Seeing this, the highest elder of the demon clan smiled even more brightly. He said at that time, "Don’t worry, there are so many of us, and all Taoist friends are lined up so as to ensure faster passage, right?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.

The highest elder of the demon clan is a master in the middle period of the foundation, and he is the first person to be ashamed here. Although he is a demon clan, his strength has no racial boundaries. No one dares to speak out and refute. Everyone queues up according to his statement, but the competition for position is inevitable. Everyone has tried his best to get ahead faster.
Soon, three or four people were discharged from the front of twenty-four demon elders. These demon elders were all masters of the foundation, and they were all swept away during the intensive inspection. It was very quick for a moment. Because the shop was destroyed, the monks living on the street were all inspected, and they all went up the black ladder and went outside the protective cover.
Seeing so many people out of the market safely naturally stimulated more people. At once, a large number of people came out of various shops and lined up in front of 24 demon elders, so the number of people waiting in line for a moment exceeded two thousand.
However, Wei Ji-hsien found a situation, that is, all the new people queuing up came out from distant shops, and most of them were small monks on the seventh floor of the gas refining period, but not many of the real elite monks in the nearby shops came out. Obviously, they were still watching.
Seeing this, Wei Ji couldn’t help but smile. "Wait and see, wait and see, and see if you can have a good result in the end!"
Wei bogey thought moved a little, and then he focused his attention again on the surface through the dark smoke. Wei bogey looked at the mountain of objects in the land, but he was not a little excited. He saw that at this time, because there were too many monks under inspection, it was not crowded when they shuttled through the protective door. In the meantime, through Xunshi and Mrs. tian hu, they let the door be enlarged appropriately, and many people were parallel.
Naturally, the corresponding precautions will also increase the width of the black ladder.
This happened suddenly when the feet changed, which frightened the monks of the black ladder one by one. Some people cried loudly. When they found that this was just the expansion of the foot ladder, they were relieved, but at the same time, they regretted that they had just lost their manners. They glanced around to see if anyone familiar with them saw it.
No, nature is reassuring. Once again, I put on a picture as cool as a cucumber, walking slowly towards the outside of the protective cover, and both sides can smile awkwardly and then exchange an idea with each other in a concealed way, which is nothing more than mutual secrecy.
More than an hour has passed quietly, and about ten thousand monks have successfully walked out of the protective cover and left the Sanyi market, and the inspection of twenty-four demon elders has continued in an orderly way.
The demon clan’s highest elder is next to the man on the left, but the demon clan’s current patriarch, He Xiu, is just a little inferior to the highest elder.
At this moment, a middle-aged monk with a thin figure and a clear face and a wide robe came to the demon clan heads for inspection.
Demon clan chiefs have checked hundreds of people’s mind ripples, which have long formed a habit. Then a mind ripple swept out and found that the middle-aged monk had no bag and other utensils. His dusting was just an ordinary ornament, so he waved his hand slightly to show his past.
When the middle-aged monk saw this, he took a few steps to let the people behind him come. However, at this moment, the demon clan patriarch inadvertently glanced and found that the middle-aged monk’s steps were quite vain, and his face suddenly showed a smile. When the demon clan patriarch suddenly shouted, "You live!"
The demon clan patriarch was born as a dragon dumpling. Although it is not a real dragon, it also has Rowen’s drink, which is really like Lei Zhen’s majestic horse.
Everyone’s eyes are attracted here. The middle-aged monk is preparing to jump into the dark staircase and feel the pressure as hot as the sun. Where do you dare to jump up and turn your head to the demon clan heads?
At this time, his original sage like type general bearing disappeared and piled up a smile. "What’s wrong with this elder? Didn’t I already check it? My dust is really a decoration, not a treasure! " And he shook his hand to dust.
"Hum! This is what you said, of course, I know. "It’s really shocking that the huge dragon head of the demon clan is cold." I want to say that it’s not this. I want to say that your footsteps are vain and pale, showing two losses: qi and blood and spirit.
Since you’re not dead, you shouldn’t have fought before. How did that happen? One explanation is that you took advantage of this childhood to find some good treasures in the store and refined them into life tools.
Am I right? "
When this statement came out, the middle-aged monk’s face turned pale and plopped down to the ground. His expression seemed to be in a hurry, and he pleaded, "I was blinded by lard for a while, so please leave me alone!" I’ll take things out now. I don’t want them. I don’t want them myself. "
When talking, the middle-aged monk showed three instruments, a white flying sword, a copper chisel and an iron drill. It was obvious that the copper chisel and the iron drill were much higher than that of the flying sword, which was a treasure.
"Lei Guang chisel! Light drill! Isn’t this Zhaibao in the middle town of Yibao Zhaizhong? " Soon someone in the crowd told the origin of two instruments.
See so demon clan patriarch right hand out ling a photo will be three multiplier from the hand of the middle-aged monk to take over, and then he will own the earth than mind will be forced to wipe out the middle-aged monk mark.
At this time, Wei Ji sounded, "Just spare his life!"
When the demon clan chief heard Wei’s taboo, he immediately stopped and threw all three instruments into the maze of Liujia. Then he said coldly, "Don’t go!"
"Ah yes! Yes! " The middle-aged monk didn’t expect to save his life. At that time, he was overjoyed and thanked him again and again. Then he forced himself to be weak and jumped off the black ladder and left quickly.
At this time, Wei Ji’s voice rang again. "Everyone in the same class has seen that our eyes are bright. I hope that future generations will stop playing with these tricks and quickly admit that I can let bygones be bygones. If I refuse to admit that I was found by our people, one of them will die!"
As soon as this statement came out, there were nearly a hundred personal mana breath fluctuations, and one or two more instruments were obviously as thoughtful as the middle-aged monk, and many of them wanted to get away with it with luck.
Seeing this scene, Wei Ji knows that there must be more people who have this idea. There are more people who can hide enough camouflage. The seams are still hidden. Even if they take out the instrument, it is hard to say that some people still hide precious instruments. They are trying to hide that they really want to keep it by one or two unimportant "treasures".
"Hum, come on! Since we have to play tricks, let’s see who is taller? " Who avoid a cold hum when will own that huge mind pour and came to the 24 demon clan elders side secretly peep.
Chapter DiYiQiEr Three preconditions and three endings
Chapter DiYiQiEr Three preconditions and three endings
The inspection continued, but the original atmosphere was fairly relaxed, but it was suppressed by the threatening words of Weiji, and it was silent and stagnant.
The twenty-four demon elders have the most intuitive feeling of this kind of atmosphere change. This is a form of shock and awe, which exposes many people with ulterior motives, so each of them is more hardened and their eyes are more and more cold.
A middle-aged belle came to the front of the Seven Elders of the Demon Family, smiling and holding two treasures in her right hand, a jade laurel and an guqin. This was the first monk who took the treasures of the fair and stole them for inspection, so people behind her paid great attention to them.
The Seven Elders of the Demon clan swept away their eyes from the two instruments and found that the specific levels of these two instruments have yet to be learned, but there is no doubt that they have reached the level of jewels, and there is still a unique magical breath of this middle-aged belle, but it is just a sacrifice.
"This Taoist friend should be fine!" The middle-aged belle is also a master of preconditions, so she doesn’t call her predecessors as those monks who refine gas, and her posture is much calmer.
"It seems no problem!" Demon clan seven elders don’t move by the belle than glory eyes still lengli its mind ripple oscillation and after scanning the mouth, "but still need to try again! This Taoist friend asks himself to collect his soul and painstaking efforts from these two instruments and will go! "
Middle-aged belle smells so tight in her heart at that time, but she is also very human at that time, so the surface is not obvious at all. In accordance with the requirements of the Seven Elders, she recalled her soul and effort at the moment, and the two instruments flashed their light and then stopped again.
The middle-aged belle recovered her fascination and painstaking efforts and said, "My bag has been handed over, and I haven’t asked this Taoist friend to send me two jade bottles."
"This is naturally no problem!" A smile suddenly appeared on the face of the Seven Elders, which was much milder on the surface. However, people who saw this smile felt as if there was a sinister wind blowing straight over and infiltrating into their hearts.
"But this Taoist friend, I estimate that nine times out of ten you can’t get this jade bottle!"
“?” Middle-aged belle asked, pretending to be calm
"Because I think the degree of your qi, blood and mental loss is far from simple sacrifice and practice. These two instruments can be consumed. I think you still have hidden other instruments that you haven’t taken out!" Seven elders light way
"Friends, you are not too arbitrary. Do you want to practice the multiplier practice? It’s strange that the level is high or low, and the loss is more or less different! " Middle-aged belle is very white. If she can’t pass, I’m afraid her life will really be lost here.
"That’s true, but it’s hard to say who is deadlocked when you and I go, but it’s delayed everyone." The Seven Elders smiled unhurriedly. "So I have a secret method to shake out the life instrument in the abdomen of others. If you cooperate, it won’t hurt your health. Dare you let me try?"
"How can this be? Who knows if your method will peep into our secret method?" The middle-aged belle flatly refused, "If you have the heart, wouldn’t you know all the secrets of our school?" The middle-aged belle’s eyes swept the rest of the people holding the instrument.
Practice is the most important thing for monks, which is why every monk waved so carefully when he received his brother. The belle immediately gave them an excellent excuse when she said this, and everyone was clamoring at that time, especially those who had ghosts in their hearts.
Friars are also people’s psychology of blind obedience, bombing things and watching the scene of bustle. When these friars with instruments clamor, they also immediately yell. Although they have lost their benefits, they have long been depressed in the hearts of Weiji warships. At this time, it is also a happy thing for them to take advantage of the situation to vent.
At this time, this kind of inspection and action has been going on for quite a long time, but there are still 20,000 or 30,000 monks who have not come out in various shops! They don’t believe that Wei Ji dares to cut off so many of them together at the risk of destroying promises and intensifying contradictions.
Although Wei Ji broke the cloud shuttle in Kowloon, his spirit had already been monitored in the party before the scene happened. He naturally saw all the people react like this, and he couldn’t help but secretly scold them for not knowing life or death. But it is naturally impossible to kill them now. After all, there are so many people behind.
After thinking for a moment, Wei Ji shouted coldly, "Shut up!"
This guard bogey can be said to have exerted the strength of his department and brought up a special sound killing method, so the tide rolled like stormy waves and swept all over the earth. At once, the drum noise was suppressed by one guard bogey, and the field was suddenly quiet.
See so who avoid then continued, "if you still want to get out alive, just do what I tell you there honestly. If you think it’s inappropriate, go out and walk back to the store to see if I will be cruel enough to destroy you together! Be really shameless! "
Who avoid this words really can be described as a thunderbolt in the sunny day, which shocked those people. People who want to become angry from embarrassment look around but dare not make a move. After all, who avoid killing people in the street is very convenient. Who knows if they will be attacked when they step out!
Things started with a middle-aged belle, and others were afraid to talk for a while, but she couldn’t, because everyone else had room for buffering, and her crisis was imminent. The middle-aged belle looked at the cold weather and replied, "You have gained enough from this whole market and our tens of thousands of monks’ collections, so it’s not too greedy to try to invade our division!"
"Hum-joke!" Who avoid smell speech a cold hum a way "see you live for 50 or 60 years just a little repair and can have a powerful secret method is worth me to spy on you is crying and shouting to me I don’t have to! But since you said so, I can’t ignore it.
Now I ask you again, did you take more treasures from the market? Remember, I can still let bygones be bygones if I don’t find out the consequences, as you know! "
"no!" This middle-aged belle stared at thousands of pairs of eyes and admitted it with her heart, but somehow she couldn’t bite the bullet and said, "If you want to check, you must be able to convince me that my secret method will not be leaked!"
"I can’t give you what you want!" Wei Ji replied without hesitation after another cold hum, "But I can make it up to you. I will give you a set of higher-order secret methods than yours if you have no problem in exploring the secret methods of the Seven Elders. At the same time, you can take these two middle-order treasures with you!"
"no! I don’t care about your secret method. My secret method is absolutely forbidden for outsiders to spy! " Middle-aged belle smell so immediately replied.
At this time, no matter how stupid the friar is, there must be something wrong with this beautiful female preconditions master.
"oh? Then you are toasting the hard way! " Who avoid light way "I am not polite to you this kind of person, you Taoist friends have also seen me, and I don’t say much, I think everyone can forgive me."
Say that finish guard avoid mind move in an instant five thick extremely black rainbow shot out from one side of the Liujia maze, pointing to the middle-aged belle faster than incomparable, and she has reached her eyes in the blink of an eye.
Middle-aged belle has prepared a lot of strain words in advance, but I didn’t expect Weiji to refuse this root and no longer give her a chance to make direct moves.
Now, if she wants to live, there are two ways to rush to a nearby Marlboro. This is what she promised in advance. At this time, the owner can let him in. Marlboro is second only to Ruyi Building in the market, and there are countless treasures in it. It may not be cruel to destroy it. The other is to grab the black ladder and fly out through the door.
The second is the temporary law, that is, there must be something to live after death at that time, but the victory is greater; And the second one is less sure, but it’s a once-and-for-all method. If you want to get out of the protective cover, the sky is high, the birds are flying and the sea is wide, and you can jump by diving!
Middle-aged belle chose the second road directly without any hesitation. A green light shone and her body became blurred, as if she had melted into a strong wind, and let the black rope pass along the black ladder and rushed towards the protective cover door.