According to Lingyun’s estimation, in seven days, the proficiency of the three arrays will be as high as%.

The remaining 2% proficiency can not be improved by drills, and it is necessary to really fight the enemy on the battlefield.
One thousand soldiers were called by Lingyun just after eating in the early morning, and most of them gave birth to a trace of dissatisfaction, but they were afraid of Lingyun and dared not say much.
In the Han army, the military law is very strict, and not many soldiers dare to disobey orders, unlike the Yellow Scarf Army, many of them are just doing it.
But today Lingyun didn’t practice this group of soldiers like yesterday.
Lingyun let the soldiers disperse after the early past.
And he is looking for suspicious players in Zhao Feng’s barracks.
Lingyun wants to see if they are among Zhao’s ten thousand soldiers.
Lingyun didn’t go looking for it one by one, but directly got the roster of soldiers and slowly looked for it among thousands of names.
Because of that happiness, Lingyun already knew his name on the state channel.
No matter whether it’s the world channel or the state channel, every speaker tries to hide his name.
It took more than an hour for Lingyun to finally find a happy name among 10 thousand names. Lingyun came to find it with the idea of one thousand, but he really found it
There is no hatred for Lingyun, who is as happy as the sea, but Lingyun doesn’t mind giving him a lesson because the other party has always wanted to find trouble with himself.
When a dog barks at you all the time, it always needs to hit him a few sticks to make him afraid, then he will become honest and hide when he sees you, with his tail between his legs.
Lingyun now just wants to be as happy as the sea, and when he sees himself, he will be frightened and hide with his tail between his legs, so that he will never appear in front of his face again, and he will never make trouble for him behind his back.
However, after all, this is a game, and it is still very difficult for one player to make a detour if he wants another player to see it.
Soon an order went to Furuhai and several other soldiers in his same squad were sent to the barracks to investigate the enemy’s situation outside.
The next day, when he returned to the barracks, Lingyun quietly ordered people to be as happy as a corporal at an altitude.
Lingyun is a small rider, but in Zhao Feng’s ten thousand foot soldiers, Ji is the second person.
The other two military commanders who are higher than Lingyun are polite when they see Lingyun. Instead, they have to ask Lingyun first. It looks like Lingyun is an military commander and they are both riding capitals.
There is no way for this army to be Zhao Feng’s commander-in-chief Zhao Feng’s military forces and Lingyun is Zhao Feng’s sworn brother.
To others, this army is actually equivalent to Lingyun.
Although not said, it can be seen from all the soldiers’ respect for Lingyun.
But Lingyun is not the kind of person who doesn’t look down on others with a little prestige.
Generally speaking, Lingyun is still a modest person, with pride and no pride. His pride has long been worn away for physical reasons.
Therefore, the 10,000 military forces in Zhao Feng’s hands are still very lingyun on the whole, but they don’t have too much admiration for Lingyun. They worship Zhao Feng more than Lingyun.
They are more angry with Lingyun because Lingyun and Zhao Feng are sworn to their eldest brother, but they are not so overbearing.
It is also because of Zhao Feng that they won’t be disgusted by a riding capital Lingyun commanding them too much.
No one makes irresponsible remarks about Lingyun making a player a corporal, and no one is dissatisfied with it. Let alone that Lingyun is Zhao Feng’s eldest brother. It is so beneficial for Lingyun to be a rider himself.
When Fu Ruhai returned to the barracks full of complaints and learned that he had been promoted to corporal, as soon as all the complaints disappeared, he immediately showed off in an ostentatious manner in front of his brothers
But lingyun has quietly followed him.
Because I don’t know the names of those brothers, Lingyun used this method to let Fu Ruhai find his brother himself, and he followed Fu Ruhai himself.
As Lingyun expected, happiness is like the sea. After becoming Wu Chang, Ma went to find his seven brothers.
Seeing that the brothers as happy as the sea have become one of the 10 thousand military forces commanded by Zhao Feng, Lingyun has a general idea that it is not yet mature.
I didn’t disturb the Fu Ruhai brothers to celebrate Lingyun’s departure after quietly asking np soldiers the names of the other seven people.
"General Zhang, change a group today. It’s always that 1000 soldiers give me drills. My heart must be unbalanced." Lingyun found Zhang Qian, the military commander.