Two months ago, the three companies, Zhanji, Banghuo Liancheng and Dudu, jointly organized a convoy from SHEN WOO, the mainland of fighters, and had a smooth journey. However, when we had lunch in Shanjin Town, a twisted jungle, where the knife is now in hand, everyone drank a few more bottles of beer because it was very stuffy that day.

After dinner, everyone continued to ride the car with a strong drink, but some players were sharp-eyed and found that the hood of the guild escort was a little loose.
How is it possible to escort the hood? As a result, the lid was pushed by the flushing force, and it was filled with a box of weeds.
The escort players immediately panicked and beat all the other cars for a whole 30 escort cars, and there were weeds in them.
How was the van switched? No one actually saw the doorway.
The news returned to Yuncheng, and the top three families were alarmed. They sent their own troops to investigate, but they all found something.
In fact, in the past two months, three people have sent a large number of people to tight encirclement to find the goods, and even offered a reward of 5 dragon coins for any valid clues; 2 dragon coins for finding the reward; Recover the whole goods with a reward of 1 dragon coin.
So far, no one has got the reward because no one can lead.
Today, another respected vice-president from the headquarters of Tianji came to Shanjin Town. This vice-president is called Feng Fengchen, a middle-aged uncle. Usually, he is modest and low-key, and his level is only 52.
However, the sword in hand has great respect for him. If a 52-level fighter can be the vice president of the guild ranked first in the mainland, he will not despise him if he has brains. This is definitely a powerful role.
A powerful role means not only strength, but that such people have a high success rate in everything.
The wind and dust can appear here, and the top management of the securities guild has been very anxious to send him to investigate.
But I have always been a loner. Today, for the first time, I brought two young people to see the costumes. One is an assassin and the other is an assault soldier. If there is anything special about these two people compared with ordinary players, it is that they are both dusty and dirty.
However, the wind and dust are very respectful to them, and they are polite to ask them to sit down. They also told the owner of the small restaurant to bring two more bottles of good wine.
For these abnormal phenomena, there is no question about why curiosity kills people. He has a deep understanding, and he has learned a painful lesson from his curiosity in the past.
He doesn’t even know what kind of goods are transported by the three guilds since it happened.
He just looked for something else. He didn’t.
"What’s the situation?" Asked the wind and dust
"It’s still the same. There is no progress." The knife can shake its head. "This batch of goods seems to have been changed by a juggler. There is no news at all."
The charge soldier asked, "Are there three families in both regions? No witnesses, no one saw the goods leaving the country and no news? "
Knife in hand nods "exactly"
The assassin suddenly asked, "What exactly are these goods of your three guilds?"
Many people want to ask this question, but they are afraid to ask it because no one will answer it for you, but now I have nothing to say. "There are 12 pieces of eternal equipment, three of which are tiny; There is a line reel with 1 volume, of which 2 volumes are advanced instruction reels such as 1; One rune, three of which are five-effect runes, has more than 12 pieces of magic stone, ranging from 4 to 23, and there are also some equipment. "
The knife immediately turned into a mute in his hand, but his heart was horrified. The value of this batch of goods was really unimaginable to ordinary people.
The assassin was very calm. "No wonder the recovery period is three months."
The stormtroopers thought, "These goods have no wings and legs, of course they won’t run away by themselves."
He suddenly looked at the knife in his hand. "Do you think the goods are in this flash town?"
I didn’t expect the charge soldier to read his mind, but he nodded "because there is no news everywhere"
The stormtrooper nodded. "I would think so if I were you, but have you got anything here?"
The knife is a little red in my hand. "I brought 67 brothers who are good searchers. To tell you the truth, I have dug almost three kilometers in Fiona Fang, Shanjin Town, and I haven’t seen a ghost."
"What kind of van is your guild?" The assassin suddenly asked this question.
The knife is in the hand. "Ten cars from each of the three guilds are the largest ones. Each car has its own guild logo so that the goods can be shipped at one time."
The charge soldier said, "What was your route from SHEN WOO City? Where did you pass? How long does it take? Where have you stayed? "
These questions are in hand, and the player has asked them at least fifty times in the past two months, but now he has to repeat them when others ask him.
"Walking from SHEN WOO City is based on two points and one line, staying in the town for a total of three days, passing through places such as Shenwucheng, Gengetsu Town, Dulangpo, Cangyue Canyon, Ding Town, Luoxiapo, Shandaigou, Ranger Warrior City, Dream City, Longyan Town and Shanjin Town …"
The assassin suddenly asked, "Did you come around from the north?"
"It’s safest because of this," the knife explained in his hand. "The twisted jungle terrain is too complicated for everyone to take that risk."
The assassin said, "Assuming that this batch of goods has not been switched, the route should be Shanjin Town, Baihua Town, Lengshui Town, Baicun Village and Yangcun Village … and then bypass the Justice League from the south and finally enter Shuiyun City, right?"
The knife in hand was surprised and said, "That’s true. How do you know?"
The assassin ignored him and continued to ask, "was it the night before when your team passed Longyan Town? Where is the escort team stationed? "
The knife in hand is even more surprising. "Yes!"
The assassin looked at the wind and turned to dust. "Your goods were switched in Longyan Town."
The knife is in hand and he doesn’t speak. Now words can’t replace his great surprise.
The wind blew the dust and said, "Please ask!"
The assassin sighed, "If I were the murderer, I would also choose to start work in Longyan Town. I have been to that place in Longyan Town, and it is easy to fish in troubled waters. From the route, it is very difficult for the town murderer to change the bag. It is almost impossible that your reaction is a little slow until you arrive in Shanjin Town at noon the next day."
With the knife in hand, I couldn’t help saying, "As you say, why didn’t the murderer do it in the wilderness of Dulangpo, Cangyue Canyon, Sunset Slope and Shandaigou? That will make it less difficult. "
The charge soldier sneered, "Do you mean hard robbery? Your goods are so important, it is estimated that the players sent by your three guilds are masters, and the killers need at least 20 or 30 people in their sixties and seventies. I don’t think that’s enough. The robbery is too high. "
The assassin said, "That’s right. Even if you grab it, how can you escape?" It’s impossible for them to take away thirty carts without making a noise. Your three guilds have been investigating for two months, so it’s not a policy to rob them hard. "
"What shall we do now, gentlemen?" he said.
The assassin has got up. "If we go to Longyan Town now, we will definitely find clues. Maybe we will get five dragon coin bounty before long. Can President Feng cash it on the spot?"
When the wind blows, the dust sinks. "If you judge correctly, I can pay on the spot!"
"Then go now!" The stormtroopers also got up.
These two people are obviously highly effective in their work style, and they will leave without dragging their feet.
Knife in hand path "Brother Feng, do we really want to hear them go to Longyan Town now?"
The wind and dust also got up and sank. "Respect them all the way. Do you have any requirements to meet them as much as possible?"
The knife in hand could not help but say, "Who are these two people? I’ve never seen a very strange person. This is definitely not our Tianji people. "
The wind and dust gave him a meaningful look. "They are recommended by the five beauties of the Golden Eagle Club. We hope to find the lost red goods. If they find the red goods, they will probably go to the Golden Eagle Club to thank them in person."
The knife is stupefied in your hand. Damn it, it’s a big deal. Are you a master of Golden Eagle?
Obviously, it’s either an assassin or a mad dog dragon. The charge soldier is a mad dog dragon. Call for help-cheetah!
In tracking, hunting, manhunt, reconnaissance and other aspects, cheetahs are definitely masters, and masters rarely miss.
To put it bluntly, Mad Dog Dragon owes somebody else Han Xinyi a big favor. Han Xinyi asked him to go directly to Shuiyun City to join his senior teacher elder sister Xi Yan and recommended Mad Dog Dragon to Tianji.
And Dynasty Port received a short message from Mad Dog Dragon, and Tianqi informed the cheetah to go to the Justice League without saying anything.
The two men met the day after tomorrow, and the top of the war discipline seemed to feel unsafe, so they sent the wind and dust to walk together.
If the Golden Eagle Club master can’t find the red goods back, then this bitter fruit will have its own eyes closed and swallow it. This is the unanimous view of the top leaders of Tianjing Ji to be continued.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-four Swallow the bait and switch
Mad dog dragon once came to smoke town or cold front to handle affairs
He was deeply impressed by Longyan town, because it is an ancient town with Huaxia style, and more importantly, it was here that he met Xing Zi.
There are many strange stories about hidden professional cheetahs in the Ninth Continental, and Mad Dog Dragon agrees with you. Don’t believe that there are magicians, and when a few tricks change, your escort car disappears.
At the moment, the cheetah is in an antique inn with a shiny brand, Yi Jui Chan, hanging at the door of the inn.