It’s like an old hunter who travels in the mountains all the year round. Even if there is a slight breeze, he can feel the fierce beast.

However, if you want to find out what is wrong, Man Gui can’t find the practice at the moment, and as Li Yuanqing said, you will never dare to slack off and neglect.
After noon, the sun is even more poisonous.
The pioneer of Manchu-Guangxi Department has rushed out of the rear main force for more than 20 miles. The news made Manchu-Guangxi Department temporarily slow down and have a rest for lunch.
Looking back at Mangui, the main force behind him was closely followed by standard horses. At the end, his pioneer kept a distance of about three miles and was not harassed by the post-8 jin j.
Mangui couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He called QinBing to rest in place and lit a cigar.
The villages and villages around this road, including some rich and expensive manors, are already out of shape.
Even if the ass wants to be full of laurels, you can guess that Yuan Man is really in big trouble this time.
Even if God believes in him, those noble people will have to tear his skin off.
You know, almost none of these manors can be 100 thousand and two thousand
It was destroyed by the Tatars for no reason, and it was destroyed twice in succession. Even if it is a fairy, it will hurt.
But it’s over, and I’m too lazy to think so much. Anyway, he has jumped out of the main category of Ning, and he will never get involved easily.
However, Mangui can’t say for sure about this, and Wu Sangui, who is not far behind him, is not so good.
Ning is their Wu Jiagen’s "coming events cast their shadows before them" and "pulling out radishes and taking out mud". How can Wu Sangui stay out of it?
But what makes Wu Sangui say most is that he has no words at this time to go deeper into the core of Ning’s decision-making
Even his old Wu Xiang has no ginseng interest to passively wait and endure at this time.
This …
Curiosity Kills the Cat
If I don’t know, I don’t find anything abnormal, but I feel that something is wrong at this time, but I can get the result by law and be at the mercy of others. It is Wu Sangui’s magnanimity that is too much for me at this time.
Ningjun sequence lunch is very simple, with dry cakes, pickles and water.
The generals may bring some meat stars and one or two eggs in the dry cake, but the big soldiers can eat the dry cake with cold water.
Wu Sangui’s lunch is also very simple, with a dry cake with meat in it, an egg, a pinch of pickles and a pot of mild water.
At this time, it is impossible to bury the pot for cooking and want to drink hot water, which is doomed to be a pipe dream.
Is Wu Guyou many stored in lunch is certainly no way to small stove.
At this time, there are many cavalry in Ning sequence, but there are also many handymen. Although there are many mules and horses to help escort all kinds of materials, the overall efficiency is still impossible to get up quickly
Even if the capital is just around the corner, Wu Sangui Bai today they don’t want to.
Fortunately, perhaps because of his "star" effect, Tartars have never dared to come over to pester the morale of the soldiers and the appearance of the army is not bad, which also makes Wu Sangui a little relieved
Wu Xiang is not far behind at this time. Zhongjun Wu Sangui wants to find someone to talk to, but he dare not leave his post at this time. He simply doesn’t want to rest after a quiet meal, so he closes his eyes and waits for the call to continue to set off.
Take a break in less than half an hour. Zhongjun will come soon, and the news army will continue its journey.
Wu Sangui also converged and devoted himself to the March.
Behind the main force of Ningjun in an orderly way, Abatai and Dourgen, the Tatars, are also hard to find a flaw and continue to follow.
A weary March. In the evening, Ning’s main force tired and camped by an abandoned manor.
Soldiers have buried pots to cook, and everyone can finally have a hot bite.
At this time, there are still 30 miles from the capital to everyone’s spirit is slack.
Li Banghua, who is in charge of the bid, also sent a messenger, Yuan Dushi, who took the lead here.
However, the overall appearance of Ningjun still maintains the rhythm of the day. Wu Sangui has not come back to Zhongjun’s father to communicate at this time
Night is getting dark.
Although the soldiers are laughing constantly, Wu Sangui’s side is increasingly preoccupied.
Although he is a dragon and phoenix, he has made great achievements not long ago, and he has a bright future, but he is still a young man under the age of 20. At this time, the complicated situation has completely exceeded his cognition and far exceeded his ability.
The soldiers returned to their tents to have a rest after dinner.
Today, I have marched for 50 or 60 miles, so the slow and fast marching rhythm is the cavalry thigh ~ even if it is going to be ground out, not to mention the infantry.
However, Wu Sangui did not hurry back to the tent to rest, but sat by a burning bonfire not far from the tent and gawked at the flames.
The wind at night is much stronger than during the day, and even the temperature has been lowered by several degrees.
But for Wu Sangui at this time, the harsh environment is not really scary ~ it’s that he has some metaphors and can’t say how confused he is, and what’s even more terrible is that he doesn’t have anyone to communicate with …
Fortunately, Wu Sangui didn’t wait too long, and soon a confidant who hurried over to leave "Master Master is coming."
Wu Sangui one leng for a moment to react busy way "where is it? Please. "