Seemed to see the strange brilliance in Xiao Wen’s eyes. The man in his thirties didn’t speak again, but secretly nodded for a while before muttering, "You should be satisfied with this …"

Finally, four people are getting closer and closer to the test peak, and the woman directly leads the people to the test peak square.
The square is densely packed with people, but it is divided into two waves. The number of people standing in the north and south is less, and the clothes should be Ming Jianzong. The other wave, with a large number of people in the south, is the final round in which the testers and their relatives are there.
Xiao Wen and other four people attracted everyone’s attention as soon as they were stared at by so many people. Xiao Wen immediately felt a little uncomfortable, but he soon fell to the ground. It was the south position of Ming Jianzong’s wave of people.
Xiao Wen saw Xu Hao and Lu Yuanji again, but it was obvious that there were not only these two great men in the front row, but also several people who were bearing no less than Xu Hao.
A man in his forties greeted him, and his eyes were very generous. He directly said to the other two people, "Go and tell the master."
"it’s a big brother."
Then the man asked Xiao and Tsing Yi humanity, "Xiao asked Xun Yu that it would be better for you two to be by my side."
Xiao Wen and Xun Yu immediately followed the man and took a few steps forward. Finally, the man stopped at the edge of Xu Jian, and Xiao Wen and Xun Yu were in the man and Xu Jian.
Xiao asked when he turned to look south again, it felt completely different, because at this moment he was in the front row of Ming Jianzong’s personnel, and those testers and their relatives were far away from each other and had drawn a clear line with those people!
It’s stressful and really stiff, but the pride in my heart is really getting stronger and stronger …
Two people have passed the test and he is one of them! Leaving him here at this time has already said that he will get the qualification to join Ming Jianzong smoothly!
From this moment on, let’s throw away that humble identity and a new self that belongs to the weak and hesitate to meet everything that will come!
This is a new and a new life!
I’m Xiao Wen, who is already the strongest among the testers and will become the strongest in the celestial world. I’ve been walking on the road of practice until I’ve never been to a place where talent has never been!
From now on!
Xiao Wen’s heart keeps surging. People who are undergoing extremely positive changes from grasping their state of mind always have to mature, but some people are more mature and stronger, some people are more mature and indifferent, some people are more mature and extreme, and others are more mature and weak. Xiao Wen is the most positive and mature at this moment. This will actually be a long process, but immediate doubt is a good one.
On the invisible level, Xiao Wen’s skull cavity is red, azurite and dark. The ends of the base of the Dao are changing very slowly, and their surface is becoming more spiritual. It is not just the change of the base of the Dao itself, but the most profound change of the base of the Dao, the brain and even the soul!
After a long time, Xiao Wen’s mood gradually calmed down, and the woman who brought him and Xunyu and the man in his thirties didn’t leave yet. Listen carefully, and you will know that these two people were actually very detailed and not only talking about his last battle with Xunyu, but also including the former one. It is a comprehensive evaluation.
Xiao asked that he was not too interested in this, so he looked up again and looked south. His eyes swept through the crowd and finally saw several familiar faces.
Huo Xiang, You Qing, Feng Ning, Cai Linfeng!
There are people around four people, even Feng Ning, who has always been taciturn, but there are relatively few people around Feng Ning. There is an old man and a middle-aged man, and the other three people are surrounded by a large group of people.
I can see that other people and their relatives are quite depressed except Huo Xiang, a freak, and they are all waiting for the news of Ming Jianzong with a straight face. This is often the case. Although the test was eliminated this time, if the performance is ok, the horse will get a test invitation of 27 cases. After all, it is 27 cases. Even if it has been eliminated once, there is no need to care about what is lost. It is better to be able to get started if you take a photo once!
Finally, Feng Ning turned out to be the first to feel Xiao Wen’s eyes drooping and immediately looked at Xiao Wen.
At this moment, Xiao Wen was not happy after all. Without his teammates, he couldn’t stick to the back. Without Feng Ning, he reacted incredibly fast. He would have been eliminated long ago …
Eyes here is a little ashamed and regretful.
But what else can you do?
Xiao asked can very sincerely toward Feng Ning nodded a thousand words in this nod.
You Qing and Cai Linfeng are close to Feng Ning, and when they see Feng Ning’s reaction, they also react one after another. They no longer talk to their relatives and look at Xiao Wen’s direction.
Xiao asked can also nod really mixed feelings in my heart.
Finally, Huo Xiang, the last one who realized that something was wrong, suddenly turned to look at Xiao Wen’s direction and saw Xiao Wen looking at him. Huo Xiang jumped up directly for fear that Xiao Wen could not see him while waving his hand and shouted excitedly, "Xiao Wen! Good job! !”
Everyone is talking in a low voice, and it seems a little noisy. Huo Xiang’s voice is not too amazing, but Xiao Wen still froze for a while and then waved and smiled generously at Huo Xiang.
This Huo Xiang is definitely a Renlaifeng type. Xiao asked if he should be ignored. This initiative waved to him. Huo Xiang was even more terrible. He directly threw a fierce word than his water avatar. "Why don’t you work harder to kill that guy around you?" ! Is there not enough time? !”
Xiao Wen is eager to find a crack in the ground. Huo Xiang has stopped looking at his side, but he is arrogant to humanity around him. "See that guy is my brother? Xiao Wen, our team!"
"Yes, that’s the guy I saved him many times!"
"If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t have persisted until now!"
Xiao Wen can’t hear you, but you Qing, Cai Linfeng and Feng Ning can hear the three faces at this moment. Se, that’s called a j and ng color, for fear that Huo Xiang will say that he knows them too …
On the other side, I saw that the two brothers finally left the old man thoughtfully for a moment and discussed with several other big people around me. Finally, I confirmed all the information by mistake and made a decision.
Xu saw that Hao walked back to the front of the crowd again. Before he spoke, he made everyone in the south feel his majesty. Everyone consciously shut up and looked over here seriously.
Seeing Huo Xiang completely honest to Xiao Wen’s heart is funny, but he dare not laugh after all. I have to say that Huo Xiang is probably the most visible person in their team, and it is precisely because of his indifference that Xiao Wen’s heart is ashamed and depressed that he has reduced some.
It’s good to be only two beginners, but it’s a great pity that all my teammates have been eliminated
At this moment, I saw that Hao’s old but rich voice was finally full of mountains and seas, which was extremely majestic.
"The second introductory test is officially over, and all those who can enter the third round of test have proved that they are really talented in their studies and have been observed and summarized by our brothers for three weeks. Now the results are announced. For example, my younger brother will officially become my younger brothers Xiao Wen, Xun Yu, You Qing, Huo Xiang, Feng Ning, Cai Linfeng and Luo Nanyun …"