Everyone here also instantly understood Tian Tang’s meaning.

Buying a house in the name of Tian Tang is equivalent to the fact that the house in Beijing belongs to Shenshen Town. Once it is bought, it will automatically cover the security zone. Once something really happens to the Wei family, it is far more convenient to directly transfer the Wei family to the next room than to Shenshen Town.
The security area can ensure the safety of the Wei family even if there is an outside attack.
"Let me go." Pei Fengping suddenly said, "Shi Xiong is now a traitor in the DPRK. Once he appears in the capital, he will surely attract attention and may cause trouble instead."
"But Pei Lao’s presence may also attract attention. I’m afraid it’s not easy to get away then." Shi Xiong worried that Pei Feng was safe and hurriedly said.
Take the game of life to ancient verse 11.
Pei Fengping shook his head. "When I left Beijing, So Chol came to meet me personally. When I left, it did not attract the attention of people in Beijing. It is far better for me to go to Beijing than for Shi Xiong."
"Words are so said, but Pei Lao will still have great risks when he goes back." Tian Tang is also a little uneasy, mainly because Pei Fengping is old. If he encounters an accident, I’m afraid it’s not easy to get away, even if he can get away in a hurry, there is a great possibility of being injured.
"I’d better go," Li Erzhu volunteered. "It’s better for you to go than for me. It’s more than enough for me to take the kingyard and a few brothers to sneak into the capital. It’s also very simple to do something in the capital."
"Inappropriate" said Pei Fengping, looking at all the people in the conference room. "Don’t underestimate the fact that everyone in that place in Beijing is fine. Suddenly, a gangster looks like a person who wants to buy a house. Within an hour, someone will come to check me. Although I have already resigned in Beijing, it is quite famous. Ordinary people dare not provoke what they want. It is perfect for me to go."
Shi Xiong nodded this time. "Pei Lao said that the situation in Beijing is complicated. Pei Lao’s coming to Shenzhen has not been leaked. It is indeed more appropriate for Pei Lao to go to Beijing, but …"
What exactly is his unfinished words? It is clear to everyone present.
Speaking of Pei Lao, he is really old. At this time, the capital is in danger. Once he goes there, they are all very sorry.
"In this case, why don’t I go with you?" Tian Tang suddenly came out.
As soon as she said this, four or five people said "Never!"
Shi Xiong is also one of the most opposed people. After refusing, he once again said, "God has made adults never go to Beijing."
"Yes, the capital is too dangerous. No one knows what will happen if you go there. Does God make adults feel at ease when they go to the capital?" Zhao Tu also gave an opinion that Shi Xiong was consistent.
The other faces also showed expressions of disapproval.
Even Pei Fengping frowned. "If you have an accident, it will have an impact on the whole town of gods."
Tian Tang was about to explain why he went to Beijing when he suddenly jumped out to show it.
[Congratulations to the player, it is difficult to draw a map of the capital of 11 cities in one month when triggering special [Beijing inspection]. Do you accept it? 】
After jumping out, Tian Tang stared at the request and looked at it carefully for a while. Soon, he withdrew his sight and silently replied [Yes] in his heart, then looked at all the people in the conference room.
"I didn’t go to Beijing this time because I wanted to see the situation in Beijing." Tian Tang smiled. "Now Linchun House has completely returned to the town of the gods. We will pay attention to the saying that’ knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves can win every battle’. I can better confirm the current situation by going there myself. Now everyone in Beijing is in danger, and others are fishing in troubled waters. It will be difficult for us to hide it until the news of the town of the gods is completely opened."
Tian Tang said that when he saw all the people’s faces, he was still confident with an expression of disapproval. "Even worse, even if I leave Shenshen Town, no one can hurt me."
After two things, everyone’s face hesitated a little less.
"That’s settled. Pack up and go to Beijing immediately," Tian Tang said directly. "Pei Lao will go to Li Erzhu with Lu Ying, so you can always rest assured?"
Nowadays, the strongest loyalty among people is Li Erzhu and Lu Yingyuan. Lu Ying is going to patrol the town with guards. At this moment, Tian Tang directly opens his mouth to bring both of them here, and everyone is finally relieved.
Shi Xiong eyes rested on Li Erzhu and Lu Yingshen who were named by Tian Tang and nodded. "So it is better for them to follow even if they are in danger."
Zhao Tu also nodded, "This can really guarantee security to a certain extent."
"Don’t worry, Pei Lao is so clever, and it’s not a big problem for Li Erzhu and Lu Ying to follow this trip to Beijing." Tian Tang said that it was settled directly.
She did plan to visit the capital before, because her identity is too similar to the town of gods, and she has no military value. I don’t want to say whether she dares or not. From the perspective of responsibility, her identity is really not suitable for going to the capital, which is too dangerous
This time, there happened to be such an opportunity, and she was quite sure that she would go and have a look safely.
She now has protection chips. One is three sets of equipment bound to her panel. Although these three sets of equipment can be worn every time, they can increase their defense, strength or agility by 5 points every time. It is not difficult to change equipment to break through in case of emergency.
Another one is that she has just been upgraded and given a free-choice safety zone.
At present, she hasn’t met with any obstacles when she makes her choice of safe areas. She doesn’t have these safe areas for the time being. If something really happens in Beijing, it’s not difficult for her to find a place where no one is to set up safe areas to cover herself.
I just don’t know if this safe area can be directly in the palace. If so, wouldn’t she be able to directly lead people into the palace courtyard?
[Shian District (optional) cannot directly cover all private areas]
Tian Tang … Why is the reaction so sensitive at this time?
Tian Tang looked at the word "privately owned" in Shili and felt sorry for it. This statement is that she can’t directly put an area in someone’s place, such as the palace, for example, where people live in the capital and don’t belong to her house.
But think about it, too. If there is no such restriction, she will directly put the 5 square kilometers of self-selected security department in her hand in the capital, and the whole capital will be covered. Then the whole capital will belong to her territory, which will be interesting.
It’s a pity that the unification directly limited her heart to stir up malpractices.
What is the condition of covering an unacknowledged condition?
Tian Tang remembers that at the earliest time, there seemed to be an extra area in the security zone, which seemed to be a bumper harvest town …?
She carefully recalled and looked through the records a long time ago, and finally found the situation of developing Fengshou Town in her memory. At that time, Fengshou Town was shown as an [exploitable] area, but there was a prerequisite that the people in Fengshou Town recognized her by 8%
That is to say, if she wants to directly cover the security zone in Beijing, she must be recognized by the people of the whole capital at 8%, which is not easy to achieve even if the royal family is excluded.
It is still impossible to slowly expand from the current Shenshen Town and directly take the capital in a short time.
After putting this idea, Tian Tang watched it again this time.
Whether the difficulty is medium or a month means that the difficulty will not be too great, and Pei Fengping still used to want to get a map of Beijing by the official department, which is also very simple. Then she will follow the map and finish it.
Generally speaking, this time is equivalent to a leisure, so that she can get some extra rewards while going to Beijing to do business.
When packing things, Tian Tang cleared up some drawings in his small panel warehouse, and put some self-defense weapons and some medicines in it in case of emergency.
The rest of the east and west are safely placed in the pavilion. Anyway, most people don’t come to the pavilion.
Early the next morning, Tian Tang, Pei Fengping, Li Erzhu and Lu Ying added Lin Chengfu and Ying Lian, a group of six people, to the capital by carriage.
Chapter two hundred and fifty Single-handedly pull out
"The capital has arrived"