It turns out that in order to encourage re-employment, the government has actually established a "virtual reality labor center" with the afterlife online. In a nutshell, the government has funded the establishment of a place similar to an "Internet cafe" where machines are all vr headsets. Now, employees are being recruited to work in the afterlife online, and nw company will pay them wages, including the profession of "sanitation worker"

In this way, in reality, "sanitation workers" actually quit their jobs and go to work in the virtual world. If you think about it, they all sweep the streets. One is to get up early, smoke in the wind, go in the rain, and breathe car exhaust every day. The other is to sit comfortably in the cool room in warm winter and quietly close their eyes to make money. Everyone will choose the latter.
"But but" Xia took off vr contact lenses, and his eyes looked a little awkward. "Brother Xiaoye, why don’t you find another job? I should be able to support my salary advance for a while today? "
As a result, Huang Xiaoyi shook her head and apologetically "said" "I’m sorry I took some medicine for the dean …"
Is Xia a senior one student or a "part-time" player? neil gives her 15 Chinese dollars a month, which is already a "huge sum" for her. I didn’t expect it to be spent after taking a little medicine at noon.
"Yes, I remember!" Xia suddenly called for a run to wash her hands, took out a rose pocket watch hanging around her neck and put back the vr contact lenses she had just picked. She didn’t log in to the game, but even logged in to the chat tool with wifi in the welfare home.
"Are you in Momo in the summer?"
Chapter seventy-one I want to sell headphones
After that sentence, Xia looked forward to Tao Yaoyao’s head lighting up, but she looked at the antique clock on the table and remembered that Tao Yaoyao should have helped Xia Hao in a restaurant at this time. It was not until ten o’clock that the "Didi Didi" sound finally sounded Tao Yaoyao’s reply.
"Tao Yao Yao, I’m here. What happened to Xia Xia?"
"Summer is not Momo! I want to sell the vr headset! (crying) "
"Tao Yao Yao Xia Xia, don’t cry. What happened?"
What Xia experienced from school on Friday to now is not "one thing", but it is less than an hour before Huang Xiaoyi went to "class". Xia did not have time to explain it to Tao Yaoyao one by one, but chose to come straight to the point.
"Have you found the classmate who wants to buy vr headphones in Xia Wei Momo?"
"Tao Yao Yao er … I turned over the chat record for a long time and still couldn’t find it …"
Seeing this sentence, my heart fell away half a night in summer.
"Tao Yao Yao I’m sorry, Xia Xia, but I’m so sad."
Xia consciously knocked out the words to comfort Tao Yaoyao. She had already done it very skillfully. Looking at vr contact lenses projected on the virtual screen and virtual keyboard of white notes, Xia didn’t know what to do.
Neil has definitely said that "headphones may not sell at a good price" and Xia can’t ask him for help again; Lu Xiangnan is a part-time shop assistant and should not be able to help her. There are more than a dozen people on the list of friends who chat in the summer. Most of them still haven’t said a few words. Suddenly, a strange netizen saw Yan Mengyu in the "classmates" group.
Xia has forgotten when Yan Mengyu added her friend, probably as soon as she learned it. Both of them also sent a few expressions and praised each other. Although Yan Mengyu is a real Bai Fumei and a senior one (5), even the whole Dashun High School can count the rich, but Xia hesitated for a long time and slipped Yan Mengyu’s head.
In fact, in some cases, a person’s deep inferiority is a reflection of her deep self-esteem, and such people generally live very tired, and sometimes they are mistaken for "lofty", "melodramatic" and "good" by the outside world. Now she still hesitates, because their situation has not reached the end of their tether, and when it really comes time to take the road, she probably won’t be like this.
While waiting for Tao Yaoyao’s reply, Xia has searched the chat records of the class group again. When there is no information, a little bit goes by. Xia also sends a message in the group regardless of her inferiority.
"I found a part-time job in nw store in the summer. A colleague wants to sell his vr headset. Does anyone need it?"
The class group was quiet for a few seconds at first, and it seemed that they were not used to the diving number "Xia". Xia was waiting in fear and trembling for someone to finally speak, but Tao Yaoyao came out to help his friend speak.
"Tao Yaoyao seems to have discussed second-hand vr headphones in the group a few days ago, and some students said they wanted them, but I can’t remember who they were (embarrassed)."
Then someone came out to talk.
"White? Have an impression +1 can’t remember who it is +1
"Ji Feng what to sell? Are you tired of playing?
"ZhuangGuoFeng impossible, isn’t it? It is said that the afterlife is contemporary opium, which can make people addicted to it so quickly?
"AnChengYou I want to ask how much is it? (in a daze)
"Liang Anzhi second-hand? Won’t be that kind of second-hand, you know? "
When I came out of the group, I fell into a quiet "that kind of" second-hand meaning. When I think about it, I will come back. This is because I suspect that Xia’s colleagues will resell vr headphones for profit. It is even more serious for conspiracy theorists to steal from themselves and enrich themselves.
"Tao Yaoyao is not that you want to …"
Tao Yaoyao is usually very timid in class, and tears always give everyone an impression of being "too quiet", but everyone has two sides. Tao Yaoyao is not so timid in the net, although the string of pseudo ellipsis makes her words look weak, and her brain turns quickly, almost instantaneously. Someone wants to type at once to protect her friend’s reputation, and then she thinks of shyness.
"Xia, you may have misunderstood that my colleague is not like that. She accidentally damaged the appearance of her own vr headset and repaired it unsatisfactorily, so she wanted to sell it, and it was still very new."
Xia banged her little heart and looked at herself and sent a lie to the group. It’s a little regretful. If she told the truth as soon as she arrived, would the students doubt her face to face because of a classmate?
No, they don’t care about her feelings in reality. In the general lack of respect, the Internet will be even more reckless.
"Liang Anzhi won’t be your colleague who broke your shop and sold it to pay a fine after repairing it (picking your nose).
"Liao Heyi (picking nose)"
Maybe the students didn’t mean anything to express their views from the perspective of onlookers, but the "colleague" Xia said was herself. When she first saw these straightforward fruits, she doubted that her heart would be so dark. Xia didn’t know how to reply, but she uttered the words "really not" forcefully.
"Between Anji so busy? Yo, Xia Xiaopang is online? It’s really strange. "
Angie is casually talking about what to do when the scalp is tight in summer. Will they put me in vr headphones? What if they conspire to say that rosa multiflora Children’s Welfare Institute squanders their donations? Yan Meng, Yu Ti, Anji, Li Xia, Ji Jie, and many other students are either rich or expensive at home. What if we stop raising so many orphans for welfare homes?
The authorities have been fascinated by the vr headset for too long, but they forget that most people are in the brain or mobile phone network. Even Tao Yaoyao is chatting on her father’s mobile phone.
"Tao Yaoyao, did your accountant go home for New Year’s Day on holiday?"
Tao Yaoyao used his quick wits to get out of the way, and it was a long sigh of relief in the summer.
"Shane, I’m in the accounting office."
"Between Anji what are you talking about? Used vr headphones? How old are my brothers and sisters? They still use second-hand things. Others have slept in them, okay (supercilious look)?
"Wuyu poof is so dirty.
"Between Anji dirty your sister! Dirty space (grimace)
"Good peace of mind is to pollute your sister. This is what the polluter sees. Miss Hao Hao really asks for friends and headphones!
"Tia Anji to ask your sister headphones I gave it to Feifei to see if your honor is not comparable to Feifei’s hair!
"Ann cheng lily solution is good (bad smile)
"between Anji lily your sister (laugh and cry)
"ZhuangGuoFeng wow money really good tens of thousands of headphones want to send.
"What is Anji vr headset? My dad heard people say that nw is studying vr contact lenses at dinner! Super awesome! Put vr glasses and vr headphones together to receive sounds and images directly through the nerves! When they have worked it out, Feifei and I will give you a try first (proudly)
"Ji Feng Wow Tobacco Technology!"
Xia saw that the topic in the group seemed to have turned back, and sent another sentence "If anyone wants to buy that second-hand earphone, talk to me privately". After sending it, he immediately went to the chat page without reading it.
It is said that Tao Yaoyao is sensitive and fragile, and Xia finds herself more sensitive than her. Even chatting online at school is so uncomfortable.
"Di Di Di" is a message from Tao Yaoyao.
"Tao Yao Xia Xia, you just said that the appearance of vr headphones is broken and repaired. What is going on?"
Xia doesn’t want to talk to Tao Yaoyao about those things on the Internet. Maybe Tao Yaoyao will cry for a long time again. Xia simply said, "I accidentally broke the shell, but it has been repaired. Although it doesn’t affect it and I think the patch is pretty good, Neil said it might not sell much money."
In the chat window, Tao Yaoyao kept displaying "typing" and stopped for two seconds, and then it turned into "typing" again and again. It took a long time for her to send a message, but there were not many words.
"Tao Yao Yao Xia Xia … Now the game currency and Huaxia currency can be exchanged. Have you ever thought about selling props and selling game currency?"
Xia couldn’t help feeling a little excited at first sight. Isn’t it just that she had a whim to think of that way at dinner?
"We really have a heart in Momo in the summer. I told my brother Xiao Yi about it when I was eating ~"
I wrote that "Brother Xiao Yi" Xia just rose and her mood suddenly fell again. She wanted to sell headphones to stop Huang Xiao Yi from doing that dangerous temporary job, but where can she find a buyer? How about going to the second-hand network to send one?