"Muer is very good, mother. Don’t, don’t Muer."

The sun shone through the open window into the room in front of Gu Ning, and there was a thick stack of bills on the table. At this moment, her eyes were locked and Mu Er was looking at him as if she were going to see through this handsome face with a pure and clear smile and an innocent and evil man.
She stared at him quietly without saying anything.
"Mother …" What is she looking at? Did you find anything wrong with him?
Muer thought in his heart.
The day after tomorrow, once the plan is successful, he can leave the week and be himself again.
So he can’t make a mistake in this critical head, and he can’t let her notice the clue.
"Hungry, let’s go and get some food in Yali." Gu Ning got up and walked to the door.
The closer the wedding is to her heart, the more difficult it is to settle down. I can’t get the spirit when I come to visit the restaurant today.
Sitting for more than half a day even delayed lunch time.
"Mother, it’s so beautiful in here." Arie sat down and Muer watched it, and her eyes were full of smiles.
Gu Ning sat in a chair with a smile on his lips. "The man will give us food in a minute. If you are hungry, eat some cakes first."
"Mother also eats" Muer grabbed a piece of cake and handed it to Gu Ning.
"It’s good for you to eat." Gu Ning shook his head and took a sip of tea, then hung his eyes with one hand on his chin and thought about his heart.
Huangfuye Rui is in a very bad mood these days.
He hated himself for not going to Gu Ning earlier. He didn’t find Gu Ning to speak his mind before Xiao’s parents went to Hou Fu for an appointment.
If-if he asks her to say it in front of her-marry me, and I’ll keep it for you.
It may be him who married her two days after hearing this.
After drinking wine in cups, I learned that she was going to marry his heart at the end of the month, and his heart cracked and was instantly shattered.
Come to this restaurant where she will appear every few days. I want to fight for it again, but I can’t get the courage.
He has his own pride. He doesn’t want to hear her say "don’t want to", "I don’t like you" and "I like him even if he can’t give me the only one now, but I still like him unless he marries". So he knows that Gu Ning is in the restaurant, but he just can’t walk in front of her and can sit in this elegant room and drink one after another.
"Temple, you can’t drink like this anymore. If you really feel uncomfortable and ignore Miss San, you can fight for it yourself in front of her." Xue Xiao advised.
He really wanted to take a few big mouths to say something a few days ago, and then let the temple visit Hou Fu in a few days. It turned out that Xiao Fu suddenly asked for a date, and Hou Fu also promised to set the wedding date at the end of the month.
If it weren’t for his meddling, maybe the temple has won Miss Gu San’s heart, so it wouldn’t be so hard to drink every day.
"Fight for? How can I fight for it? " Putting on the wine lamp, Huangfu Yerui’s eyes burst into a dull pain. "I know that the man can’t give her the only one, but she still promised Xiao Fu an invitation. What do you think I can do to fight for it?" A woman doesn’t care about you, even if you do more things and talk more, it’s futile.
Xue Xiao corners of the mouth moved to say something but didn’t say a word.
See his one eye HuangFuYe Rui end up before the wine lamp and then drink.
Dude Qi’s dishes bowed to Gu Ning and excused himself. Muer looked at the plates of exquisite dishes on the table and smiled at Mimi. "Mother, these dishes look delicious!"
"It will taste bad if you eat it for a while!" Picking up chopsticks, Gu Ning put a piece of chicken in the bowl in front of him and smiled lightly. "This is the signature dish in our restaurant. The meat is tender and delicious. Eat more."
Muer’s face smiled innocently. "Thank you, Mother!" At this moment, Yamen was extrapolated.
"Madam, are you …" See the bearer is a woman with a woman’s bun. Gu Ningwei hesitated for a moment and got up and smiled. "Can’t you find a seat? It’s okay. I’ll call the man over now and let him take you to find it. "
Why don’t you call the girl to wash your hands? Staring at Gu Ning, a handsome young woman dressed in dignified clothes, muttered to herself.
I’m still a pregnant woman, and my mother can rest assured that the Lord will leave Ya alone.
The young woman didn’t seem to hear what she said. Her eyes flashed unknown emotions from her body.
The original was wrong. It wasn’t that he didn’t expect that people here should not appear in front of her.
Mother, who is he to call a female mother and smile like a child?
"Madam, do you know Muer?" Gu Ning naturally found that the young woman’s eyes were locked and Muer couldn’t help but say, "Muer lost his memory and I took him in temporarily when I saw his pity …"
Her words haven’t finished yet. The young woman looked back at Gu Ningdao from Muer’s body and shook her head. "How can I know a foreign man as a curtilage woman?" There was nothing wrong with her feminine spoken English at first glance, but there was something wrong with it.
House woman?
How can you know a foreign man?
Her suspicion alluded to Gu Ning’s shameless hooking up with other men
But her look was soft and clear, and her eyes were stained with a little shyness, which made Gu Ning unable to think about her words.
Mu Er’s chair is sparkling with eyes tilted to Gu Ning "Mother, who is this elder sister? Why does she disturb us to eat delicious food? "
"This man looked at Yushu in the breeze and didn’t expect to be a fool!" Young woman long cilia flashing and gave MuEr a very sorry tunnel 1.
"Muer is not a stupid mother. Muer is not stupid!" Muer got up from the chair and came to Gu Ning’s side in three or two steps, tearing her sleeves and summoning her cheeks to help injustice.