Chapter 20 was assassinated by a rabbit

Over the past few days, Yang Muyu has been able to understand most of the meaning of rabbit’s paw gestures. After watching the rabbit gesticulate at him for a few times, his face suddenly changed and became lower. "You said someone was eavesdropping?"
The rabbit nodded again and again to inform him that he was busy sending a piece of rose peanut cake into his mouth for fear that Yang Muyu would rob him if he slowed down a little.
Eavesdropping? Who would be interested in him? Tianya haige watery girl and sang po? Or Huang Lanyu? The thought of Huang Lanyu Yang Muyu’s heart was suddenly taken aback. This man is obsessed with killing him. Now Hu Zhengming and 6 Jinghong are afraid that they have left the heavy cloud city, and Mr. Mo is not here. He is a single person. If he wants to start work, he should be here tonight.
The more Yang Muyu frowns, the more likely it is. Although he doesn’t know the real reason why Huang Lanyu wants to kill him, his eyes are murderous, but he can’t hide it.
"Don’t eat the rabbit. Let’s go out for a walk. Young Master is rich now. Hey hey …" Yang Muyu made a gesture to the rabbit at the same time.
Rabbit nodding knowingly mouth filar silk called two.
Yang Muyu watched the rabbit jump out of the window. Inside, Yang Muyu cursed, "You damn plague rabbit, where are you going?" Then others knocked on the door and ran out. In the distance, a faint blue shadow flashed like smoke. If he hadn’t looked at the root, he wouldn’t have seen it.
Yang Muyu sneered at the rabbit lying on the windowsill holding its claws and gestured at him.
Yang Muyu nodded knowingly and walked away with the rabbit in his arms. He couldn’t help sneering at the back channels. "You are lucky if you don’t come tonight. If you come, you can blame me." Then he just wandered around the heavy cloud city with the rabbit in his arms for a whole day. He didn’t go to Hongtong Restaurant for dinner. The place was too expensive, and the money was not so beautiful. Instead, he just found a nearby snack bar and had a delicious meal. First, he actually met that girl named watery and yellow, and Sanpo didn’t stay with him.
The girl in yellow smiled shyly when she saw Yang Muyu and walked quickly.
At dusk, Yang Muyu returned to Hongtong Inn again, threw off his boots and fell asleep in bed.
Huang Lanyu followed him for a day. After confirming that Mr. Mo had left Heavy Cloud City, 6 Jinghong and Hu Zhengming were busy rushing back to Tianyimen to save people. 6 Jinghong came to thank Yang Muyu in person, but Huang Lanyu automatically got the job, saying that he still had some personal affairs to do in Heavy Cloud City. By the way, he apologized to Yang Muyu and beat Hu Zhengming and 6 Jinghong away.
6 Jinghong also hesitated. Last night, Yang Muyu was so cold that she didn’t know what to do. When she was a child, she was held in the hands of all the people. Did she see other people’s faces when she was a Jiao Jiao girl? So she doesn’t know how to meet Yang Muyu. What if she apologizes and the other party doesn’t accept it? Huang Lanyu took the initiative to undertake such a she is welcome.
Of course, she didn’t know that it was true that Huang Lanyu was going to find Yang Muyu, but she didn’t apologize but killed him.
Huang Lanyu followed Yang Muyu for a long time. Nai Yang Muyu wandered around a busy place in the heavy cloud city. He didn’t have a mobile phone. After all, he didn’t dare to kill him in public. Otherwise, the winner would spare him. Even Mr. Mo is definitely not a good character.
It’s after the midnight, and it’s prudent for Huang Lanyu to change into a black suit to display the imperial wind tactic. He flew to Yang Muyu’s independent small courtyard and watched him live in that wing with the doors and windows closed. He wanted to hide to the door, and directly shook the latch with a firm but gentle touch, reaching out and pushing the door.
But at this time, suddenly, there seemed to be a lot of liquid on the top of the head, and there was an unpleasant stench between China and Canada.
Huang Lanyu was frightened and busy with the spiritual force to protect the key, but at this time, he suddenly felt that the jade pillow point behind his head seemed to be bitten by mosquitoes, and then he had a splitting headache. Suddenly, the spiritual force broke up and the whole person’s center of gravity was unstable and planted in the ground
Then his ears to Yang Muyu evil smile "open spirit force four masters was a rabbit so put down? Gee … "
Then Yang Muyu, who was in a dark room, lit a lamp and walked slowly to him in a white robe, and a white rabbit jumped up next to him, gesticulating with claws and calling two.
"Very good!" Yang Muyu smiled indifferently with rabbit ears. "All the food in this house belongs to you."
The rabbit jumped at a pile of food with a cheer. Yang Muyu smiled and shook his head. He didn’t have a habit of eating since he was a child. Anyway, it was not Mr. Mo who bought it.
"I wonder what’s going on?" Yang Muyu tugged at Huang Lanyu’s head and dragged him into the room, then smiled calmly. "The fact is very simple. Just now, I mixed something with the water in your head, which can limit the psychic power. You can swing a one at most when you are four short hours. I am very good at poison, but what about the rabbit?" Said that the rabbit was busy with jumping up and put a sesame cake in Yang Muyu’s mouth.
Yang Muyu’s mouth is full of sesame crisp and sweet, and she said with a smile? "It’s hiding behind you, taking advantage of the silver needle to sneak up on your jade pillow." He said that he had already added a few cold and shiny silver needles in his hand. This is what he bought from a pharmacist at a big price today. A silver needle has been accurately and mistakenly merged into Huang Lanyu’s body.
Huang Lanyu was blindsided. Even if Yang Muyu was equipped with a potion to limit spiritual power, how could the ordinary rabbit penetrate his spiritual protector and pierce the silver needle into his jade pillow?
It is true that the Jade Pillow Point is the most important point in life, and a slight carelessness will lead to death. All martial arts practitioners know this and naturally have precautions.
Yang Muyu didn’t tell him that it was a bit unusual for him to keep this rabbit. During the day, it was the rabbit who boasted that he had the means to pierce all the protective spiritual places. He took the risk to let it try. First, he mixed the medicine and smelly water to disturb and limit Huang Lanyu’s attention, and then let the rabbit sneak attack. But even he didn’t think that he could easily get a spiritual four-cultivation fighter down to the ground and let him prepare several other tricks.
"Yang Muyu, I warn you, you’d better let me go at once or I will kill you." Huang Lanyu has been forced to calm down from anger and shock, but he never dreamed of himself … Did he let a rabbit plot against him?
"You’ve already done such a thing, and since you didn’t succeed, you won’t have a chance." Yang Muyu responded with a cool smile and kicked him over with one foot. A few silver needles in his hand quickly pierced his body. His silver needles are top secret, although he never thought that what he always saved people would be used as torture by him one day.
Chapter 29 Unlucky Huang Lanyu
When the last silver needle in Yang Muyu’s hand pierced Huang Lanyu’s belly and navel three inches, Huang Lanyu was scared out of his wits. But once the purple mansion was abandoned, it meant that there would be no dharma martial arts in this life, but it wasn’t over yet. Yang Muyu pulled out a porcelain bottle and squeezed Huang Lanyu’s nose.
Huang Lanyu opens his mouth and breathes. Take this opportunity for Yang Muyu to shove the bottle into his mouth and force a bottle of medicine department to fill it.
Huang Lanyu felt that the bottle of potions was bitter and smelly, and it was like a knife cutting the general potions into the abdomen, as if it had swallowed charcoal, and suddenly it was low-paying jobs.
Yang Muyu put the medicine bottle on his nose and smelled it. Then he said to the rabbit who was busy eating sugar, "I knew you were a poor bunny. Is this medicine not enough?"
The rabbit wronged him and turned a pair of red eyes. He was depressed. He was a rabbit, not responsible for the whole poison, and he was not a rabbit cub.
While Yang Muyu was distracted, Huang Lanyu tried his best to think of it, but he felt as if there were hundreds of insects biting in his belly just as he moved. He almost cried out that his head was dripping with cold sweat.
Yang Muyu stretched out a foot on his face and rubbed Huang Lanyu’s face. When he was humiliated in his life, he was so angry that he wanted to struggle. It happened that he had a sharp pain in his abdomen and he couldn’t get up at all. He only maliciously threatened that "Yang Muyu will kill you sooner or later."
Yang Muyu gently shook his head this man-how can such a sentence?
"You said to me? Do I want to kill you now? Although it’s a little troublesome to configure the corpse Dan, it’s a little troublesome to avoid the trouble of coming to kill me in the future. "Yang Muyu still laughs indifferently. Independent small courtyard has the advantages of independent small courtyard.
Although there was a little noise just now, it was still quiet all around, and no one would mind their own business. Come and have a look at the more independent small courtyard of Kuanghongtong Inn. Once rented out, it will be completely private for the guests, even the shopkeeper will not benefit, although it will break in.
"corpse Dan?" Huang Lanyu involuntarily closed his mouth at the same time, and his heart could not help but tremble. He had heard that once the corpse Dan was contaminated with blood, it would melt a good person into a pool of blood, leaving no bones left.
This thing is not only effective for the corpse, but also a kind of miserable human torture for the living. Fortunately, the formula of this resin-dissolving pill is very secret. I heard grandpa say that no one in the mountain and sea world can configure it, but what did Yang Muyu just say? He was able to configure the corpse Dan? Who the hell is he?
It was not until this moment that he felt regret and fear.
"I think you must be hiding it from everyone when you come, so if I kill you, Dan will not settle accounts with me, right? More importantly, even if they suspect me, it’s nothing. After all, you are a spiritual practitioner and I am just an ordinary child. Who would believe that a child would have the law to kill a spiritual practitioner? " As he spoke, Yang Muyu squatted down and pulled out a pair of Bi from his boots, which had torn his clothes with a gentle pick.
"What are you going to do?" Huang Lanyu pale as soil asked in horror.
Yang Muyu didn’t answer Bi Sanliang, and soon cut all the clothes on Huang Lanyu’s body, and then pulled a few rags hanging on his body and stuffed them in his mouth, and then left and right bows slapped him for more than a dozen times, beating Huang Lanyu’s cheeks red and swollen on both sides.
Huang Lanyu was surprised and afraid of being angry, but she couldn’t move. She looked at Yang Muyu with a pair of eyes.
Yang Muyu shook his head gently. "See if you want to eat me? In fact, you don’t blame me for anything. If you don’t provoke me, how can I take it personally? Rabbit, come here and don’t be busy eating. "Finally, he couldn’t help but say hello to the rabbit who was eating candy."
The rabbit was busy jumping over with its ears upright, gesticulating with its claws and complaining that Yang Muyu shouldn’t disturb him when he was eating candy.
"You say rabbit, what shall I do with him now? Is it killed or released? " Yang Muyu frown asked.
The rabbit barked and pawed again. "You’re out of your mind. If you let him go, won’t he come after you?"
"Well, then you mean to kill him?" Yang Muyu asked while the Bi was pointing sharp in Huang Lanyu’s chest. Suddenly, the blood flow on the surface of the skin was scratched, and his hand could pierce the Bi into his heart with a little force, killing him.
Huang Lanyu couldn’t help shivering. It’s not that he’s so timid. Who saw himself being scratched by people constantly, like cutting fat on the chopping block, but also that blood kept coming out, fearing that his heart was cold?
"Rabbit, you mean don’t kill him? Let him serve us as a slave for a few days. Well, that’s a good idea.’ Yang Muyu looked at the rabbit gesticulating with claws and immediately seriously considered this possibility.’ Mr. Huang, you choose the first two ways. I’ll kill you now; Second, if you want to live, be my slave. Although I have just given you chronic poison and added 13 silver needles to refine your spirit and lock your soul, you will suffer a little pain at most every year, and you will not have life worries. If you behave well, I can’t tell you that I will give you the antidote when I am happy. "
Yang Muyu didn’t scare him this time. He just gave him a chronic poison and it’s not an ordinary chronic poison. Is it an alarmist threat? It seems that his father specializes in dealing with practitioners, and the pain is worse than the torture of the world. Although he has learned it, he has never seen Huang Lanyu deliver it himself. Curiosity, how can he test an effect?
"Of course, you can also go to someone else to detoxify. If you want to find my father or his old man’s house for a while, you will be relieved. But … it seems that my father’s temper is much worse than mine." Yang Muyu said solemnly, "What do you think?"