"Thank you for believing me." Xu Sirui smiled, and the fox eyes curved and there was a look in the dreamland.

Fang Yin found that the child was going to get rid of the seven murders and became less passive to Nuo Nuo. It seems that he has been oppressed for a long time.
Fang Yin shook his head and just wanted to say no thanks to him, but suddenly he caught sight of something.
A doctor with a hand rope
Fang Yinji affirmed that the red hand rope was the symbol of Taiping’s corpse.
This further said that this matter is not simple, and no one will mark every immobile corpse. Is it difficult to distinguish between the living and the dead?
The doctor is about to disappear along the crowd.
And Qin Yigui and Zhong Yan don’t know what the situation is, but it hasn’t come yet.
When the time is running out, the clue will slip away again. Fang Yin gritted his teeth and said, "When they come out, tell them I’m chasing someone. See you in the conference room on the fifth floor."
Say that finish, no matter Xu Sirui didn’t start to chase it in vain.
If you don’t hurry, we’ll lose this!
Chapter seventy You touch porcelain!
I don’t know whether I am afraid or worried. Xu Sirui probably wants to stop him from reaching out and trying to grab Fang Yin’s skirt.
Didn’t hold on
Young people leave too soon.
Fang Yin couldn’t get a picture of Xu Sirui. He was worried. He followed the doctor all the way through the hospital corridor. The strong smell of disinfectant made Fang Yin frown.
He doesn’t like the smell.
Consciousness wanted to raise my hand and cover my nose with my sleeve, but when my finger was raised, he paused and rubbed his fingertips again.
Fang Yin remembered that she had just climbed out of the freezer where the body was put, and that she had stretched out her hand and touched the freezer, and her desire to cover her nose with her hands and sleeves vanished.
He suddenly felt that the smell of disinfectant was not so unbearable.
Hate this fantasy
Fang Yin endured nausea and followed the doctor. The crowd was bustling and noisy. The other party seemed to have something important to do and hurried around, failing to notice Fang Yin’s stalking.
The other party went straight to the ladder.
Before the ladder door was about to close, it was a waste of effort to squeeze into the doctor’s side, followed by the other side and rubbed into the ladder.
"Well, what’s the matter with you?"
"What are you squeezing? Are you rushing to reborn?"
"Really, everyone is young and has no quality at all."
Fang Yin’s overbearing behavior caused a lot of people’s dissatisfaction. Before the ladder door closed slowly, he could still hear those people who were pushed away by him swearing outside.
There are also many people watching him in the ladder.
For the first time, I was almost vomited in person, and I didn’t have the quality. Teacher Fang looked up and blinked unnaturally, pretending that he was deaf and couldn’t hear. With his cheeky face, he kept a steady eye on the crowd.
His hands crossed and hung naturally in front of him. This posture can well cover up his wrist. He tried this thing before, and there was no way to forcibly take the key clue.
Fang Yin doesn’t want to be found. He also has one on his wrist, especially if he doesn’t want to be found by a doctor close at hand.
Close to the seal, you can see that the other person’s skin is ridiculously white and a little blue in the incandescent lamp, so that the skin looks cold as if there is no temperature.
Like a little nurse.
Just like … the dead.
I don’t know if it’s psychological reasons, but it’s even covered by disinfectant water in the closed elevator car, and I smell a little fishy, dry and decadent.
As soon as the ladder "ding" arrived at the floor, several people pushed and squeezed from behind to leave Fang Yinyu, glanced at the target and found that he did not leave, which means staring at the cuff links of the white coat with his head down in a daze.
He is not on this floor.
Fang Yin withdrew her eyes and shrank to the side to make way for people who want to go behind to stumble by being squeezed to the side.
Next to him was a little girl with a thin figure. If he squeezed again, Fang Yin would stick to someone else’s body. Fang Yin frowned and had to let go of her grip on her left wrist and held it on the ladder wall.
The little girl shrank back with her neck down and her head down, and she couldn’t wait for the whole person to directly integrate with the ladder wall.
Fang Yin staggered her eyes to avoid two people’s eyes falling in embarrassment.
The crowd finally returned to the square seal, but he barely went straight back. He was relieved and shook his left wrist again.
I don’t know which floor he is on.
Fang Yin rubbed his wrist consciously, thinking about corner so much and following his thoughts to sweep the position just now.
Anyone here?
What about the big one?
Fang Yin’s eyes widened, and he shook his head to confirm whether he had overlooked the person. As he left, he swung back and forth and heard the impatient sound of people around him, which was similar to "gee".
not have
The other party realized that they were stalking and took advantage of the chaotic moment to leave the ladder.
The ladder horse is about to close.
Fang Yin desperately reached out and grasped the edge of the door, almost squeezing into his hand. Even Fang Yin already felt the door closing pressure.
Fortunately, the hospital ladder is of good quality, sensitive and sensitive, and the emergency head can stop once and then be forced to reopen.
"What are you doing! Don’t want your hand? "
Fang Yin felt that it didn’t matter, but she was scared by the driver who was in charge of pressing the ladder. Aunt’s tone rose several degrees, which sounded a little sharp.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I ladder" Fang Yin lost a insincere apology and ran out without looking back.
His profession is designed to be scolded. It’s too dangerous, and his hand can easily be caught by the unresponsive ladder.
But Fang Yin can’t manage so much.
In a short time, Fang Yin did two things in a row that he could not do at ordinary times.
The doctor probably felt that he had got rid of Fang Yin and walked slowly after coming out of the ladder. Fang Yin stood on tiptoe and looked out and caught the white coat in the crowd.