This is a rare night’s sleep in the past few days. Both of them slept until the third pole of the day before slowly waking up.

"Are you awake and hungry?"
Jun Yang kissed her lips and asked.
He always wakes up earlier than Shen Qiqi, and it is rare to stay in bed with her, so he has been sleeping with her.
"Good morning, Master." Shen Qiqi kissed him back with his eyes open.
"Morning" Jun Yang picked her up and sat down, and then brought the water to wash her face. Carefully wring the towel and help her wash her face.
"Master, what time is it now?"
Shen Qiqi lifted up her head and asked him to help her wash her face lazily
"It’s almost noon."
Junyang helped her wash her face and took the clothes to help her dress carefully.
"Everything is noon!" Shen Qiqi got out of bed in a hurry. "I have to study medicine with Sa."
"Well, it’s not too late to go after lunch."
Jun Yang smilingly pushed her back to bed, tidied up her messy clothes and helped her put on her shoes and socks before leading her to the table.
The table has already been set with hot rice porridge and several delicious side dishes, which make people look like their forefinger is moving.
"did you do this?"
Shen Qiqi holding chopsticks asked with a face of surprise
"No, Sa just sent it."
Jun Yang helped her clip a chopstick and said with a smile.
"Xiuer just came over. Did she say anything?"
Shen Qiqi bit his chopsticks and asked with some guilty conscience.
"Don’t worry, I told her that you haven’t had a good rest for a long time. When it was late, she went to the pharmacy first. Just go there when you are full."
I knew what she was worried about, but I told her before she asked Junyang.
"Well, thank you, Master."
Shen Qiqi put chopsticks around Jun Yang’s side and hugged him and kissed him.
"All right, silly girl, go eat."
Jun Yang patted her face with a smile and said
"Master, what are you going to do today?"
Shen Qiqi returned to his seat and asked while eating.
"Hanu is going to help us build a house today. I’ll help you in the past for a while. Just come and find me when you’re finished. Then we’ll have lunch together. Chapter 4, Different life [3]
Shen 7732 grilled the rice porridge in the bowl. Jun Yang saw that she was full and put a bowl with her to personally send her to the pharmacy before turning back to clean up the table and chopsticks.
Sa has already been waiting in the pharmacy for Shen Qiqiyi to see her come in and meet her. She winked at her. "Sister Qiqi, you are finally willing to give up. Does your eldest brother make you tired?"
"Well, you’re not ashamed to say such things as an unmarried girl."
Shen Qiqi finger tap a sa forehead.
Sa covered her forehead and felt embarrassed to stick out her tongue, only in hindsight did she feel wrong.
"Well, can you tell me what I need to do now?"
When Shen Qiqi didn’t want to surf any more, he had been surfing all afternoon.
"Well, Grandpa said to introduce you to herbs first and then come step by step."
Sa took her to the herb rack and taught her to recognize it carefully.