"Okay, I’ll get it." Feng promised without saying anything.

"Would you? And is there any fish at home now? " Yuanyuan asked
"I’ll find a way. I’ll bring milk and bread first. You can have some. I’ll call you." The wind bed brought her some food and really went out.
I don’t know how he really got yellow croaker and black beans. Call Dongdong and ask how to cook that dish.
The words are that Cheng Dongyang is very unhappy to meet him. "It’s late and everyone sleeps for a day."
"Yuanyuan is going to eat now, so I’ll ask for a winter." The wind actually softened its tone and pleaded that Yuanyuan VS Wind 8.
"Count me in. I’ll find you a kitchen." Where is Cheng Dongyang willing to wake up his wife as a chef?
Cheng Dongyang found a seven-star hotel chef to cook a black bean braised yellow croaker and sent it here. When the wind tossed for a night, she fell asleep when she sent the fish to Yuanyuan’s bedside.
Our poor senior colonel can keep the fish soup in a hot insulation box until his wife wakes up the next day.
When Yuanyuan woke up the next day, she knew that she was very sorry about it, so she really ate the big bowl of fish soup and even the bones.
Ziziphus jujuba, I think it’s over. Who knows that the night breeze came back with a big bag of things?
"What did you buy?" Yuanyuan found that it was all kinds of Ziziphus jujuba.
"Didn’t you say you wanted to eat this last night? I went to the supermarket for a long time and found this kind of processed Ziziphus jujuba slices and Ziziphus jujuba lambs. I inquired about Ziziphus jujuba in the south, and I asked someone to bring some to you these days, so you can eat fresh, "said the wind."
Yuanyuan, who moved him, really assured her that she was doing it.
"You try this kind first. Is it delicious?" Feng opened a bag for her and put a small piece on her lips.
Yuanyuan tasted a little sour and sweet, but she kissed her face heavily. "That’s very kind of you, husband."
Feng likes to spoil her. She seems to really like eating. He also took a piece and tried it. He frowned and watched her eat with relish. He was surprised that the pregnant woman’s appetite was really different from that of normal people.
Later, a comrade-in-arms Feng asked his comrades in the south to really bring Zizyphus jujuba instead of pickling that kind of glass jar, which was full of pickled Zizyphus jujuba, and took out a moist one.
Feng watched her eat happily, and then quietly tried a tooth that almost soured him.
When Yuanyuan was still eating one by one, he quickly stopped "Yuaner will eat your teeth again."
"Why? I think it’s delicious! " Yuanyuan threw another one into her mouth. "Try it if you don’t believe me."
"Just let her eat!" Mrs. Hua is very optimistic about "the so-called sour and spicy girl, just wait for your wife to give you a big fat baby four months later!"
Aside the flowers, the old general also smiled cheerfully.
At this time, Yuanyuan’s weight rose to one hundred and eleven, and her face was round and white, and she had a lot of meat, especially her belly. When she ate it, her mouth was moist and moist, and when she ate Zizyphus jujuba, she didn’t forget to lick her lip with small tongue.
He didn’t want to eat Ziziphus jujuba, but wanted to hold her lip in one bite.
When he came back, he hurt his leg and she was pregnant for the first time. No one thought about it.
But then his leg recovered, and now she is stable. If she doesn’t think about him, she will not be a normal man.
Sometimes there will be intimacy in the evening, and most of them just kiss their mouths and dare not do anything else. But now, looking at his wife so tempting, he finds that he really wants to.
When he went to sleep, he went back to his room. Now Yuanyuan had taken a bath and wiped her hair.
She wore a light apricot nightgown with low neckline and small white legs exposed to see him come in. She intended to move her leg bed with round toes, which was very cute.
"Does this pajamas look good? It’s a gift from my aunt, which is especially suitable for pregnant women to wear until the time of giving birth. "Yuanyuan consciousness smiles at him like a flower."
When the wind comes, the boss will hold back the fire. When her eyes are hooked, he can’t help but get hoarse and "good-looking"
"I think it looks good, too. I like it." Yuanyuan’s hair has been brushed almost, and she does maternity exercises in the bedpan.
"Take a shower. I won’t allow you to have a bed if you don’t clean it." Yuanyuan said as she moved.
Wind’s eyes are hard to move from her. Yuanyuan has taken his clothes for him and he has gone into the bathroom to take a shower.
Yuanyuan knows the wind so well that she can’t know what he thinks when she looks at every reaction. Just now, she just deliberately hooked him up, and of course she knows that he endured and worked hard during this period, and she also wants to make up for him.
When the wind comes out of the shower, Yuanyuan is nursing her belly. She has had experience and needs to maintain it now, otherwise it will be ugly to leave stretch marks.
When the senior colonel came out, he saw his wife showing her round belly and smearing it clockwise and counterclockwise.
"Come and paint me with olive oil," Yuanyuan said and gave him the bottle. "My aunt got it from abroad to relieve stretch marks."
The wind is out of control from her belly to the bottom of her pregnant woman wearing camouflage pants. It should be said that there is no attraction, but the wind looks so cold that it just burns the fire.
He swallowed saliva and saw a few black hairs popping up at the edge of her panties. When a bomb exploded in his brain, he squeezed his oily palm and gave her a gentle massage.
Once, a thin cocoon slipped over his fingertips so gently that it brought out shivers. She snorted, "I want noodles, too."
Damn it! The wind suspected that her root was deliberately dividing and torturing him, but his hand was still obedient. It seemed that he had his own consciousness and went all the way to the soft place. A trickle came out and his hand couldn’t help but lean in.
"I asked you to go, but I didn’t ask you to go." Yuanyuan was not comfortable, but she opened her eyes and gave him a look.