After the celebration dinner, Ling Feiyang said goodbye to the four masters of Dali and Ying Gu, and then went to Huangrong Room. Huang Rong was reluctant to let Ling Feiyang encourage him, but he was worried that he would not let Ling Feiyang kiss her lips. Finally, the two reached a compromise. Ling Feiyang kissed her pink neck for several times. His skills were too high, and Huang Rong’s body had some reactions. Although Huang Rong was not white at all, he also knew that this matter was not suitable for asking Ling Feiyang. "He just touched me a few times, and I felt tender. What happened in that place?"

Huang Rong’s so-called "the first smart sister in the day" is largely due to her very strong curiosity. After the reunion of Ling Feiyang in Xixia, let Ling Feiyang help her to do an experiment. But now she is thinking about Ling Feiyang and doesn’t know what she is thinking. If Ling Feiyang knows, it is estimated that she must be elated. The reaction is one hundred times greater than that of Huang Rong.
Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong had sent the little red horse to an inn near Yueyang Tower when they first came to Yuezhou. Later, when Huang Rong returned to Yuezhou, he took the little red horse back, so Ling Feiyang said goodbye and everyone rode the little red horse to the northwest.
Ling Feiyang has traveled thousands of miles to the boundary of Xingyuan House in Lizhou Road that night, which is already the boundary of Song State. If you want to go to Xixia, you must first pass through the territory of Xu State.
After a night’s rest, Ling Feiyang evaded the border guards and entered the boundary of Jing Zhao Fu Road in Xu Guo around the path. After running for dozens of miles, he suddenly saw that the banner and the trumpets fluttered in front of him turned out to be an Xu Guo army! This army has about 100,000 people, and its armor is fresh. The Sensen army is very neat.
Ling Feiyang’s heart moved vertically, and Ma Chi’s army saw a big banner in front of the army embroidered with four Chinese characters "USES personal expedition"!
"Wan Yan Jing is already in her sixties, can she still use her personal expedition?" Ling Feiyang’s heart is strange, and he rides before the army.
The army suddenly rushed out of more than a dozen riding horses, and a general in armor sat on the horse and shouted, "People are bold enough to stop our army from moving forward!"
"Master Peng Zhai, when did you become a general?" Ling Feiyang immediately recognized this person as a "thousand-handed butcher" Peng Lianhu, so he also shouted.
"It’s Ling Shaoxia!" Peng Lianhu’s face lit up, and he immediately dialed his horse and returned to the army. After a wick of incense, a heroic young emperor was in full swing before soldiers surrounded him and rode to Ling Feiyang!
Chapter 14 High-five Alliance
Three months ago, Wan Yan Shouxu and others helped hundreds of Taihu Lake escorts in Huang Yaoshi and Guiyunzhuang to successfully return to the capital of Xu Jin Guo. However, they just entered the palace and came to Jin Zhangzong to die.
Before dying, Wan Yan Jing made a will to give the throne to the six kings, Wan Yan Honglie. However, Wan Yan Honglie was killed by the King of the Golden Wheel so that the ministers could discuss the establishment of a new king. Since all six sons of Wan Yan Jing had died, the throne was won by Wan Yan Jing, and Jicheng Sun Wan Yan Shouxu was the most outstanding among his grandchildren. After a heated debate among civil and military officials, he finally decided to let Wan Yan Shouxu reign, which is called Jin Aizong.
Yan Hong Shouxu agreed with Ling Feiyang’s Song-Jin alliance strategy, and he had a father-killing hatred against the Mongols. After learning that Mongolia attacked Xixia, he immediately sent 50,000 troops to stay in Zhongdu, and then ordered 100,000 soldiers to prepare for a personal expedition and join forces with Xixia famous soldiers to fight against Mongolia.
However, there are only a few hundred and fifty thousand soldiers left in the army of Jin Guo and Mongolia, which are the last elite generals of Jin Guo, such as Yan Hong Heda, Yi La Pu ‘a and others, who were all killed in the previous battle. Yan Hong Shouxu will really be able to seal Peng Lianhu, Liang Weng and others into generals.
Ling Feiyang smiled and said, "Congratulations on Yan Hong’s accession to the throne!"
"We are going to fight the Mongols!" Yan hong shou Xu longitudinal said
"I finished the same! Three thousand brothers of the Beggars’ Sect will come to me later. Let’s fight first! " Ling Feiyang also said
Yan Hong Shouxu remembered the feud with Ling Feiyang before, and he couldn’t help feeling deeply in his heart. Suddenly he rode to Ling Feiyang’s horse and stretched out his right hand to show his friendship.
Ling Feiyang also stretched out his right palm in Yan Hong Shouxu’s palm, and suddenly a clap of the palm of his hand showed that the two countries were sincere and determined!
"The Song-Jin Alliance fought against Mongolia!" Yan Hong Shouxu suddenly shouted!
"Song Jin alliance against Mongolia! The Song-Jin Alliance fought against Mongolia! " Hundreds of Xu Jin Guo soldiers shouted together, and the sound was resounding through the sky!
"Brother Ling, we are here!" With a crisp sound, a heroic female soldier rode out of the crowd. It turned out to be a song with smoke!
Ling Feiyang looked up and saw that Lu Guanying was riding a horse and standing next to Qu Yanyan, followed by nearly 10,000 soldiers. These soldiers were dressed differently, and all of them were refreshed, which was the help of Taihu Lake!
Lu Guanying and Qu Yan Li Qu Lingfeng left their treasures, and in just a few months, they expanded the number of Taihu gangs from 3,000 to 10,000, and as expected, Lu Chengfeng became the largest gang in the south of the Yangtze River!
After returning from the capital, Huang Yaoshi ordered Lu Guanying and Qu Hanyan to lead 10,000 Taihu Lake to help the public to rescue Xixia Huang Yaoshi, who was aloof and unwilling to go with the army, and went to Xixia alone to personally assist your father in guarding the city.
Lu Guanying and Qu Hanyan led 10,000 people from Taihu Lake to the west. When they crossed the golden border, they just met Yan Hong Shouxu Jin Jun, so the two sides joined forces to move on. Yan Hong Shouxu used to be a prisoner in Lu Guanying, but now he has become an alliance and no longer cares about the past.
"Miss Jin Zhubi Lu Gongqu, I have to go to Xixia Zhongxing House to find out the truth and leave first!" Ling Feiyang turned with his horse and was about to move on. Qu Hanyan suddenly cried, "Brother Ling, it’s better to have a care if I go with you!"
Ling Feiyang’s heart froze and said, "This trip is dangerous, girl. No need!"
"Do you look down on me?" Song smoke-laden, suddenly leaping from the steed, gently and skillfully transferred for several laps in the half, and already rushed to the front of Ling Feiyang’s horse, and his hands were like snowflakes to attack Ling Feiyang!
Sword palm!
Qu Lingfeng is the highest-qualified one among Huang Yaoshi’s six apprentices. Qu Yanfeng is, after all, a woman with a legacy in martial arts, and her talent is also extremely high. In the three months since she returned to Trang Van, Qu Yanfeng has been personally instructed by Huang Yaoshi. She has learned a lot of martial arts, such as the sword palm, the jade flute swordsmanship, the orchid stroke hand and the fingertip avatar, which has almost reached the level of Huang Rong three months ago.
Ling Feiyang, of course, can’t be serious with the song containing smoke. It is symbolic that the song containing smoke supports the body with the help of Ling Feiyang’s arm. In a short time, he has taken more than 30 palms and feet but still hasn’t landed.
"Song girl good fighting skill! Female hero! Hero! " The soldiers around applauded, and even Yan Hong Shouxu couldn’t help clapping his hands.
Qu Yanyan’s palm fluttered in Ling Feiyang’s wrist and sat back firmly to his horse. He said with a smile, "Brother Ling, I should be able to help you with martial arts now!"
"Well, I agree with you to go with me!" Ling Feiyang is a little fond of the song with smoke in his heart, so he no longer refuses to say goodbye to Yan Hong Shouxu and others, and then continues westward with a horse.
The next night, Ling Feiyang and Qu Hanyan had arrived at the border between Xu Jin Guo and Xixia, and the Xixia border garrison was looser than Xu Jin Guo. They easily entered the Xixia territory.