Pushing a door decorated with dozens of flower reliefs, Chu Fei met the president of Lugoin Branch of Mages Association, who should be the strongest player in Lugoin. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a middle-aged woman who looks about 50 or 60 years old as an ordinary person. This really surprised Chu Fei. Women all hope that they can have a hundred years of youth after staying at level 30, unless they finally break through level 50, they can keep their looks around 40!

"Hello necromancer Chufei, welcome to the Mage Association. I’m Susan, the president here. Please sit down first." The president of the Mage Association Lugoin, who is sitting in an exaggerated chair, nodded and ordered the next one to bring Chufei tea and cakes. This is also the characteristic of women’s associations. If it is in the Barbarian Association, I’m afraid it will be red wine and barbecue.
"Hello, President Susan, I have just had tea in the noodles. I hope I can hear your reply directly. I don’t know if you are willing to give me the method of spiritual resonance." Chufei did not sit but bowed down and asked for the answer directly at the same time.
"Very successful men cherish their time and place very much, but I am still used to discussing things with others while drinking tea and dessert. I wonder if you are willing to apologize for this habit?" This old woman is so greedy at an old age!
"Of course, if you want," Chu Fei can sit down and wait for the mage to send black tea and cakes. But there is no other way. Although this woman looks old, her strength is questionable. From her spiritual induction, she can know that she is several times stronger than herself. Even if an old woman loses her temper, she can’t deal with it herself.
"Young man, I have heard your name many times, but you are a necromancer and our mage are different professions, and you don’t care too much, but today you come to our mage association, hoping to learn the spiritual resonance that is the strongest ability of the mage. I really didn’t expect it." The old man named Susan slowly picked up a cup of tea and tasted it, and then he had to sigh with emotion, so that Chufei seemed to like it very much.
"I didn’t expect to come here one day to ask for advice on spiritual transport methods, but I really need this ability now, and I also have confidence to learn. I hope you can grant my request, and these are some small gifts that I hope you can accept." Chufei took out a box containing more than a dozen gems, which were naturally found in Sakaram’s treasure house. No attributes and abilities are just decorative, but ikiss also commented that these are fine gems with high value. Chufei has carefully observed them just now. Those magicians are dressed in gorgeous clothes, especially some gemstone earrings and gem ring, which can be seen everywhere. They are either finished with equipment or just decorated. They need these luxurious and gorgeous things to deal with women, which should be accessible everywhere.
"It’s a beautiful gem. If those little guys see it, I’m afraid they’ll scream and turn around. The wizards have abandoned women a lot of fun, but they are very resistant to these shiny things. I have to say, I feel very moved when you look at them accurately." Susan, an old woman, couldn’t help but have a meal when she looked at the jewels in front of her. For women, these things are really a way to resist temptation
"Can you please give me this ability? I think it’s a fair deal. I wonder what you think?" ChuFei some proud way this kind of attack if it doesn’t work, it would be a failure, to seize the woman some methods to avoid to attack.
"If the president of the Mages Association were twenty years younger, you would definitely be able to buy these gems, but now for me, the president is much stronger than women, so these gems still can’t impress me!" The old woman actually pushed back the box containing precious stones, which made ChuFei angry. What the hell do you want?
"President, I don’t know how much you want me to do, or you don’t want to teach me this skill at all!" Chufei drank a cup of tea with a cold face and said, "If the president really thinks so, then I don’t have to wait here and leave directly."
"Ha ha, young people, don’t be impatient. I didn’t refuse you, did I?" President Susan beckoned naturally. Arihoshi teleported over and refilled Chufei with tea. Then the old woman went on, "The mage needs spirit to control the ability to hone the control elements when he changes his job. To make the skill spirit be honed, the mage’s profession is the highest professional requirement for spirit. Necromancer and druid can mutate summoning, barbarian Amazon can mutate skills, but only. The mage’s skill is the method of variation, and how much damage can be caused by how many elements can be summoned. This is the method of change. The mage wants to become stronger and master the spirit. First, the first bottleneck is the spirit shock, and then he is qualified to understand the spirit resonance. "
Here, her face was solemn and she put the teacup in a serious way. "Mastering the spirit resonance mage can talk about practicing two skills and releasing them at the same time, such as fire wall and snowstorm, but even if the mage can reach this level, the proportion is rarely less than one tenth and the average level is still thirty-five. You have lost this ability."
"That is to say, even if you teach me, it’s probably the meaning of the Root Law Society." Chufei frowned. "If I can’t learn, I won’t continue to pester you here, just rest assured."
"That’s not what I mean. I’m just telling you how miraculous it will be if you learn this ability! I’ve heard how terrible you are before seeing with your eyes, but if I see it with my own eyes, I can’t choose to see a necromancer whose spirit is so strong. I want to know the secret. Oh, this sentence seems a little too much. I won’t accept the gem and resonate with it. I’ll teach you at once, but if you learn it, you will come here to teach you the tricks and methods of spiritual cultivation. This is my condition! What do you think? " The old woman made a real deal at this moment.
The third chapter seventy-one Ready
"Hey, Chufei, what is this? How did you get such a fancy badge? Isn’t this the badge of the Mages Association!" During the day, just Bilaise came to the house and grabbed Chufei, who was still in a daze. He held a badge with colorful luster and cute animal images in his hand and shouted at him. Today, he came to Chufei. I didn’t expect to find a mage badge on the bedside, which made Bilaise have some bad associations.
"Oh, I became an assistant tutor of the Mages’ Association yesterday. Only with this badge can I have a rest." Chufei glanced at Bilaise with his eyes slightly open, and then went back to bed to get ready to go back to sleep. Yesterday, my spirit was almost exhausted!
"So that’s it, but it’s too strange. What are you going to do as an assistant tutor at the Mages Association? Hey, don’t sleep any more. It’s already breakfast! " Beatrice directly wraps ChuFei with the sheets, then directly lifts her up and walks towards the face, this violent woman!
"All right, you guy, let go quickly. I’ll wash my face and wake up first!" Being directly picked up by Beatrice, Chufei cried and woke up. If you were just carried upstairs, your face would be lost, and your spirit would barely recover. However, it is better to find some ice water to wash your face.
"I haven’t eaten breakfast since I came back from the farewell party this morning. Please hurry up. I don’t want to wait too long." Beatrice made a face and jumped directly from the second floor.
Get up in the morning, wash your face with ice water, and then pick it up. There are three beautiful women who make breakfast to accompany you. This ordinary life is relatively happy. Chufei yawned and jumped directly from the second floor. Then he walked into the restaurant and sat down and drank a glass of iced juice first. It was really refreshing.
"It’s delicious. Your crispy creamy chicken soup is delicious. It’s simply enjoyable to eat with garlic bread." Bilaise was excited about Hector. Besides hard exercise every day, the only interest of Hector and Monroe is to hone their cooking skills. Maybe it’s not as colorful as those hotel chefs, but eating at home has a special warmth
"Yes, today’s roast chicken wings and fried tenderloin are also very delicious. It’s hard for you two." Bilaise praised herself. The master can’t see Chufei naturally, but also lightly praised the two sisters’ cooking skills for getting better and better.
"Thank you, master, for your praise. Mother is coming soon, and she will certainly be able to let her master eat better things." Hector and Monroe smiled a happy face. Since Chufei agreed to transfer Mrs. Schell to Lugaoin as a spokesperson for the territory, they were extremely excited and happy. Recently, the food has become more and more abundant.
"Your mother is coming soon, so congratulations." Beatrice handed the soup plate over and motioned for Monroe to add another one to her. At the same time, she said to Chufei, "You are not in good spirits today. What’s the problem? This situation is really rare."
It’s not just Bliss Hemerow who is very Chu Fei, but she is also very aware of her present image. This is the first time that her face has dark circles since she changed her job, and her face is faint and pale, just like a seriously ill ordinary person. But this didn’t help him. He learned the method of spiritual resonance from the president of the Mages Association. He tried to absorb the soul crystal last night, but he didn’t expect that he was still too reluctant @@ So he caused a lot of self-criticism. At most, he had to overdraw his spirit to recuperate. It will be completed in a while, but even the soul of the source of spirit was damaged yesterday. He is only now so cautious about what Akara and the president of the Mages Association ask. This ability is still barely displayed now
"It’s nothing. There are some problems when doing spiritual practice, and the spirit is a little self-absorbed." Chufei brushed it lightly and then asked Bilaise, "I wonder if you got a positive answer when you came back from there this time?" Beatrice went to her cousin’s two days ago. Of course, the purpose was to invite that person out of the mountain and bring Chufei sincerity. Now it should be no problem to come back with a big smile.
Yes, this time, you asked me to bring the potion, which made my cousin very happy. Little Leon was very excited about the effect after drinking it twice. She asked me to convey her gratitude to our territory. She will go all out to make sure that we won’t be disappointed. Bliss was very happy. Your move is absolutely amazing. Parents who want to have children will be very eager for this potion. You will be able to get their gratitude immediately if you send it. This is simply more effective than the part of benefits we promised. Little Leon will definitely be successful in changing jobs from now on.
"It’s simple for you to say. It’s not easy to refine these drugs, and this is my secret. Did you wake up your cousin? This can’t be leaked." Chufei said with a cold hum that he had already considered it, but things are scarce and expensive. If this drug is distributed casually, what is the value!
"Don’t worry, my cousin is also a talented person. What’s more, my cousin still wants to have her own son to drink this medicine. She is more careful than anyone and will never leak out." Beatrice gently cut a sausage with a knife and fork and then said, "The plan has been written. It takes three days to arrange things there, and then she can bring some people to our territory to help. Of course, we are responsible for the treatment of people. Is that okay?"
"That’s natural. Since we have come to our territory, we are naturally responsible for this. You don’t have to worry that my spokesperson will arrange all this, but there seems to be some trouble in your place. I heard that many people are making noise. It seems that they still want to harass me. It’s a pity that two people came the day before yesterday and stopped yesterday after I broke their legs." Chufei smiled strangely and saw that two people’s territories were going to be built. Those guys in the Bilise family were tossing up. Of course, those who changed jobs in such a big family were mostly decimal. Points are all freeloaders with titles. At this time, of course, Chu Fei wants to profit. He even found the bewitch behind Lan Ruosi, but he won’t be polite to catch two old men. They immediately broke their legs and threw them outside for an hour, almost dying, and then they were carried back to this territory. But it depends on whether you have that.
"I know, if it weren’t for my cousin, I’m afraid I’d be bored to death. When I get into trouble, it’s all up to me to see that the territory is about to be built. It’s really anxious to kick them all out at once, so I’m determined to go to the leveling with you the next day. Anyway, there are cousins in the territory who have been promoted to level 30 and then go back to the family. Then I think they won’t be so arrogant." Beatrice actually doesn’t want to expose these things in front of Chufei, because she feels humiliated like that, and has always attracted so many
"Ha ha speaking, I am very grateful to the Golden Eagle family with three claws. If you really want to revitalize the family, you should first get rid of those guys who jumped out this time. Otherwise, there is absolutely no hope. Bliss, you are really not suitable to be a householder. If I am right or wrong, I should dare to come out at this time and beat them to death to erect majesty. Otherwise, how can these people be obedient!" Chufei burst out laughing, no matter if the three-claw Golden Eagle family inherited the war pattern, it was a great help to him. In his heart, he was also much grateful to Bilise.
"Come on, you’ve figured it out. Let’s step on the upgrade road. We must strive to get to level 30. I must break through this bottleneck as soon as possible, and then you will know that I’m good." Chufei laughed, and now he has the spirit to support him to absorb those soul crystals and soul amber, but it will be easy to break through level 30. It will take up to three years to speak these runes, and then he will have another ability. Although he can’t exactly know what ability it is, he must be very powerful.
"Strange guy don’t you want to get variation skeleton again? What on earth makes you so excited? By the way, Chufei, you haven’t explained to me that the assistant of the mage association is a medal. If you get that you are a necromancer, why should you be involved with the mage association? Explain it quickly! " Beatrice hates the woman who grabbed a piece of bread and threw it into Chufei’s mouth. She always notices some strange places. This sixth sense is sharper than herself!
The third chapter seventy-two Warlock Canyon
Warlock Canyon This should be regarded as the last outpost. From here, there is Tara Xia Tomb, and finally the Duriel Room. Then all monsters around Lugoin will be cleared. Who would have thought that he had just entered Lugoin a year and a half ago? A rookie! I have gone through a lot of people in the past year and a half, and this is also the reason why the name is getting bigger and bigger. Once I have the advantage, I will move forward faster and faster.
As early as more than a month ago, Chu Fei made up his mind to be promoted to level 30 as soon as possible, but with the constant emergence of various things, it was delayed for nearly a month, but it was worthwhile and worthwhile. Even if these things were delayed for a year, they were willing.
First of all, I got a piece of territory, which means that I can also have income later, and I can ask Lugaoin for some special things aboveboard. For example, after the territory is slightly developed, I can ask Lugaoin to build a job-changing altar. It would be sad if Chu Fei didn’t really know the job-changing power, and if he had the altar, he could try that magical power, and the grand palace and so on, and he wanted to own a man without even pursuing this.
Then there is Sakaram’s treasure house. After finding the treasure from the treasure house, it can be said that the territory construction has been accelerated ten times, and most importantly, a set of runes sealed by soul crystal and soul amber has been obtained. These runes can be absorbed and then cooperated with the three-claw golden eagle to win the battle pattern power. This is the biggest surprise theory. For example, strength is the root. With this power, Chu Fei is more confident to break the bottleneck of changing jobs and reach a higher level.
The only pity is that I have suffered a little loss in the Mages Association, but I can’t learn the spiritual resonance, but there is no way. Although Chu Feigen doesn’t know many people, the Afar family must be proficient in this ability, but the elders of the Afar family may hate themselves to death. How can it be granted? Even if there is something hidden, it is too uncomfortable to make a deal with the Mages Association, and he is pointing out some spiritual skills. How can the real spiritual exercise method be said?
After becoming an assistant tutor of the Mages Association, Chu Fei is also a member of the Mages Association. No matter how many hands there are now, it is a very beneficial physical and mental activity for a group of teachers to teach beautiful women. More importantly, the president of the Mages Association hinted that he would support himself and get the support of such a big man. This is the most practical benefit. People who have any ideas about themselves have more scruples and have to go to class once every two or three months. The mages are still very good at spiritual research. In communication, Chu Fei has also gained a lot of benefits. It is indeed a great narrowness.
"Well, the desert wind makes people feel very fresh. It’s been a long time since I fought, but my bowstring has been tense." Hector and Monroe stretched their bodies comfortably beside them. The two sisters are followers of Chufei, and Chufei has been busy with many things during this time. Their sisters can also do some training at ordinary times. They haven’t used their skills to pierce monsters with arrows for a long time.
"It’s also the first time that I came to the warlock’s Canyon. Although I wanted to come, I was stopped because the monsters here are the strongest around Lugaoin, especially the special skills of some monsters that have finally evolved, and the damage probability of elements is doubled. Compared with those places in front, it’s much worse. Don’t be careless." Beatrice also regrets that she didn’t expect to arrive here so soon.
"Yes, Master Bliss said yes. There are mainly three kinds of monsters here: the worm, the saber-toothed cat and the baboon beast, but all of them are the ultimate evolutionary types: the giant orders and the blood worms. These two kinds of monsters are worms, and their ability to evolve three times and four times is twice as high as that of ordinary worms. There are also the nocturnal cats in hell and the monsters that destroy monkeys. The most common monsters here are also individuals with three evolutions, and it is probably individuals with four evolutions. We should also be careful." Hector carefully studied the information here before preparing to leave yesterday, and now it is better to say it.
"Because here used to be Diablo’s arrival, the energy of hell around here is quite strong." Chufei closed his eyes and sensed that the monsters around here were better than those encountered in front, and the level was much higher, but he was working with his own mind to deal with these guys to get the most experience and now his team is much stronger than before. Don’t worry about what will happen.
The warlock canyon is also quite large. I saw a map. Although it is called a canyon, there are two mountains in the entrance direction. It is barely considered that the canyon continues to the inside, which is far from the distant oasis. Even if you don’t encounter monsters all the way, it will take more than ten days. Let’s count it. From here, you first arrive at the ancient tomb of Taraxia in Intharatna. The ancient tomb of the summer was built by technology at that time. The real tomb and the fake tomb were often exchanged positions, so it is not necessarily possible to find it immediately. It takes a lot of time to verify each one, and it may take two months
It will take a total of seven tombs to clear the monster department inside these tombs, and it will take two months at least. This is still a conservative estimate. In the end, of course, it is Lu Gaoyin, the BOSS of all monsters around him. This big guy wants to kill it and needs detailed and careful planning and preparation to complete this feat in this half year, and then the 30-level base can be broken.
"By the way, Chu Fei, what kind of monster body are you giving Xiaojin now? Why do you look so weird? Is it the body of a little demon mage?" Beatrice hasn’t noticed the variation of the skeleton Xiaojin yet, but the former Xiaojin’s body is obviously changed into a pair of shriveled and emaciated body, and I know it’s not a melee body, so I’m naturally very curious.
"Curious? It’s time for you to see a group of nocturnal cats in hell." Chufei smiled smugly. Xiaojin’s body is naturally the priest Sakaram, but this monster is only Kulaster. Chufei changed the clothes for Xiaojin’s body and made some messy decorations for Pastor Sakaram. This monster’s body is shriveled and has no characteristics. Where can others tell it? But it takes Xiaojin’s skill to recognize it.
"There’s another surprise. Look at this little guy." A group of nocturnal cats in front of hell have discovered Chufei, a group of mutant beasts, and they quickly ran towards here, screaming and screaming, and they can feel that these beasts are crazy and murderous, but Chufei is not nervous at all. Instead, he smirked, and then he reached out and pointed to a two-headed ghost wolf and came out of the void.
It’s a little smaller than the mad wolf, but it’s a lot bigger than the ordinary ghost wolf. The hair is pure silver. There is no difference between the two heads, but one is red eyes and the other is blue eyes. It’s Chufei who measured the altar in Sakaram Palace. It’s hard to mutate that ghost wolf. Now it should be called a double-headed mutant ghost wolf.
These infernal nocturnal cats are saber-toothed cats. They have pure beast power. The attack distance is very strong in terms of speed and destructive power. Chu Fei shortened this distance to 200 meters. This distance is the best distance for magic to play. The first shot is naturally Prissy. She waved her hands and five Lei Guang guards have been stationed in the ground. These Lei Guang guards can flash and recharge when the enemy enters the attack range. After the Lei Guang guards were released, Prissy did not continue to motivate her to watch the drama.
A large number of flashes in Lei Guang’s sparkle are rampant among this group of nocturnal cats in hell, but the damage is not small, but it can’t do too much damage to them. We can tear up those prey from the past, but then their dreams are shattered, and suddenly a dark cloud appears in the sky, and then a large number of hail and snowflakes fall from the sky. Hail falls on the nocturnal cats in hell, making their bodies ice blue immediately, which actually has a deceleration effect! This is a desert area, where the temperature is very high, and the snowstorm power of pastor Sasakaram has also weakened a little, but in the same way, these monsters have always been born in a very hot desert, and they are naturally resistant to flames, but they are resistant to freezing.
It’s a blizzard! It is the first time for not only Bliss but also Hemoulong to see the mutant skeleton gold. The new ability is that they never expected that the mutant skeleton gold would release a snowstorm, causing deceleration and continuous cold damage. It looks quite shocking.
The third chapter seventy-three Canyon of the first world war
The third chapter seventy-four Extremely amulet
This group of infernal nocturnal cats was quickly eliminated in less than five minutes. If it was not for a sudden flight, we had to show off the ability of a mutant skeleton gold and a double-headed magic wolf. We directly applied aging according to the normal combat procedure, and then it took about two or three minutes to get rid of these infernal nocturnal cats. This speed was achieved by ex-Price and her two teammates at the same level.
Although this group of infernal nocturnal cats are relatively tough monsters, there are more than 100 monsters. However, after the Ministry solved the problem, there were few pieces of equipment. Gold coins and potions exploded. Unfortunately, they were all light medicines. Several pieces of equipment were all white boards, which didn’t even disappoint Chufei. Now he prefers to get those grooved weapons to those ordinary blue or bright gold equipment. These ordinary little monsters really can’t produce anything good, but the local elite monsters seem to be rare. Otherwise, such a group of hundred infernal nocturnal cats should have a small elite.
"My Lord, here is a big blue amulet for you to identify. I think it should be a good thing." Two sisters, Monroe and Hector, have been cleaning the battlefield for a long time. Chu Fei is out of the dark gold equipment and doesn’t start work. Bilise has never bent down to pick up the equipment since she was a child. Chu Fei gave the ball to the two sisters to let them enjoy the fun of picking up gold coins and equipment.
"Big amulet? No matter what the attribute is, it’s a good thing. "Chu Fei reached out and took this amulet that can be put in a suitcase. What attribute is it? It’s all additive to one’s own equipment, but these amulets can always be filled with the whole suitcase. In history, there was a very famous job changer who filled his suitcase with amulets. Although his equipment was not very good, it became the most powerful job changer at that time.
Concave-convex super-large amulet
Level 25 is required.
+4 maximum energy
I really believe that many mages have learned that this scalp-breaking mage is indeed a turret, but its mana is a great limitation. This super-large amulet adds 40 points of energy as soon as it is used. For a mage, its mana is ten points, which is perfect and rare for a mage, and its level requirements are also very low. I didn’t expect these ordinary hell nocturnal cats to be so generous and turn to my study.
"Come to Bilaise and wait for a while." Chufei sighed with emotion for a while. This amulet has nothing to do with himself, so Chufei’s mana value is close to four hundred. On how fierce the battle is, the mana consumption and mana recovery speed are the same, which is also very important for other necromancers, but the energy attribute is nothing to him.
"There’s no need. My equipment now has ten mana bonuses. The left-handed weapon didn’t kill an enemy and gained a little mana. The right-handed ring absorbs 4 life and 3% mana. I don’t need to go to this super-large amulet. You’d better keep it. If you go to the Mages Association to sell it, you can definitely sell it at a big price or get a good equipment." Bilaise refused Chu Fei’s suggestion that she has enough mana now.
"Hey, why are you suddenly so reasonable? Yesterday, you complained that I had good equipment and didn’t assign it to you. This amulet is also very good for assassins. Don’t worry about the exhaustion of mana. We will encounter those ghosts. That’s a monster with burning mana skills. Just put it in your suitcase and give it to me later." Chufei was surprised at first and then threw this super-large amulet to Bilise.
"Because this territory was originally a fief of the Golden Eagle family with three claws, Lu Gaoyin didn’t advance the construction funds. My cousin has told me that the early funds were all from you. Although I don’t know where you borrowed it from, I still feel very guilty. After all, I am still the head of the family, but the family didn’t give a gold coin." Beatrice wriggled for a long time and said that it turned out to be this matter and worried.