying sword, burning with thrilling fire and passing through the sky.
"wooshing wooshing ~" flying sword "over" flashed dozens of thick tentacles in this day, which were instantly cut off and fell into this vast sea, causing waves, and a magic weapon came straight from this seabed breaking the waves to Ye Guchen every second.
This magic weapon to sneak attack Ye Guchen Ye Guchen also don’t panic to see this a magic weapon similar to fangs fly to sneer at an "ice cold bead" scintillator surface and the flashing black fangs head-on impact to solve the double ban "ice cold bead" and the fangs suddenly emitted a cold ice to freeze the fangs abruptly.
In an instant, the fangs retreat, and this leaf solitary body sleeps with waves. One by one, half a man and half a demon have condensed the demon Dan in the then period, but the monsters have flashed on the water. Of course, some of them have become human, but they are ugly. There are about a hundred people holding weapons and magic weapons to surround Ye solitary body.
"Hua ~" A huge wave of water rose, and a young man about seven feet tall appeared in front of Ye Guchen. This young man is very handsome, but although some mean looks are good, the whole person feels like a poisonous snake, which makes people afraid to get close, and this magic weapon that just attacked Ye Guchen’s fangs floats impressively beside this young man. At this moment, the ice layer just released by the "ice-cold bead" has been broken and gathered beside this young man.
"Are you from? Sneak at me! " Ye Guchen said coldly with a frown that this young man obviously belongs to the bottom of the sea demon clan, and it’s not too high to repair it. It’s probably about the middle of Yuan Ying, which is similar to himself. Of course, Ye Guchen is fully sure to deal with his minions around him, but since this guy is in Yuan Ying, he wants to be one of the three overlords, and it’s not necessary for Ye Guchen not to want to make enemies with each other. Although the other party took the lead in attacking him, he was already hostile, but he didn’t want to do it as a last resort.
It’s not that Ye Guchen is afraid of Ye Guchen’s physical strength, but it’s not as bad as the other party’s. There are several magic weapons, and the earth fairy "Star-studded dragon lock" is not afraid of them. But the problem is that Ye Guchen can deal with him, but if he is killed, Ye Guchen will suffer.
You know what happened to the dumpling demon king Ye Guchen, but I have seen Ye Guchen admit that he is not an opponent of the dumpling demon king. Even if he tries his best, the other two overlords can compete with the dumpling demon king for the stars and the sea is naturally not weak. Considering these overlords, Ye Guchen is not willing to start work easily. Of course, if the other party really wants to die, it’s no wonder that he is.
"Hey, hey, I’m the overlord of the hag, the master of the bloody cave, and you’re Ye Guchen?" Blood mang cave Lord sneer at a look at Ye Guchen cold so said before saying this, a pair of eyes staring at Ye Guchen couldn’t wait to swallow Ye Guchen’s greedy eyes immediately.
Although Ye Guchen also has a mid-term repair of Yuanying, it is said that it is much worse than before, and there is a magic weapon in hand, but the bloody cave master is not afraid, but full of greed because he knows that the hag overlord is coming and he needs to entangle the other side, so he doesn’t need to work hard. When the time comes, the overlord will naturally not treat himself badly.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Sea patrol hag
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Sea patrol hag
"Yes, I am Ye Guchen. Do you dare to ask the cabinet for advice?" Ye Guchen unconsciously frowned at the sight of the bloody headstrong cave master. This guy is obviously a demon race. Although he doesn’t know the body, it’s not hard to imagine that this guy’s body should also belong to the type of malice, but it doesn’t need Ye Guchen to go to the multi-pipe office. Ye Guchen’s performance is still very humble and not too much. People have to bow their heads in the eaves and it’s better to keep a low profile in other people’s territory.
"Hey hey demon race said you have dozens of magic weapons a fairy but true? Hand over the magic weapon and I’ll let you live, or I’ll make you stunned! " In this giant bloody headstrong cave, the Lord looked at Ye Guchen with a sneer, and then spoke. His hands had already scattered a circle in succession and wrapped Ye Guchen in the middle, as if they could hold hands on Ye Guchen at any time.
This little demon moves Yuzryha’s solitary face, especially the bloody hole, and Yuzryha’s solitary heart sinks. Ye Guchen doesn’t know who framed himself. This rumor is obvious that someone deliberately spread it out, but Ye Guchen will not be able to figure out who is doing this to himself for a while, but now this is not important. The important thing is to settle these guys first.
While already secretly preparing to tune out the magic weapon department, the flying sword "over" slowly circled around Ye Guchen, and the "ice-cold beads" also emitted a strange blue light, while Ye Guchen calmed down and coldly stared at the bloody hole in front of him and said, "Did Ge even listen to the rumor by mistake? There are many words in the wrong novel network. How can I have dozens of magic weapons? Even if I have made a breakthrough in repairing it, it’s just a fairy device in the middle of Yuanying. You look up to me too much. How could I have a fairy instrument when I was a little baby? I think you misunderstood! "
"Is it a rumor? It’s hard to say. If you are sincere, first remove the magic weapon in your hand and then cut the bag and show it to us. If not, I’ll let you go! " The blood-mang cave shows some taste of pushing your luck.
"Bag? There is no magic weapon in the bag! " Ye Guchen sneers at a bunch of people who insult others. Since they die, it’s their voice falling, flying swords killing them, and they should immediately rush out and go straight to those small demons. There is no attack at all. This guy is the worst and the most difficult to tie up. It is talk.an excellent job to solve those small demons first.
The blood-mangled cave master saw Ye Guchen’s hands suddenly startled, but the "ice cold bead" had arrived in front of him. He didn’t dare to show his fangs directly, and the ice cold bead was intertwined. Two lights, one green and one blue, kept colliding in this process, and burst into flames and toxins, and the ice cubes kept flying. However, the blood-mangled cave master’s fangs showed up in the wind. After all, it was those monsters who refined their magic weapons. Although some of them were powerful, they were far from the real stuff from the refiner master.
At the same time, the flying sword "destroyed" and sent out flames. Those little demons had no ability to resist the power of "destroyed" at all, and they were killed in the blink of an eye. There was no scream left, and blood and rain kept floating from this day.
The eyes of the blood-mangled cave master are slightly red. These are all elite hands. How can the blood-mangled cave master be willing to die here like this? But he didn’t have a chance to shoot because Ye Guchen had already found him.
"Boom ~" One punch, Ye Guchen instantly appeared beside the Blood Mang Cave Master. One punch flew the Blood Mang Cave Master out, and then followed him. The Blood Mang Cave Master grabbed the other guy’s collar and slammed dozens of punches, while fighting back, he kept saying, "I’ll kill you today!"
Speak a roundabout way, and suddenly the main body of the bloody headstrong cave is firmly plunged into the sea, causing a wave. At the moment, those little demons have also been solved. Dozens of small demons died in the golden elixir period. Although these people are not in the starry sea, the bloody headstrong cave can be said to be well repaired, but Ye Guchen doesn’t see much. These guys are just a bunch of minions in Ye Guchen’s eyes at best.
After solving these problems, the cave master put away this "ice cold bead" and recalled this flying sword. Ye Guchen floated proudly in this, and Ye Guchen knew that this matter was not over yet. A monster in the middle of Yuan Ying wouldn’t die so easily. He could clearly feel that the cave master was still alive.
"Boom ~" Instantly, a huge blood-red python, about several hundred meters long and five meters thick around the waist, suddenly rose from the underwater waters, and it gave a loud roar and rushed to Ye Guchen, rushing to the water hundreds of meters, and it was going to eat Ye Guchen in one bite.
Ye Guchen quickly retreats and doesn’t compete with this bloody mang head-on. This guy is so big and big that he can really eat it for him. Ye Guchen doesn’t know that since such a monster dares to eat his opponent, he must have something to rely on, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.
The leaf solitary body suddenly retreated after the blood mang momentum in the past, leaned in and grabbed each other’s two fangs abruptly, and then in the middle of this maw, I listened to a scream. The blood mang two fangs were abruptly pulled out of Ye solitary body’s mouth by half a person.
"Ow ~" Blood mang screams and suddenly falls, leaves alone and Chen doesn’t hesitate to catch each other’s core and then falls together. Two people fall into the middle of the sea, solitary and Chen has a skill, and then a red flame comes out. The power of the red star fire is extraordinary, and it is as far away as Samadhi. These flames are of the same color and even the hottest horror.
As soon as the flame came out, the bloody mang was burned from the core. It hurt. The bloody mang couldn’t help but churn and set off waves of seawater. This sea leaf solitary Chen didn’t hesitate to fly the sword. But this time, Ye solitary Chen didn’t manipulate the flying sword, but grabbed the hilt and turned over from the bloody mang’s back. A wound dozens of meters long and three feet deep appeared in the bloody mang’s body.
The last one leaped from the center of this bloody headstrong body and wore it in the past, abruptly giving each other a body to penetrate the bloody headstrong hole. After two struggles, the bloody headstrong body finally fell to the ground and could no longer roll its eyes. So a demon baby flew out of this bloody headstrong body and Ye Guchen sneered at a flying sword. "Over" should come out and directly kill the bloody headstrong hole owner. The sea water was dyed red and the blood spewed out and dyed a few miles of water.
How can you stop Ye Guchen’s flying sword when you lose your body, Yuan Yinggen has no protection, the blood-mang cave master and no magic weapon to protect yourself? Now that the killer Ye Guchen has been killed, he can’t be left alive. Ye Guchen is not so kind. Letting him go is tantamount to setting up an enemy for himself. Why don’t you let him run back and report to his Lord? Find a late-stage OBE player to duel with yourself? It’s impossible for Ye Guchen to solve this bloody hole without hesitation.
After cleaning up this bloody hole, Lord Ye Guchen dare not stay in this place. Who knows if they have a secret method? Once they attract the enemy, it’s so good. Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate to turn around and walk. He turned and stepped on the flying sword to "destroy" the blink of an eye and prepare to leave.
But it’s a pity that it’s a little late at the moment, because there are dozens of figures coming straight from the distance. It’s less than a kilometer away from Ye Guchen’s location. Ye Guchen turned around and ran away without making any stop, because he could die here at any time if he dared to hesitate. Ye Guchen knows this better than anyone!
"Live small!" Suddenly a voice sounded behind Ye Guchen, and a burly man shouted at Ye Guchen, but Ye Guchen simply ignored him and went straight to the north. Now there is no way for Ye Guchen to rush over, even though his goal is the East, but these guys are coming from the East. Many words in the wrong novel network can change direction and escape, so things can detour when they go back.
When I saw Ye Guchen, I turned and ran, but Han leng didn’t catch up, but stayed in this place with a helper. Just now, Ye Guchen fought with the bloody cave Lord. Just now, his name was Ye Guchen, and he also wanted to ask a fixer to appear here. When I saw Ye Guchen, I turned and ran without catching up.
Most of this demon race’s IQ is not very high, except for those congenitally heterogeneous people, others are somewhat dull and dull, and some races are still so even with advanced training, such as the Han in front of them.
"The overlord is not good, and the blood is dead!" At this time, a sound sounded, and many middle-aged people, who were relatively thin, exclaimed at the propaganda Han just now.
The han one leng immediately looked at distant leaves solitary Chen immediately roared "must be the little dry! Give me chase! Chase! !”
Then he took the lead in rushing out, and dozens of monsters chased Ye Guchen one by one, but they couldn’t catch up with Ye Guchen’s speed, even the leader Han. Although he was very high, he didn’t have the right magic weapon, and his flight speed was naturally unhappy. One by one, he chased him farther and farther.
I don’t know who was the first to show up. A huge whale showed up and went straight to Ye Guchen, which was much faster than before. After all, he is an aquarium and his body is huge, and his body is too big. Ye Guchen’s flying sword is fast, but it is not much faster than the other party. The other party can’t follow.
When others saw someone coming out of the body, they changed out of the body one by one. The monster beast appeared in this sea area. After coming out of the body, he chased Ye Guchen from the bottom of the sea. The leading man did not show weakness. He turned around and changed out of the body. A giant with a height of more than ten meters had a strange fish scale and a sea-patrol hag. The speed behind him with a triangular fork has increased significantly, which has gradually exceeded the speed of Ye Guchen.
You know, this sea patrol hag is stronger in the aquarium, that is, the advanced stuff has more out-of-body repair speed. Naturally, it is not to say that this time, this sea patrol hag with a bunch of huge aquarium kept chasing Ye Guchen on the seabed, which also formed a landscape and a very strange scene appeared.
Ye Guchen rides the flying sword in front and flies through the sky with a burst of fire, while this side patrols the sea with dozens of bodies. The monster beasts of Panghai clan keep chasing after Ye Guchen. Those monsters are still swearing while chasing. What a spectacular scene.
Ye Guchen still doesn’t know who these guys are, but now he won’t hesitate to joke when he sees the other person’s changing body. The three overlords have a one-night hag out-of-body experience, and dozens of cave owners are chasing Ye Guchen behind his back. It’s not a god of war. How can he stay here? Behind the shouting, instead of Yuzryha solitary Chen stop for a minute, Yuzryha solitary Chen tried his best to escape and fly a sword faster and faster.
"Damn it, if I am a master of fit period, how can Wan Li be chased by them in thousands of miles? No, if I’m a master of fitness, I’ll run my ass. Turn around and reach out and kill these bastards and run! " While running Ye Guchen, I thought maliciously.
Both of them kept flying towards the northern waters in tandem. Ye Guchen struggled hard here, but he still managed to get rid of these followers behind him. He was able to keep running, but after a long flight, Ye Guchen’s excessive flying made the speed of the real force flying sword slow down gradually, and now Ye Guchen has no stone to supplement. If you don’t find a good way to solve this problem, it will be a matter of time before Ye Guchen is chased.
"Damn it, what can I do? If I am chased, I will be here today! " Ye Guchen was anxious when he secretly thought of this while flying.
"Ha ha overlord that small speed slow down ~" The head is the first to change the body about kilometers long. The whale spat at the hag overlord and laughed.
As soon as he said this, the monsters seemed to have beaten the chicken blood and ate stimulants, and they accelerated their efforts to chase Ye Guchen again, as if they were going to try again, so that this hateful bastard who had run for thousands of miles with them could be killed on the spot.
Flying, flying, Ye Gu’s body has no strength at all. He has already overdrawn. At this time, suddenly he was startled to find that the monster who was chasing himself behind his back stood there, floating in the sea or lurking at the bottom of the water without moving.
"What’s the matter? Why don’t they chase? Do they think they can’t chase me and give up? Oh, no, I shouldn’t. I’m dying. They’re going to chase me. "Ye Guchen wondered and turned to look at the demon race several miles away and wondered.
But then he knew that something had happened, because a hundred-meter-long huge white shark in front of him showed a head and sharp teeth from the sea, and at the moment he was staying in the waters opposite him with hundreds of demon families who were obviously in infancy.
"Silver shark king! Three overlords, a silver shark king! " Blink leaf solitary Chen thought about the origin of this great white shark. Now he finally has some Shiro Yasha overlord people who have stopped chasing feelings. This silver shark king has come and happened to be stuck opposite him. Now they have to consider how to fight with their old rival, the silver shark king, instead of how to chase themselves.
Ye Guchen didn’t move on. Now he can be said to have a wolf before and a tiger before, and he didn’t retreat or float in the middle. Then he sat cross-legged quietly and absorbed the aura of heaven and earth to restore his strength. Now he is in a state of collapse. The most important thing to do is to recover from these two monsters before they settled.
For a man who has experienced life and death several times, Ye Gu Chen Bai should do what he should do most now. The most important thing for him now is to restore his strength to other things, so he can’t take care of it.
Two groups of monsters are floating in this water, one by one. Look at me, I see that you don’t want to let each other go, but no one dares to cross the line. Just look at each other and refuse to give in. Two old rivals, Silver Shark King and Hag, have sparks in their eyes, and there is a depression as if a sea war might break out at any time.
"Silver shark! I’m going to kill him. You’d better not stop today. I owe you a favor. How about you take your people back? " Although the hag overlord is a little slow, he is not stupid. He is determined to take the lead.