She looked at Kang Yue Kang Yue with a pair of expectant eyes, which seemed that the horse was about to melt, but suddenly he seemed to think of something, sighed and said, "Mom, I will always be with you after this battle, but now I really want to be with the master!"

"Yueer, don’t go. We won’t ask you anything. Is that okay?" Suddenly, his mother looked at Kang Yuekou’s words and said, "When Kang Tianlai came to Kang Li, she felt embarrassed to the extreme, especially when Gao Chen looked at them with a smile."
Look at her face, it’s a burst of softness. He also wants Kang Yue to stay in Kang Cheng, so he once again said, "It’s all the same if you stay in Kang Cheng."
"Master!" But I still want to say something, but Gao Chen said, "I know I don’t care. Why don’t you come with me to the Lord and come behind you?"
"This is also ok." Kang Tianlai has some hearts. Although he doesn’t command himself, he wants to come to Kang Yue’s hand. That’s not the same. Anyway, Kang Yue is also his son!
"Then I’ll be leaving now." After that, Gao Chen disappeared with Kang Yue. From Kang Yue Niang’s words, Gao Chen knew that they must have asked Kang Yue some questions that Kang Yue didn’t want to say.
That’s exactly what Gao Chen thought. As soon as Gao Chen got on the horse, he asked, "Yue Er, you are your master apprentice now, so have you learned all his skills?"
At this time, Kang Yue, who was thinking of himself, replied, "No department has learned to respect the master’s skill and it is divided into three parts, and we have all learned one of them!"
"Did you learn what you didn’t learn? Did he hide his secrets and not teach?" Kang Li frowned and said, it’s normal to be a master, but it’s not like Gao Chen. Because it’s a root, he didn’t teach it, but now Gao Chen teaches everything, just teaching people differently …
"If you are not a master, you are definitely not that kind of person." Kang Yue thought and didn’t want to retort that Gao Chen was noble in his heart, where could he accept Kang Liyong’s accusation that he was hiding private words!
"Well, then you will show us what you have learned?" After thinking for a while, although he decided that this was Gao Chen’s private possession, it was somebody else’s business, and even if he was Kang Yue’s grandfather, he could not interfere in this problem. Now he wants to know how strong Kang Yue has learned, and whether this is the true god-level achievement method!
"Here, this is not very convenient!" Kang Yue looked around and hesitated. Although this room is not small, it is also a room anyway, which makes Kang Yue feel extremely strange.
"If it’s inconvenient, just come to me!" Kang Li is too busy to talk, and he can’t wait. This horse will have a close look at the so-called magical achievement method. How can this not make him excited?
"So ah that good grandfather you should pay attention to! "Kang Yue hesitated and then said!
In any case, Kang Liyan is also an eleventh-order nine planets strong Kang Yue’s tenth-order attack will do no harm to his roots. Thinking of this, his horse agreed to see Kang Yue’s promise. Kang Liyan was a little excited and said, "No problem, just come!"
"Good lightning!" Kang Yue didn’t talk too much, so he directly started the skill Lei Shu. With a wave of Kang Yue’s hand, an arm of thunder ran through the roof of the main mansion and directly smashed Kang Li’s body!
Although Kang Yue’s strength is not weak, this thunder technique is also very destructive, but his goal at this time is an eleventh-order nine planets strong Kang Yue. Although this thunder smashed Kang Li’s body, Kang Li’s body did not move at all. It seems that the root depends on Kang Yue’s thunder. Seeing this situation, Kang Yue sighed in his heart that his level is still too low, but Ma thought that if he was a master, even if he was also a tenth-order, he would certainly hurt Kang Li’s body. To be continued If you like this movie, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter three hundred and fourteen The temptation of God-level achievement method.
"Haha, it’s really amazing to be a god-level achievement method!" After this thunder operation, Kang Li smiled excitedly and said, it looks like winning the * * lottery!
"How’s Grandpa?" Kang Tianlai is busy. He is certainly not worried about his injury. This eleventh-order nine planets defense is not so easy to break. At least now Kang Yue doesn’t have the ability. Kang Tianlai is concerned about this lightning power, that is, the strength of the god-level achievement method!
"It’s good. It’s very powerful. This intensity is much stronger than the average ten-order five-star!" Kang Li-nan said excitedly that his eyes at Kang Yue had changed, which made Kang Yue suddenly feel bad. It seemed that Kang Li-nan was up to no good to himself.
"It’s better than the average ten-order five-star? Kang Yue, he is a tenth-order one-star. This is really great. The God-level achievement method is really worthy of being a God-level achievement method! " Kang Tianlai is also looking at Kang Yue’s mouth with flashing eyes. Kang Yue’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled because Kang Tianlai’s expression with Kang Liyan is really not right at this time!
"Yueer, what else have you learned? Let’s have a look." Kang Li looked at Kang Yue and said, "Although Kang Yue said that they have learned a third, it is obvious that learning to be a lightning technique will never be a lightning technique. Although this lightning technique is strong enough, they are still looking forward to being more powerful."
"Good grandfather" didn’t refuse Kang Li-nan’s request, although he had some bad feelings in his heart.
This is mainly because Kang Yue is also very happy that his own martial arts can be recognized. Of course, there is also pride in having such a master, so Kang Yue smashed several skills of the mage into Kang Li’s meteor, fire, rain, ice and roar to extinguish the sky fire …
"Well, it’s really a god-class achievement method, which makes me feel that I can compare with Warcraft at the same level!" After feeling the skills of Master Kang Yue, Kang Li was so excited that he couldn’t find the north. Although he looked a little embarrassed at this time, he didn’t have the slightest intention.
His 11th-order nine planets strength is still ten orders. Although the strong at the same level can run away in the face of Warcraft, they must not be defeated. This means that Kang Yue has won with Warcraft at the same level and may have equal strength. Terrans should have an advantage over huge Warcraft!
"It’s true that our opponent is a single Warcraft at the same level. We can deal with a Warcraft at the same level and it takes a lot of effort, but if we want three together, we will definitely play a more powerful role. It will definitely be three times faster to destroy a Warcraft at the same level!" When it comes to this skill, Kang Yue is not proud, but he has given him the achievement method. It can be said that it is unique in the whole martial arts world, and it has also improved their talent. This is even more difficult for ordinary people to do. Thinking of these Kang Yue’s heart leisurely rises a feeling of pride and luck.
"Great!" Kang Liyan said three good words in a row, which shows that he was excited at this time and looked at Kang Tianlai. After that, Kang Liyan suddenly put away his excited expression and looked at Kang Yue seriously and said, "Can Kang Yue be our brother Kang Cheng!"
"Of course it is, Grandpa. What do you mean?" Kang Yue looked at Kang Li-nan puzzled for a moment. Obviously, he was at a loss why Kang Li-nan suddenly asked such a thing. But at this time, the unpleasant feeling in his heart appeared again. It seemed that something was going to happen to him. …
"Yes, then I ask you if you are willing to contribute everything to our strong city!" Kang Liyan is even more serious, but Kang Yue can see a trace of excitement in his eyes!
"This, of course, is my brother Kang’s duty-bound." Although it’s strange that Kang Li’s eyes are full of excitement, Kang Yue still doesn’t understand what this is. He wants to do this because he misunderstood Kang Tianlai. After the solution, Kang Yue has no resentment against Kang Cheng. Since there is no negative emotion, it is natural to have a deep nostalgia at this time. At this time, the whole Terran is under attack!
"That’s good. Now I ask you, there is a way in front of you to make our Kangcheng strength stronger. Are you willing to pay!" Kang Li-nan once again spoke seriously. At this time, Kang Yue didn’t find that his mother kept making eyes at him, which was more nervous than that!
"Grandpa, why do you ask? How can Kang Yue not do it if he can do it and has the ability to do it?" At this time, Kang Yue obviously didn’t know what Kang Liyou really wanted, but he wanted to come. If he could really increase Kang Cheng’s strength, it was absolutely reasonable not to do it himself!
"That’s good. I knew you were a good boy in Kangcheng. It seems that it is not unreasonable for the patron saint to value you!" Kang Linan laughed. He looked so excited! Kang Yue is even more puzzled at the same time, but at this time, he is not easy to ask. He just looks at Kang Liyan and then turns his eyes to Kang Tianlai and his mother, only to find that she is worried about her eyes when she sees his mother! This made Kang Yue’s heart feel bad again. I wanted to ask his mother, but I didn’t speak!
After a few breaths, Kang Liyi said again, "You know, Yueer, your master taught you this set of techniques. It’s a superb set of techniques!"
"Although the master didn’t say this, we all know it." Kang Yue nodded his head. Obviously, they have always been clear about this. Of course, they also know that this magical achievement method is everyone’s guess. Because Gao Chen didn’t say what this magical achievement method is, it’s not called achievement method but skill!
"Then do you know the rare place of the divine skill?" Kang Li looked at Kang Yue seriously.
"Of course I know," said Kang Yue, nodding his head. But he knows that even the general strong can’t fight against Warcraft at the same level, not to mention killing, but it’s not difficult for them, not to mention that Kang Yue’s body is the strong and has been strengthened. Even now, it’s much better to face a Warcraft at the same level alone than the general strong at the same level!