The old people in the whole village of Ghost Village love him very much. In his eyes, the old people are kind and kind. Now it is natural for him to see an old man Gu die tragically.

Next to everyone, it’s a common sight for this kind of situation, and it’s just a sigh, always saying that the old woman is unlucky.
"Hey, what are you still doing there?" Suddenly a light sound came.
Jersey looked up and it turned out to be a long time no see-Zhou Jin, Miss Zhouguda.
At this time, Zhou Jinzheng looked at him with a pair of big eyes, and there was ridicule in his eyes, and there was a faint comfort.
At the beginning, Zhou Jin, who was highly toxic in your family’s clause, was always grateful to him because he was neglected by Jersey Micro.
Today, she happened to witness this scene in Ningcheng crowd, and she couldn’t help but want to comfort him when she saw him depressed because of the death of an old man she didn’t know.
I don’t know, but when it comes out, it turns into ridicule.
She can comfort him with her eyes and hope he can understand.
And Jersey blushed at this gaze.
Zhou Jin couldn’t help laughing anymore. "Why are you still so shy?"
Jersey’s face turned even redder because he found that everyone’s eyes were fixed on Zhou Jin when he shouted.
Although these eyes are mostly well-intentioned, they still make Jersey, who is not used to it, feel very uncomfortable.
He glanced at Zhou Jin in a hurry, blushing and rushing past her, regardless of whether he was in line or not. He showed his certificate and paid the bank in the city and fled.
"Hey stay where are you going? Wait for me! "Zhou Jin shouted and chased Jersey.
When Jersey saw her coming, she stopped and waited for her.
"What are you doing running so fast?" Zhou Jin panting asked.
"What are you doing with me?" Jersey didn’t answer the rhetorical question.
"I …" Zhou Jin was angry. "You are so stupid that I won’t follow you. What if you are bullied?"
"You …"
Jersey blushed again. Is he really that stupid? Even a weak woman like Zhou Jin is worried that he will be bullied.
"I … I won’t be bullied," Jersey retorted.
Zhou Jin but no matter he so many direct a wave of his hand "where are you going now? Let’s go together. "
He took the lead in moving forward.
Took two steps and suddenly thought of something and stepped back. "Why are you alone? Where is he? Chapter 191 peers
"I … Your eldest brother has something else to do with Qiqi. I came out alone."
Jersey heard Zhou Jin ask him so because he wanted to know about Junyang. He was afraid that telling her that Junyang and Qiqi had gone to play would make her sad, so he was vague.
He didn’t forget the original Huai Zhou Guzhu but going to give Zhou Jin Xu to your eldest brother.
During the days when Zhou Jin was poisoned and your family was recovering, his contact with her made him feel that she was not the kind of girl who would play tricks, so she was somewhat considerate of her.
Zhou Jin didn’t know what Jersey thought, but when she heard him say he was alone, she was very happy and slapped him on the shoulder. "I happen to be alone, so let’s walk together so that we can have a care."
"But I …" Jersey wanted to say that he was going to be alone.
See jersey hesitate Zhou Jin discontent du mouth "but I a person what danger? “
Well, when she said that Jersey refused, she suddenly couldn’t say it
"Then let’s find a place to live first." Jersey took the luggage from Zhou Jin and frowned slightly. "Where are your things?"
"This?" Zhou Jinchao shook his fingers at him.
"Then why are you still carrying luggage? “
"That’s for show." Zhou Jin took Jersey’s arm before. "Well, don’t worry about it. Let’s go find an inn to rest and then go to dinner. I’m so hungry."
With that, he dragged Jersey forward.

Junyang woke up in the middle of the month.
He looked down at his arms. Maybe he was too tired. Shen Qiqi was still asleep.
Jun Yang looked around and found nothing unusual, then picked up Shen Qiqi and swept away towards the lake.
There is their carriage standing quietly by the lake, and the horse screams with excitement when he sees them.
Stretched out his hand and patted the horse neck Junyang directly carried Shen Qiqi into the carriage and placed her on a soft and comfortable couch.