War ghost hey hey smiled. "I told you to lean back. My strength has just been mastered and I can’t control it accurately soon."

Bald Jack said with a wry smile, "Brother, stop playing. They are very good. Let us join you even if we want to fight … huh?"
As he spoke, he suddenly found a vine wrapped around his waist and several companions, followed by a strong force. Five people were pulled back by vines at the same time and then firmly placed beside zhaojie.
"Is it you?" Bald Jack looked at zhaojie in surprise … It’s worth noting that even war ghosts sometimes get addicted when they see zhaojie, but Jack didn’t look at zhaojie with a trace of obsession from just now.
"No, we’re almost recovered. The war ghost has naturally recovered. Just watch from the back and don’t let him hurt you." zhaojie smiles.
"Are you kidding? There are ten hunters across the street, ten hunters with seven ranks. Aren’t you going to help your partner when you recover?" Jack some angry and some sad roar a way
Zhaojie waved his hand and said, "Don’t get excited. Since he likes it, give these people to him."
"Bastard, I really saved you blind." Jack roared angrily and rushed forward with the sword.
But as soon as he took a step, his body stopped
It’s not that he didn’t want to help the war ghosts in the past, but that a shocking coercion suddenly fell on him, which actually solidified the man in place like some imprisonment move. This heavy power is like a mountain, like a sea, like a storm, like a natural disaster blowing to the ground, which makes people feel fear and despair. Around this terrorist coercion, a number of shocking explosions are floating slowly, and no one doubts that touching one of them will detonate the whole thing.
"This is …" Bald Jack looked up only to see that this layer covered Fiona Fang’s range of more than 30 meters, and the man in the middle of the spherical mask was the man who was forced to fill himself with low-level drugs to disperse.
"Pseudo … Pseudo-domain" is tightly suppressed. The fire wolf and others look up at the ghost’s mouth full of bitterness. They know that they finally kicked the iron plate today.
War ghost grimace of a grin this will be an explosive ball of light at the fingertips playing with hey hey say with smile "think that you also know what to know? My strength has exceeded 1,000 points, and I can gain 200 to 300 points less by killing me. Would you like to try one? "
"Big … adult, we are ignorant, please forgive us." The fire wolf almost cried. He never thought that the scene of the jackal versus the sheep had just reversed. The original hunter changed from a sheep to a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
"I gave you a chance, but you didn’t accept it." The war ghost grimaced at the exploding bullet. "Go to hell."
With that, his whole body has jumped up and made a 360-degree rotation in the middle, and then the whole person hit it with a big head.
"Quick-drop explosive bomb"
A large fire accompanied by a small mushroom cloud was smashed into the sky, and a pit with a depth of two meters and a diameter of ten meters appeared on the ground. After the smoke dissipated, the tough figure of the war ghost appeared on his body. The fire wolf and others were all dark in it, and a little black flame came out of them.
"Not dead yet?" War ghost rubbed his head and said to bald Jack, "Hey, come here."
Bald Jack has been shocked by this move, and his legs tremble. He almost peed out. It took him a long time to react and said blankly, "Ah? What? "
"I told you to come over" war ghost impatient way.
"Oh … Oh" Bald Jack, struggling in the pseudo-field, came to the front of the war ghost and said with a trembling look, "What are you doing, my Lord?"
War ghost frown way "call a fart adult? Also called brother like just now. "
"Oh … brother, what can I do for you?"
War ghost pointed to a few half-dead guy, "you are not right? With so much blood on these guys’ hands, justice shouldn’t be good for him compared with you, should it? Tell your partner to kill them. "
"Ah?" Jack froze completely.
"Ah, you old wood, I’ll let you and your companions kill these idiots." The ghost slapped Jack on the head and almost photographed the man.
"But … this is your brother …"
Jack kicked him in the ass before he finished talking. "Why are you so inky? I told you to do it, so they just had a good time looking for a beating, didn’t they?"
"Oh … good" Jack is not an idiot. He immediately knew that the war ghost wanted to repay himself for saving them, and immediately turned around and waved to his companions.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, brother, at that time, I really didn’t expect that you were a strong man who understood the pseudo-field. No wonder your partners have so much confidence in you, and I still think they are going to abandon you."
In the third floor bar of Carcy Lan Mercenary Exchange Center, bald Jack laughs and clinks glasses with war ghosts.
War ghost satisfiedly said, "how is that possible? My partner is a person who is willing to give my life. They know that those miscellaneous fish can’t stand me and let me do it myself. "
Bald jack said while drinking, "brother, you must have made a name for yourself so much, right?" What’s the name of your team? "
"beauty * female team"
"Poof!" Bald Jack sprayed a mouthful of wine on the war ghost and said in horror, "Brother, what did you just say?"
The war ghost wiped his face with his big hand and said, "What’s wrong with the beauty squad?"
Bald Jack put a hand over his mouth and laughed until tears almost came out.
"You * * * What’s your expression? Is it so funny that the old team is called the beauty team?" The war ghost slapped bald Jack on the head.
"No, no … it’s your captain, and I’m sure you’ll choose a tough name, such as Hot Emperor." Jack rubbed his head with a smile.
The war ghost said, "Who said I was the captain?"
"Don’t be ridiculous. Although your name level is not so good, your strength is really strong. What can’t you admit?"
"I’m really not the captain. The captain is the man …" The war ghost pointed to Zhao Jiedao. "He is the core and soul of this team."
"Miss bit? But he doesn’t look as strong as you, and your partner doesn’t look particularly strong, "Jack said with some surprise."
While drinking, the war ghost proudly said, "If you look at it, you have no vision to see the old when you are young. Although you are better than this group of losers, you are the weakest in my team. Except for the captain, we all have pseudo-fields in our team, and I am the fifth to get pseudo-fields."
"Ah?" Bald Jack recalled that when he faced the fire wolf, several people in the US * female squad suddenly said, "No wonder they are dismissive of the fire wolf. I still think they rely on your strength."
After experiencing the situation that a sixth-order man has a pseudo-field, Jack is not so surprised by the war story, but he still said, "Brother, your captain has no pseudo-field. Why are you so willing to accept his leadership?"
"What do you know?" The war ghost laughed, "We are strong because the captain missed us. Without him, we just belong to the level of miscellaneous fish like you now, and the most important thing is that our captain is the strongest in our team, although he has no fake field. If we want to beat him, we must kill him before he reacts, otherwise even if we like to pick two together, we can die."
The war ghost likes this naturally engaged and enthusiastic young man very much … Of course, this is also related to the fact that few people in the team can chat with him. There are three girls in Jeremy’s chat. root cutting doesn’t shut up and doesn’t want to interrupt. zhaojie is usually too busy. The only one who can talk is Hughes Lan, who is also a ghost who is struggling with his life. It is rare to find a person to chat with and look pleasing to the eye. Naturally, Jack has a good talk.
"She is so strong? Look not to come out, I think she is just a very beautiful and kind beauty … "Jack turned to talk with Xiaowen and enjoyed zhaojie very much.
"It’s true that my brother is such a fool. He will not hesitate to help when he sees you in trouble." Xiaowen waved his arms and joked with several people in zhaojie.
Little Lori smiled sweetly. "Is he your own brother?"
"Of course not. We met in a main line."
"Then is there something you don’t want me to do?" Jeremiah beside suddenly said
"…" Xiaowen’s face was flushed with transient, which made the girl look more lovely.
"Ha ha ha ha" everyone laughed.
Zhaojie quietly listening to the people talking and laughing mind is not here.
At this time, the main line of Carcy Lan has also been bald. Jack, at present, they are only investigating haunted house female ghosts … It seems that they lack the link of Zhen compared with zhaojie and others, but if these two are linked, why does Zhen appear?
"Brother, I’m a little drunk to wash my hands. Please wait for me first." Jack, who has been talking with the war ghost, said casually.
War ghost is also a little drunk and nods, "Let’s go together, too."
Said two people gaudy back to the bar outside the toilet.
After shushing, Jack said hello to the tuba war ghost, went outside to wash his hands and lit a cigarette for himself.
Just then, a group of more than a dozen people walked out of Jack’s restaurant on the third floor, and they were very excited and said, "Lord Vladimir."