It is in the future … If you inherit the position of father and the power in the DPRK is complicated, if it is the quickest way to win over joint marriage, so many aristocratic women will want to marry you because of you or because you are forced by the family, even if you are a side princess and a concubine.

Will you still be firm in your thoughts at this moment? If you refuse this posterior approach, it will be even more difficult to walk. Think about your father and you will be white. "
Yan Hong Honglie didn’t think that persuading Yan Hong Kang is seeking truth from facts. It’s just plain what will happen after Yan Hong Kang. Some problems can’t be avoided, so you should think clearly early.
Yan Hong Lie herself didn’t accept concubines because she married Bao Xiruo, the female wife of the Song Dynasty, and Bao Xiruo didn’t like social intercourse. Zhao Wangfu seldom had contact with other houses. Not only did she not get some hidden news, but she was excluded from the social circle. If Yan Hong Lie was not capable and loved by the emperor, could Zhao Wangfu have today or two?
Wan Yan Honglie’s speech is not without consideration. Although he is not a lover, why would he not do so if he can have a lover who is willing to accompany him to death as much as he can?
If you want to get that position, you will lose Gu Hua. Yan Yankang felt that he couldn’t make it alone at that time. Gu Hua meant a lot to Yan Yankang, not as simple as a lover, but his heart lit up his life.
There are many lovers and lovely people in a person’s life, but the light in the dark can be the only one.
Gu Hua is so good at Wan Yankang that he can become better with her, instead of gradually forgetting himself and getting lost in the whirlpool of power.
"Father, I’ve made up my mind, or just that answer. It won’t change for a generation."
Yan Hong Kang answered firmly, and his eyes were firm. When Yan Hong Honglie looked at his eyes sharply, he dodged a little. At this time, Yan Hong Honglie became white, and this child was serious and as stubborn as he was.
Since the son wants to understand himself, what reason does he have to stop it?
Yan Hong Honglie agreed that it was as smooth as Yan Hong Kang imagined. After he came out of the room, he went to see Bao Xiruo Yan Hong Kang. Although it was not an acute one, some things that should be done were still done early.
Bao Xiruo really likes Gu Hua to be her daughter-in-law. How could she refuse? Yan Hong Kang said that when Bao Xiruo immediately smiled, she was most happy about it these years.
Chapter 376 Chapter 376
Autumn rain is the coldest, and it is a particularly heavy autumn rain. At this time, there are few pedestrians on the road, but there are still many people who are caught off guard by this sudden rain and are looking for shelter.
At this time, even if there is a tile in the ruins to shelter the rain for a moment, it is already a good shelter from the rain.
However, because of the shelter from the rain, there are already two young people in this ruin. One is beautifully dressed and handsome, and the other looks like a noble man. The other is young and handsome, very bright and clear, and has a pair of clear and clean eyes. He is a slightly detached young man.
Because both of them were sheltering from the rain on this roof, it was raining heavily, and they left for a while, so they started talking on this roof. The name of the handsome young man was Bai Choufei, and the name of the handsome young man was Wang Xiaoshi.
Bai Choufei and Wang Xiaoshi chatted casually, both sighing that it was raining too hard and I didn’t know when it would stop. At this moment, four people came to the path not far away to see the hurried footsteps and think it was also to shelter from the rain.
Two men stood at the entrance, but they didn’t come in. It was a tall and brave man and a young man who looked ill.
It is said that the young man is ill, because this man has been coughing since he came in. The Han seems to have taken care of him all the way, and he is very anxious to see this situation.
The young man who wanted to get close to helping him was stopped by his shaking his head. The young man coughed for a long time, which was like coughing up all his five internal organs. He should be in poor health.
For a long time, the young man who had been coughing stopped coughing. He looked up and held a white handkerchief in his hand, inadvertently revealing a touch of enchanting red. It is hard to forget in such a rainy and gray situation.
The young man looked at his age with a sick face, and his eyes were like two cold flames in ashes. He was aloof and somewhat careless at the same time.
The sickly young man took two steps forward. Bai Choufei and Wang Xiaoshi both spoke unconsciously. It rained heavily today. It sounds like these three people are quite similar. Bai Choufei and Wang Xiaoshi couldn’t help but look at each other. Obviously, they are also very curious about this young man.
Therefore, Bai Choufei and Wang Xiaoshi are also saying that the rain is really heavy. The sick young man smiled and took a look at the two.
The tall man who came in with the sick young man earlier is watching the rain with Bai Choufei and Wang Xiaoshi. He looks very upset and seems to be getting impatient.
Even an ant in broken walls let the Han look so upset that he couldn’t wait to stretch out his hand and run him over.
That Han thought so and did it. The sick young man’s eyes stayed in the rain all the time, but Han’s every move seemed to be seen by him.
The sick young man stopped the tall man, and it was then that Bai Choufei Wang Xiaoshi realized that the tall and fierce man had a camellia whose name did not match others.
"Camellia is just an ant. It has never stopped you and you are trying to kill him. I know you are impatient to wait, don’t worry, they will come soon. "
Camellia listened to the sick young man’s words and immediately lowered her hand to say "yes"
Camellia seems to be a little worried and uneasy. The sick man seems to look at him inquiringly, and seems to see what is in his heart.
"Afraid he will have an accident? Rest assured that he has always been very capable and will not let me down. "
Illness is like a dose of reassurance. Camellia hears of it, and her face is uneasy and worried, so she goes to most places. I think he must believe in this illness.
The rain is still raining, and there is no weakening trend. In this gray rain, there is another person, a skinny old woman who doesn’t even have a good dress.
Who is not pitiful in the autumn wind and bitter rain? Especially such an old man.
Listen to the sick man calling "Wolf"
One of the two men who stood at the entrance dressed as Mr. Accountant responded to the illness and handed out two ingots of silver and put them in the old woman’s hands.
I’m afraid she has never met such kindness for this miserable old woman.
The old woman froze in place, but people ignored him again because she came out of Bai Choufei and Wang Xiaoshi, and the sick man’s eyes were fixed on the rain, and they were waiting for someone.
Rainy days may be a good time to meet each other, no matter what kind of people may appear in the rain.
Just when they and others were about to appear, a white figure approached in the rain curtain, but they were not waiting for someone.
Camellia and the ill behavior were seen by Bai Choufei and Wang Xiaoshi, and then they also saw the man in white in the rain.
To be precise, it is a woman in white. The woman looks about sixteen or seventeen years old. Yan Ya is a vulgar ice muscle. jade bone is pale and has little blood. Yan Xiaguang is brilliant and beautiful.
If the beauty is a fairy, the world will form a beauty. The word is that the world never knows that a fairy should wait for a beauty because they have never seen it, but when this woman appears, the world will know that she is a fairy.
Chapter 377 Chapter 377
The original Su Mengzhen will take advantage of the victory to pursue, and the flower measures and the bean mother-in-law who knows that he actually let those people in the dark cover the two and fled to Bai Choufei and others who don’t understand this.
In fact, Su Mengzhen did this because there was something more important than killing those two people, and that was the safety of his brothers.
Just now, many archers were hidden in the dark, and Camellia was seriously injured, and Wolf’s life was also in danger. Fortunately, when Su Mengzhen was in, he added a teacher to protect him to the death. This is what saved their lives.
Archers in the dark have been killed or injured for more than half. Now there are some people lying on the ground, but Su Mengzhen doesn’t intend to deal with them, and he doesn’t care about them. They are not rivals because they fight back, but the real mastermind is the one he wants to settle accounts with.
They are all people in the Jianghu. Injuries are just a common occurrence. It’s a hindrance if you don’t have life worries.
Except for Su Mengzhen, only the teacher was slightly injured, so Su Mengzhen told the teacher to bring them back to the Goldwind Rain Building first, and found a doctor to treat them and make the injury worse.
But Su Mengzhen didn’t realize that his own teacher was ashamed of his right-hand man’s loyalty. There is no doubt about it