Xu Yiyun didn’t deceive Mammy Lu. She also needed someone to talk to, so she told the story of meeting the world in Puzhu Teahouse that day. Of course, she didn’t say anything to her.

But Rao is so. Mammy Lu’s face still becomes very unexpected and ugly.
"Xinyang HouShi what does he mean? Second lady, you are married, but he pesters me to find out if there is such a shameless person in the world. What does he take him for and what does he take you for? This is outrageous! Second lady, you really know him for nothing! "
Xu Yiyun’s heart is sour and bitter, not without disappointment.
The man who used to be perfect in her heart seems to have changed and become somewhat disgusting.
Nanny is right. Who does he take her for?
He knew he was married, but he-
How can he be such a person?
Although Xu Yiyun has no way to accept Lian Ze, she has never thought of breaking up with Xinyang to wait for the world.
She has married Lian Ze, and she is trying to adapt herself to the life with him. Being a good wife is the past!
On that day, she said that she wanted to meet her. Although there were waves in her heart, she really didn’t think much about whether it was because she had liked it for so many years. Maybe there is nothing to meet as a friend!
But Xu Yiyun never dreamed that the world would say those words to her, let alone that he actually-
Xu Yiyun was stunned at that time as if he had been immersed in ice water and cooled his body and mind.
Hit hard!
As if something collapsed in my heart.
How can my brother be that kind of person? He wasn’t like that before … Is it true that he has been wrong about him …
A self-perfection is so beautiful in one’s heart, and a person suddenly becomes disgusting, and that taste is not so good.
Instead of convergence, Jiashi has intensified. In the name of Xu Yizhen, Xu Yiyun sent people to send various small gifts again and again. Instead of being moved, Xu Yiyun became more disappointed, sad and corrected.
I’m still a little scared
This is immoral!
Whether she intended it or not, it was her fault.
Even ze is not here, but even the big aunt at home is not good at cheating.
But Xu Yiyun couldn’t stop her from letting Mammy Lu keep watch at the concierge. Someone sent something over there, so Mammy Lu asked someone to stop him and let him take it back and don’t send it again.
Who knows that the man is a hob meat smile happily to sing a mew to lu mammy then laughed "our aunt and second lady are sisters at any rate. This is a little gift from my aunt. Can second lady accept it?" Does the second lady look down on her own sisters? I don’t think the second lady is like this kind of person! If the second lady is sorry, she might as well prepare a gift slave to take back to her aunt. She will be happy! "
The words choked Mammy Lu to stare speechless.
Besides, this matter can’t be made a big fuss. Once it is made a big fuss, it will be even worse for the name of the second wife.
Mammy Lu did her best to watch the page leave.
Xu Yiyun, of course, can’t give a return. Mammy Lu is so anxious that she can’t think of any good way to throw all the things she sent in the warehouse before making plans.
Xu Yiyun couldn’t help feeling a little resentful. How could he do this? She never blamed him, even if he abandoned her, but now he is trying to force her to death!
If he’s really so guilty, then he values himself at the beginning and-
After grinding day by day, Lian Ze came back in a blink of an eye. Today, when I heard Lian Ze arrive at Xu Yizhen, Xu Yiyun was so nervous that his heart almost jumped out of his throat!
If Lian Ze finds out, how can she argue except death?
"Second Lady" Lu Mammy is also very anxious. "This matter can’t be dragged on any longer. If Sir Zhong knows this, what can I do? Chapter 119 is going crazy.
Xu Yiyun is utterly confused and doesn’t know what to do.
Will heart a horizontal way "destitution, if someone comes to send something again, you tell the bearer that I want to meet him one day. This day is about after our government has finished the three yes celebration party!" Don’t send anything before this! "
"Second lady!" Sister Lu’s face changed greatly with surprise. "Are you crazy!"
"I’m not crazy," Xu Yiyun looked at Mammy Lu with black and white eyes and smiled. "Mammy, what else can I do now?" This matter can never be made out. I have lost face. I used to have a bad name anyway, but I can’t get involved. Even my family can’t get involved … Sir Zhong, I’ll go see him and make it clear face to face! "
Lu mammy also can’t help but sigh "what a surprise! What a surprise! Hey! "
"Well, the old slave remember the order someone to the old slave said! Is "lu mammy don’t worry" one thousand said not clear? Second lady, don’t blame the old slave for being talkative and talkative. The old slave always thinks that this world is up to no good! "
Xu Yiyun was upset and didn’t want to think much. "I have to make it clear anyway!"
I secretly thought to myself, what if I really can’t say it clearly? What if he really has other thoughts? It’s just a big deal! If he really wants to kill me, I will die in front of him!
This kind of fear and fear is really driving people crazy! All the time is suffering.
Mammy Lu nodded hesitantly without knowing what Xu Yiyun was thinking.
Get Xu Yiyun’s words, Shile opened her arms and gloated.