"You mean to change it back to half a year?" Huang Qiusheng suddenly became a little listless like frost hitting eggplant.

Ye Qing shook his head and said, "It’s not changed to one year!"
"Because I want to give myself a year to improve myself. If I don’t play the main role in a year, then I won’t stay in the team. I don’t think the team will spend money to raise idle people. I will be free to leave without a contract and you won’t be responsible."
"What if you play the main force for a year?"
"At that time, my salary will definitely not be a substitute salary. I have to sign another contract if I want to raise the price!" Ye Qing felt that he still had a lot of talent. Huang Qiusheng was blindsided. It turned out that this small one didn’t want to jump ship after one year, but just raised the price.
"Well, change it to one year, or we can talk about the price increase at that time!" Huang Qiusheng knew that Ye Qing was not as gullible as he thought, so he compromised and changed the signing period of the contract to one year. After that, Ye Qing signed it very readily.
Huang Qiusheng showed the contract to coach Zhang, who lamented again, but it was a comfort to be able to change half a year into a year. Ye Qing, a genius, is longing for the blue sky eagle I club, and he will eventually fly to a higher sky.
Time passed quickly. Ye Ye stayed in the I club for half a month, and then entered the ga competition. The main department of the I club went to participate in the competition. Ye Ye Ye’s substitute also went with the team, but he knew in his heart that he could also be an audience. Anyway, this was Ye Ye’s first time to participate in a formal competition. Although he could not play, he could also increase his knowledge and experience. A big game atmosphere was also very helpful for him to play in the future.
The ga scene was very lively. After the audience was packed, the host said that there was an osplay performance, which Ye Qing had never seen before. He thought it was very novel. ga was a very important annual competition held by Tencent, involving many games, including F, qq Speeder and dnf. Almost all of them were Tencent flag games. Of course, it was also the most popular project of ga. Most of the audience came to watch the F competition. Among them, there were famous teams such as ag Swim Tour, Old Fish Story and Liaoning Qingcheng Competition, but the most popular team in this ga was F professional.
As soon as the Tiger Brothers League debuted, it was like a tiger. In the 100-city league, it won the Zhou crown and the Yue crown all the way and defeated the powerful hs team. It was a blockbuster to qualify for the wg China campaign. This time, the Tiger Brothers League participated in the gaf competition and came to the championship. The audience will not be able to discuss who is stronger, such as them and ag Xunyou, and the whole city has been called the successor of the sniper since Jiang Yuhan retired.
After Shiran became famous in World War I, fer people compared him with 7kg. The two men have not yet fought each other. It is known that it is because of this that fer people will argue about 7kg’s fame, and he has been sitting firmly on the throne of being a sniper in China. In those years, he was also compared by White Shark, Ma Zhe and others, but he finally got the title of being a sniper. Although Shiran became famous late, his master was internationally recognized as a generation of world snipers. No one dared to say that he was better than 7kg, and the concept of being a famous teacher was deeply rooted in the hearts of Chinese people.
Ye Qing didn’t know anything about the celebrity anecdotes in the F professional circle. He was not surprised and excited when he saw those famous teams. He didn’t understand what the audience was crazy, especially when the Tiger Brothers League appeared, they shouted "Sniper God! God! " This sniper naturally refers to Jiang Yuhan’s presence of 7kg. Of course, he also knows that the audience is not calling him, and he is not annoyed or embarrassed because the first generation of sniper deserves everyone’s respect.
After Jiang Yuhan’s appearance, the five main players of Club I couldn’t help shouting excitedly. ibye, a guy who has always been arrogant and arrogant, couldn’t help but be excited and tunnel, "Being a spy is as elegant as ever!" At that time, a few months before my senior three exams, I took time to watch his game. I didn’t expect to see him again today! I must find his signature after the game! "
After speaking, ibye’s eyes were red, and Ye Qing clearly saw the tears flashing in his eyes. He couldn’t understand that this guy should be so excited because of a certain person. He didn’t know that Jiang Yuhan Qi, the sniper, had never experienced that magnificent and sniper-dominated era, so he couldn’t understand the regret of fer’s retirement and the excitement and expectation of seeing the sniper again.
I club sniper meteor has already burst into tears. Sniper God Jiang Yuhan is the common idol of all sniper rifles fer. Many people gave up their original expertise in firearms because of him and changed to practice sniper rifles. Many people didn’t give up their sniper rifles because of him. Many people felt the real charm of F because of him. Many people knew that F was fun because of him. His sniper rifle influenced a whole generation. Even the once arrogant three snipers in North America made their snipers chase his footsteps and get his advice. It was the dream of all snipers.
When the meteor debuted, the sniper was retired. He didn’t see the sniper again for a long time. Today, he finally saw his idol. How could he not be excited and shed tears? The three people were also excited and inexplicable. Their eyes were always staring at the sniper. Jiang Yuhan has been waving to the audience for a long time. The organizers already knew that the sniper was the owner of the Tiger Brotherhood Club. After seeing the Tiger Brotherhood, they knew that the sniper would definitely come to the scene at that time. At this time, the host had already rushed to the scene and pulled up Jiang Yuhan. You said it was "fer firewire fans."
The audience suddenly shouted "Yes!"
Jiang Yuhan couldn’t refuse to follow the host to the stage and then took the microphone in the host’s hand and said to the audience, "Long time no see!" It was this sentence that made many people cry again. They couldn’t help but recall the most glorious year of Being Sniper. In that year, Being Sniper led the team to win the Champions Cup, the Star Invitational Championship and the China-Korea Masters Invitational Championship. After defeating South Korea’s Sniper King Li Qianxiu, he was selected for the national team. wg defeated Japan, the United States and other strong teams in wg and finally won the wg World Championship that year. Everyone still remembers that it was so fascinating that being Sniper held a national flag above his head in wg.
"I’m not a professional player today. I will be a good spectator like everyone else. Now the competition is developing very well, much better than I was then. I hope all the athletes can insist on saying goodbye. I won’t say much about the race. I won’t delay you!" When Jiang Yuhan finished speaking, he asked the host of Taiwan to hold him in a hurry and said, "Why don’t I ask the audience another question after waiting for God?"
Jiang Yu Han nai nodded. "But if you ask me the bank password, I can’t, because I don’t even know that the bank cards are in my wife’s place!" The audience immediately gave a guffaw. Ye Xuehua and Chu Yunmeng also smiled lightly, but they knew that Jiang Yuhan was telling the truth. That guy was not afraid of his wife, but he was too lazy to remember the password because he was in trouble. Instead, he ended up relaxed.
The host smiled and laughed. "How dare I ask this question? Didn’t you announce that you would come back after the Tiger Brothers won the third championship? If the Tiger Brothers won the ga championship, would you come back after the ga?"
"Why do you ask? Even if the Tiger Brothers League wins the ga championship, there is only one champion!" Jiang Yu cold doubt tunnel
"Didn’t you win the weekly and monthly championships of the Hundred Cities League before? It adds up to three. You can’t cheat! " The host laughed
Jiang Yuhan suddenly said, "Those two champions are not my championship."
"Well, I think everyone wants you to come back. I wish the Tiger Brotherhood three championships as soon as possible!"
"That’s not necessarily! Less professional snipers don’t want me to come back … "Jiang Yuhan joke tunnel.
Chapter 11 Failure in the First Round
After Jiang Yuhan, the sniper, finished speaking on the stage, the game has not yet been played, but the atmosphere at the scene has been mobilized. The audience has been in a state of excitement. Ye Qing is sitting quietly in his seat. Everything here seems to be him. He is a small person who doesn’t know the big stars in the F professional circle, and he can’t play the game.
After the arrival of the hs team, the two gun kings of the team were also very well-known. The ak machine gun hand of the I club admired the hs team K very much. He excitedly said to ibye, "Did you see the ak king K coming!"
Ibye or tunnel "didn’t see I saw m4 gun Wang Yanyue coming! I really want to play against him. Unfortunately, our team has been eliminated by the former team every time and we have never met their team! "
"You pray, maybe this time we will meet them in the first round! Die faster then! " Captain cold-blooded light tunnel
Cold-blooded finished and went to draw lots. When he came back, he looked a little pale. ibye couldn’t help but ask in great fear, "What happened to the captain? Did we really meet the hs team in the first round? "
Cold-blooded shook his head and said, "No!"
Ibye suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It’s okay!"
"What a fart! We are assigned to a group with the Tiger Brotherhood! There are also snow competitions in the same group! "
"ah! ? The Tiger Brothers League defeated the hs team in the monthly competition of the 100-city League. It is very powerful! Snow area after the reorganization of the array is also very fate with philosophy and n1e "obsession is very surprised tunnel.
"Who are our opponents in the first game?" Ibye asked and pointed to the big screen in cold blood. The original big screen had already played the grouping situation. The first round match situation ibye and others all looked at the big screen in a hurry. It turned out that their first round opponent was Shaanxi Guangyujing, which was also the most famous team in Shaanxi. The strength should not be underestimated.
"It seems that we are likely to be eliminated in the first round again! Mr. Wu can sell the house this time! " Love is very depressed tunnel
"Don’t be discouraged. We have trained for so long and our strength has improved. We may not lose to Guangyu Jingwu. It is very difficult for General Manager Wu to support the team until now. We can’t let him down again!" Captain cold-blooded way
Ye Qing suddenly realized that Mr. Wu was down and out, not just like this, but because the team’s performance has been unsatisfactory. He spent a lot of money to support the team, and now he has come to this point.
Ye Qing couldn’t help turning his head to Huang Qiusheng. "Was old Huang Wu very rich before?"
Huang Qiusheng nodded his head. "Mr. Wu’s predecessor’s family also has millions, but all the departments have invested in the team. As a result, our team has to move from the downtown office building to the local place now. Mr. Wu also sold his car. Let’s continue to fight."
Ye Qing can’t help but look at Mr. Wu with special respect. He can’t help but tunnel, "Does Mr. Wu always like F?"
"What he has been investing in is to make a championship dream come true. His dreams are all pinned on our team. If it were for other investors, the team’s performance would have been so poor. The other party would have withdrawn their funds and the team would have been dissolved long ago, but Mr. Wu didn’t do that. He told us that we would always be strong and that day he would not hesitate to lose everything." Huang Qiusheng was moved by his own words here and his nose was a little sour.
"Mr. Wu is really great!" Ye Qing sighed that it is no wonder that Mr. Wu will make the club look like a giant even if he is down and out renting a house as the headquarters of the club.
The game was soon over, and the main force of Club I was on the scene. Ye Qing leaned on the big screen with one hand and looked at the game picture. The map of the game belonged to the blasting mode bureau. The defenders of Club I adopted 32 tactics. Point A released three defenders and point B released two. The terrain of this map is very complicated. Point A is a very important point. Because holding point A means holding the second road leading to point B, then if the enemy wants to attack point B, there is one way to go, which is channel B. This is why Club I released three people at point A.
Cold-blooded command ability is not outstanding in the professional circle, but it can be said that it is barely ok. At that time, he was elected to take command because the team members could not command, and the other four guys could not even speak fluent Mandarin, but their expression ability of cold-blooded Mandarin was slightly better, so he became the team captain and commander.
From the point of view of the bureau, the cold-blooded arrangement is still very reasonable. He put the sniper meteor at point A for defense. He defended point B with the best machine gun marksmanship ibye, and the Guangyu competitor also divided two teams to attack.
Guangyu Jing is, after all, one of the best professional teams in Shaanxi. The two roads are very sharp, and the attack at point A is also three people. These three people parted ways in the path. A machine gun hand drilled a dog hole and entered the vip room. In some places, the vip room is also called the Sutra Pavilion. It is imaginative to call it, but it seems that the name in this room has not been used everywhere, and it is not uniform. It is enough for your teammates to understand it when you report it.
As soon as people entered the vip room, they fell into the double-card tactic of Club I, which was very popular for a while and almost became the regular tactic of defenders. But Club I played the double-card tactic at Point A to be on the safe side.
The machine gunners on both sides came out towards the vip room, and the enemy swept away. The player showed the demeanor of a strong team player in an instant. He was not surprised when he found out that the other side was a double-card tactic, but jumped forward and then took advantage of the situation to blow his head off. The marksmanship was very sharp.
On the right side, the situation obviously didn’t expect the other side to be so fierce. He fired a few shots and didn’t kill the enemy. He couldn’t help but get worried and finally gave up some shots and started shooting, but he didn’t hold down the recoil of m4. Although the muzzle sprayed fire wildly, few bullets hit the enemy.
Guang Yu Jing, a player, turned around and shot the second bomb calmly, and his head exploded. On the balcony on the second floor of the trail, the meteor suddenly blindsided, and in an instant he fell into a lonely battle, which was very dangerous for snipers.
He jumped directly into the box and looked down at the mirror. After finishing a double kill, the player rushed towards point A, but as soon as he appeared, he was caught by a meteor. The meteor was still coming, and the small crossing rushed out. Two machine gunners shot and killed the meteor.
Ye Qing couldn’t help but feel very shocked when he saw this scene. In his eyes, Club I is already very powerful because everyone in the team can finish blasting him. But when it comes to the big game, Club I is like a fish pit team. The double-card tactics in the middle of the road are easily cracked by the other person. However, Ye Qing feels that he is as expected, and the meteor lethality is not bad. The team crown is commanding from the box. The shot is very beautiful, but it is rushed to the front by the other path machine gunner. There is no way.
The annihilation of point A means that the whole point A will fall to the enemy. Point B is cold-blooded and ibye is suddenly in trouble. They have to guard against the B channel and defend the channel outside the Moon Gate.
Ye Qing closed his eyes and didn’t go to guess the ending. It was only a matter of time before the defeat of the two-way attack I club. The overall strength was not as good as that of the other side. It was impossible for the I club to play less and play more. Although ibye was fierce, it was also relative to Ye Qing.
Sure enough, cold-blooded and ibye didn’t even make it for five seconds in Guangyu Competition, and they were almost killed in an instant. In the first round, Guangyu Competition won a clean and tidy club, and then it depends on whether cold-blooded can come up with new countermeasures.
Chapter 12 In a desperate situation
Ga competitions are in full swing, among which the F event is the most ornamental, and the presence of the greatest sniper in F history has aroused memories of the audience and ignited their passion. In the second F event, in addition to the attention of the sniper team, there are two very special teams that have attracted widespread attention.
The special feature of these two teams is that the team members are all girls, and the name of one team has attracted the attention of Sniper God, Yanyue and K, because the name of this team is called S Chengdu, and the S team is different in the middle.
Pearl Krabs, the captain of the S team whose id is S, once led the team to win the women’s team championship in South China. This time, they want to prove that the women’s team is definitely not weaker than the men’s team. The five girls of the S team are young and beautiful. Captain Pearl Krabs has a pair of big eyes and is definitely a cute girl. She has her appearance, which is extremely disproportionate. The strange command has made many male players admire her.
The name of another female team is unyielding rose, the captain of a newly established professional team is Yin Ruojin, the sniper is Bian Guang, and the other three machine gunners are Yi Qiuling, Gao Xuanxuan and Ruan Hong.
Among the unyielding roses, Yi Qiuling is the most noticed because she is very beautiful and has an excellent figure. As soon as she appeared, she attracted the attention of all male audiences. The only one who can compete with her is the rosa multiflora of Tiger Brothers. Zhou Wei is a professional player with good appearance and strength, and she is definitely not a vase. This has been fully proved in the 100-city League.
Ye Qing sat in the rest area and saw two female team beauties. He finally believed that Huang Qiusheng could really know beauties when he spoke to him as a professional player. Maybe he could make friends with them when he had the opportunity to play against them.