Lin Yuan instantly appeared in front of him.

Too fast speed
Like a ghost
The sword pierces the tip of the sword to form a little bit like a cold star in the dark night.
Hasty money won’t even come out. I have already prepared a long sword and a real yuan.
He can cross his arms to the eyebrows with a toe point, and his body suddenly explodes like floating catkins, desperately retreating back to avoid this rock-breaking blow.
However, it is already late.
Ding ding ding!
Fine like a rainstorm hitting a banana, the metal impact suddenly sounded in silence with a series of sparks.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six-desperate money yuan
It’s Lin Yuan Haoran’s sword, which was clicked several times in a row in a flash, and the sword was crossed by Qian Yuan.
Qian Yuan’s sword is a sharp sword, but Lin Yuan’s Haoran Sword, the accessory of Song Changqing, the owner of Zeng Nan Hospital, is naturally not comparable to ordinary swords.
But he soon regretted this move.
Because his arms hit the edge of the forest very quickly, his arms were pointed by the tip of the sword, but it was like being severely hit by a siege sledgehammer. The pain in his arm bones seemed to be broken piece by piece.
At the same time, a layer of deep blue as tarsal maggots, Se Zhen Yuan, was filled with Qian Yuan from every time the tip of the sword hit. The surface of the sword seemed to be coated with a layer of blue water, which made his arms and hands stiff.
At this time, the forest edge has been fighting for a long time and has developed a method to help itself to wrap around each other to form a binding force.
And he had taken the initiative to retreat. At this time, he has lost his flying posture, natural and unrestrained.
Get your feet off the ground!
Lean back!
It looks more like a person who is constantly beating sandbags.
And what makes his soul fly beyond the sky is the dark blue Se sword. The strength turns out to be that the sword is faster than the sword, and the sword is overbearing than the sword. In a blink of an eye, it has already stabbed 56 swords, and his real sword is almost pierced.
"What the fuck are you doing? Do this inexplicable little chop suey side by side! " Qian Yuan’s soul flies to the sky, while rushing back, Shirley Se drinks heavily.
It was not until this time that the other brothers of the money family reacted.
They made a move.
In an instant, the scream broke, and all kinds of strange weapons enveloped the forest edge.
"Be careful at the edge of the forest!" Mo Yan ran couldn’t help waking up.
"mean!" Next to the woman, a heart also rose at this moment.
However, two young girls in Yuan Zong almost jumped out of their throats and their hearts fell back into their stomachs in an instant.
Because Lin Yuan decisively gave up the pursuit of Qian Yuan.
The posture of’ walking on the cloud’ broke out. The figure of the blue Se clothes carrier in the forest edge split out in the same place. A dozen virtual shadows appeared more vague and ethereal on the edge of this vast forest, generally avoiding the rainstorm and throwing weapons into the brothers of Qian Family.
Like a tiger crossing a flock!
Then a massacre kicked off.
The sword light flashed a stream of blood and rose to the sky.
Accompanied by flying, a head of Qian Jiadi opened its eyes in horror.
Hot blood was sprayed from the body with lost head. Next to it, several Qian brothers were poured with blood. Se blurred their vision. Unprecedented fear gripped their throats like the hand of death. They could hardly open their mouths and exclaim …
But at the same time, the throat was as cold as a death kiss, and they lost their ability to speak forever.
Where have they seen such a bloody scene? Two women in Qing Yuan Zong retched there, and the whole body was very pale with Se.
Since Lin Yuan decided to kill a few people, he naturally wouldn’t leave his hand, so fighters and figures xing Green Yuan knew that it would be a trouble if he didn’t get rid of it at this time.
In others’ eyes, it was a sword from the forest edge with an erratic dark blue Se shock wave, which skipped the two people’s throats and left a shallow white seal, thus ending their lives and condensing the last ugly and fearful expression on their faces.
"No …" A Qian Jiadi exclaimed.
But before he finished, the sword bearer should not ignore the sword light and skip his throat.
"Come on, everybody!" Another Qian Jiadi disease shouted
Then the light of the sword flashed, and the noble sword on the edge of the forest did not stay at all, and his life ended
"Don’t forgive me! I was wrong!"
"You can’t kill us. We are from Tianluo County, the younger brother of Qian Family. You will kill our money family and won’t let you go! Tianluo County will not let you go! "
"Demon, you demon who slaughtered human beings!"
Hard-to-shape terror, death pressure and lotus flower make all the resistance courage of these money brothers disappear instantly at this moment. They are no longer arrogant and ugly. Some people kneel down and beg for it, and others are unwilling to send out a curse of hatred!
In a short moment, the forest edge is erratic in the crowd. Without a sword, it means the end of a life. What is left of my brother?