After all, it’s a matter for the two of them. If the parties don’t agree, it will be easy. So he asked, "Yi Er, you are weak, and it’s hard to bear the evil of living in exile. Why don’t you think about other methods, such as fighting poetry and playing piano than riding and shooting …"

The six kings said lightly, "Thank you, father, for patronizing me. This battle will definitely make me lose my heart. Since he wants to live in exile, if I don’t promise, I will already lose."
The holy emperor’s face was hard. He knew that Ziyun’s pride would cause quite a stir, but he didn’t expect his two emperors to fight for her so soon!
Emperor King’s Landing looked at Emperor Junyi with a flash of light in his eyes. Brother Liu was a hero even though he was plagued by a bad disease. If he was not ill, I’m afraid it would be him today.
He would refuse, but he agreed without thinking.
It is still possible for this immortal to live in exile and break into his sixth brother. How can there be any hope of coming out alive?
But it’s done. He’s up to the challenge. They naturally have to pay 348. Chapter 348 Ask for help.
"Immortal seclusion is very dangerous. I hope you can help each other to advance and retreat together," said the holy emperor Kennai, holding his temple.
Both of them are superior in qualifications, gifted and intelligent, and they have made great contributions over the years, and it is never possible to live in exile from the fairy.
I’m afraid that Yi Er’s qualification is even comparable to that of Liner, but it’s a pity that he is suffering from a bad disease in case something goes wrong … If he is worthy of the dead Yi Fei.
Moreover, Xianju is a place that is not afraid of drugs, that is to say, they don’t even have the possibility of disadvantages, and you can imagine the danger of forced entry on their own.
Fairy living in exile at the iron gate is covered with white smoke.
Emperor Junyi and Emperor King’s Landing looked at each other and stepped into the immortal exile.
As soon as the heavy iron gate is opened, the weather feels dark and gloomy.
Whoever can break out of the fairy house first will win. It sounds like an easy task, but it is quite difficult to do.
Can one person really cross the immortal living alone?
This is a small world, winding mountain roads, barren deserts, jungles, beasts, marshes and piranhas. You can’t imagine without it.
It is very possible to go back to death through.
People outside the gate gasped at the moment, and naturally they were secretly pleased. If we can remove the two masters of Taihe Six Kings at a time, the new throne will surely fall on his throne.
"Taidian can’t come when this iron gate is finished." The last time Emperor Junyi’ kissed’ the emperor’s landing.
The emperor’s landing is obviously ungrateful and proudly raises his head and says, "I haven’t thought about turning back since the temple decided to move forward."
"It’s really courageous to ask for many blessings." Huang Junyi said nothing more.
"You too, don’t be too proud. The outcome is not certain." King’s Landing said confidently.
"The real king and the proud son have long been married, and this battle can be a complete defeat."
"Hum, it’s not a foregone conclusion that my father didn’t promise to marry her!" When the king’s landing thought this way, he added in his heart, you can’t even touch her, so what if she gets married!
Huang Junyi doesn’t explain it any more. It seems that Taidian is bound to go. He doesn’t mind that someone likes his proud son. This is a charming edge, but he can’t give those who admire her a little chance
They can look at it and never get close to it.
It’s almost hard to keep your eyes open when the wind is blowing and sand is flying.
I didn’t expect the iron gate to fall as soon as it entered the adventure, so the wind was so strong that it almost knocked down the whole house.