Breakthrough success!

"It worked!"
Lin Yuan’s mind couldn’t help but feel excited. This breakthrough was too difficult, and he gained momentum for a night. At the end, he almost failed. If he hadn’t withstood the pressure, if he hadn’t exceeded his limit, the possibility of failure would be as high as 90%, but all this was over.
Now he has once again entered a new realm.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-one-sword crazy reed {langya}
It is very difficult to break through in the later period of Zifu. In the later period, if you want to break through, there will be barriers, which also makes you realize that the later you break through, the more difficult it is.
Fighting for more than a month is the ultimate challenge for Lin Yuan, and he is not practicing in the battle at all times.
This is the reason why the forest edge has made rapid progress. It is a kind of practice to condense spiritual strength through fighting skills, but this kind of practice is too dangerous
Although the breakthrough is happy, Lin Yuan is not complacent.
Of course, the most important thing for the forest edge now is understanding.
Entering the late purple mansion, the forest edge road is different from others. Some general fighters in the late purple mansion still need to concise the powerful Taoist beads.
For the present situation of the forest edge, it is obviously not a matter of increasing the number of beads along the forest edge, but a matter of speed.
The most important thing is that Lin Yuan’s understanding at this time has already broken through the limitation of the later period of Zi Fu and reached the realm of Tao Soul before he can understand Tao Yun.
In this world, all fighters are the same. In the later period of Zi Fu’s reign, it is necessary to understand Tao, that is to say, moral rhythm.
Sword has sword rhyme, knife has knife rhyme, halberd has halberd rhyme, and every practitioner will understand his own rhythm, which is inevitable.
Slowly spit out a foul breath, close your eyes again, and enter the state of harmony between man and nature. While automatically operating the spiritual force to stabilize and repair, you can understand various rhythms. Now is the best time to understand the sword rhyme. I don’t know when to miss this time.
At this time, Lin Yuan broke through the mental state and quickly entered the state of harmony between man and nature. Comprehension crossed in his heart.
"The original kendo can also be deduced like this!"
In the state of harmony between man and nature, the understanding and deduction ability of the forest edge reach the extreme, and naturally a virtual figure is born in my mind. The sword in the hand of the figure crosses several swords, and the sword seems to be an ethereal god.
All kinds of swordsmanship moves across the heart of Lin Yuan, which is more refined. Various forms of swordsmanship contain extremely high sword rhyme, and Lin Yuan observes the sword rhyme clearly.
At this time, the fencing of Linyuan is increasing, and the understanding of Kendo seems to be more and more clear. To see the understanding of Linyuan is only to break through the destruction of Sword 4 and understand Kendo.
This time, the forest edge entered the peak of harmony between man and nature, and its own understanding of nature was also at the peak. In addition, the understanding of harmony between man and nature simply soared
Originally, Lin Yuan was new to the understanding of sword rhyme, but now he has climbed to an incredible level. In his mind, he is very focused on catching rape and deducing sword five.
I don’t know how many moves this set of swordsmanship seems to have evolved slowly according to my own situation, and each move is extremely powerful.
The first three searches are like an introductory sword move, which makes you understand the rhyme of kendo step by step, and then the moves will have the rhyme of sword. Only when you are exhausted with the rhyme of sword can you make it.
A figure in my mind, he refers to a sword in the middle, which seems to be a reunion. At this time, an incredible momentum seems to be born in my mind.
I don’t say a word, I don’t say a word, but I do my best.
A thousand birds standing on the wall can’t move their roots even if the river runs or an avalanche collapses. At this time, the mind at the edge of the forest is like being on the edge of a cliff and having a feeling of being buried in the sky
The soul and mind of the forest edge are shaking. At this time, the name seems to be getting closer and closer, and the nerves seem to be tightened.
Cliff glacier melting
The edge of the forest is like seeing the rising sun on the ice wall in the glacier. A sword in your hand is like a wall, and everything can be broken!
At this time, Lin Yuan’s mind seems to be dirty into the abyss, and his soul is uncontrolled and trembling so that he wants to be buried.
Eyes didn’t open. Lin Yuan’s mind control consciousness stretched out a finger and went out at intervals to see a purple-gold firm but gentle ring that instantly split the barrier and roared directly toward the front.
The sword at the edge of the forest refers to a strange scene, and the firm but gentle wave emitted by the edge of the forest has changed. It is no longer a ripple beam but a crescent sword.
Boom one!
The walls of the restaurant were smashed with swords.
Firm but gentle continue to fly speed seems to be fast to the extreme, the firm but gentle presents a radian toward the restaurant opposite shot away.
Suddenly, when the shock wave at the edge of the forest is about to touch the front wall again, another shock wave in front of it collides with the instantaneous ring.
"Ge has been watching me for a long time and sneaking around!" Then firm but gentle disappear moment Lin Yuan figure appeared huffed.
"Not the kui is a potential list of ten in a dark horse can actually find me in", a young man in yellow shirt appears again and a violent moment actually appears.
"The sword is crazy!" In a flash, someone exclaimed that such a person appeared and marveled.
"The tenth sword honour list on the potential list is the ninth!" Whispering in the mouth of Lin Yuan seems to be thinking.
"Yes, I am Langya. I heard that your swordsmanship is good, so I’ll come here for a while. It’s really good at first sight and I’m qualified to be a stepping stone!"
Langya’s body is even more overbearing, and his clothes are blown by the wind, and the whole person seems to feel high.
"In this way, the speaker was finally stepped on by me, and one of them may be you." Lin Yuan saw that the cultivation of Langya was the peak of the late purple mansion, and it should be the same as the potential list. The whole ancient battlefield had the top five and half steps.
"You have a big tone, too. Don’t beat those wastes, you will have the resources to beat me. Genius is not obtained like this." Langya seems to deliberately run on the edge of the forest.
"I’m reed {langya} from birth! “
Reed {langya} suddenly stepped in the previous step, covered in clothes, and the wind automatically swelled up two robe sleeves.
"Grind kendo all the way through hundreds of battles and never lose. Demons and beasts belong to my flying ash …"
When his eyes double, the momentum is even stronger.