Is it really troublesome for the mysterious yin and qi this time? Like a god, he even

Thoughts flashed from my mind quickly, and Master Simon quickly shook his head and waved them away. In terms of digging out the biggest secret in this woman’s heart, it is urgent.
Suddenly, I was a little stunned and quickly reached over. "Well, my brother Yang is really amazing, although it makes people feel a little unpredictable, but I feel at ease. Many girls like Si Girl, don’t they like him?"
Speak at the same time, a pair of eyes that are almost narrowed into a seam expect light to shoot out at once. If this thinking flying woman speaks her mind smoothly in front of her, I am afraid that I am the biggest secret discoverer of this century. Then I will not only lead this unruly woman by the nose, but even Sun Ning Yan will worship herself for 3,600 days.
Unfortunately, the facts are somewhat inconsistent with his good wishes.
Si Miao shook his head dully. "No, I admire him, but I can’t say I like him because I have already set my mind on it?"
Simon turned to look at Yanglingtian, the first town that has entered Wuming Mountain, and others couldn’t help but feel anxious. After entering the city, the environment will be noisy immediately, fearing that the state of mind wandering in front of this woman will disappear immediately.
Immediately, he was a little behind, and he immediately got together with Si Miao. "That girl must be a hero. Can you introduce me?"
"No, he’s not a hero in the eyes of everyone." Simiao still shook his head. "He also said he’s not handsome, but he’s fat and cute like a watermelon."
Why does this man seem familiar?
Simon frowned, but it was a pity that it was urgent, but he didn’t want to think much. After he was a little stunned, he immediately said, "What’s his name?"
"His name is Ximenji."
Ximenji? Isn’t that me?
Master Simon instantly looked up at Si Miao’s "confused" eyes with a smile and finally seemed to be fooled. That’s not the point.
The point is that he has just been "busy" and didn’t notice that Miss Sun, who went to the city first, found that they had not yet entered the city and had found it back. At this moment, she was watching with white face.
At the same time, Si Miao looked at Master Simon in horror as if he had suddenly returned to his soul. "Simon Gong, did I just say something to you?" She also seemed very shy to hold her hand to her chest. "You won’t dislike me."
"Ha ~ ~ I didn’t see that our Simon Gong was still an affectionate species."
Simon’s extremely dizzy brain swells suddenly from the side.
Looking back, I saw that Miss Sun’s face was full of ice.
The moment never shed sweat, but this spring March is along the fat face. Chapter 65 Xuan Yin first appeared ()
"condensate smoke ~ ~ ~"
"condensate smoke you listen to my explanation ~ ~ ~"
"It’s not what you think ~ ~ ~"
"The squeal" is called as Master Simon’s round body quickly makes track for Sun Ning’s smoke in front.
"Hum, play with girls!"
Division Miao satisfiedly a cold hum feminine immediately raised his hand to "Simon male wait for me" shout out this just smiled insidiously satisfiedly humming a ditty and waddled away.
Walking into the gate, I saw Sun Ning’s smoky face next to Yanglingtian and others still cold enough to scrape a layer of ice, while Master Simon still explained his eyes with a bitter face. As soon as he turned his eyes, he immediately went forward and was preparing to pour another bucket of oil on the blazing fire.
"Bang ~ ~ ~" Not far in front, two human objects suddenly fell from the second floor of a restaurant and groaned after falling, then suddenly jumped up and looked around in horror, and then turned and ran away.
Immediately, I was preparing to make great efforts. Even Sun Ning’s anger on his face turned into consternation.
Lying still in two objects turned out to be a body infected by Xuan Yin Qi.
"Chasing ~ ~ ~" Sun Ning’s smoke suddenly drinks lightly during the period, and at the same time, Cheng Tian and Wei Bo’s figure has been quickly chased by two streamers.
However, Yanglingtian glanced at it lightly and turned to one side of the restaurant and went in.
"Yang eldest brother ~ ~ ~" Sun Ning smoke slightly one leng turned to look.
But I saw a green sword light suddenly falling from the sky and instantly rushing the first man out.
After chasing Chengtian, the two men suddenly looked at the sky with a full face of arrogance and a lonely rainbow. After all, they turned and walked back to follow Yangling Tianhang with the stunned Sun Ning Yan and others.
The restaurant has already been a mess.
This town of Wumishan is not a famous place. People who came here except Du Gu Tian Hong and others came to trace the five masters of Xuan Yin Qi. Most of them didn’t build well, and at best they were only at the first level in SHEN WOO. Seeing this riot, they naturally panicked and walked away.
Entering the store, Yangling found a window seat and saw the chaos in the building, so she just sat quietly and waited.
"Brother Yang, you knew that man was not a practitioner of Xuan Yin Qi?"
Just sit Sun Ning smoke immediately asked doubtfully.
Yangling Tiandan smiled and shook his head. "Five masters have been looking for people who practice Xuan Yin Qi, but they have never found anyone who wants to come. How can they act very cautiously and act in such broad daylight? How can they be so timid if they dare to touch the biggest taboo of heaven and earth?"
"Oh," Sun Ningyan nodded if he realized something, and then his brow wrinkled gently. "Even if that person is not a practitioner, there may be some clues. Then why don’t you pursue them?"
"I know this."
Sun Ning smoke words just fell and it was not easy to have a chance to ease himself and Miss Sun Da Simon immediately shouted.
"Five masters don’t know when we will meet the mountain, but this is the only place we will pass. They will definitely wait here to see the body infected by Yin Qi. How can they not appear? That person can’t run away." With that, the arrogant head also lifted up.
Who knows that Sun Ning’s smoke is a cold hum with disdain and a rude stare? "Who doesn’t know this? Where do you say the five major masters are now?"
Simon extremely one leng immediately chest strong since a pretty "that nature is around the search"
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~" Looking at the joking situation of two people, Yanglingtian couldn’t help but smile. "Of course, the search around is certain, but it must be five big brothers, and this restaurant is the most important place. Besides Du Gu Tianhong, his leader should come to this restaurant at the moment. They will come after Du Gu Tianhong comes back."
Say that finish before they again mouth has quietly turned to look out of the window no words.