I’m fascinated. Then you’d better pray more.

The two players are playing faster and faster, and the mobile phone configuration is low, so they can’t see the pictures and moves clearly, and they can watch the excitement and shock because they are weak in martial arts.
I didn’t expect Wei Min’s flying skill to be not weak. Two people slammed a palm in the middle, and the whole stadium was shaken. After landing, A Dai stabilized and had shortness of breath.
Wei Min took two steps back to be stable and looked rather pale.
☆ Chapter 51 The top three are freshly baked.
Stand tall and low after this palm.
The warmth remembers the longing words. From the match between A Dai and Wei Min, Zheng Changgong, the two men, looked very nervous, but that kind of nervousness was very different before Zheng Hai’s game. His eyes were expecting but indifferent, while Meng Guizong seemed calm and calm, and his eyes were indifferent. However, the warmth still saw something strange from Wei Min’s eyes when he stepped back two steps.
This kind of strangeness made her feel moved. Is Wei Min a Meng family but Zheng Jiawu entered the competition as an official?
What about this?
Meng Guizong is the vice president of the Wushu Association, so it’s not bad to collect a few younger brothers to have fun. In this case, it’s necessary to hide the eyes and ears.
It seems that longing knows that her heart is puzzled and pulls her hand and writes, "Maybe the Meng family is hiding the real strength. You see that Wei Min can fight A Dai for so long before he shows a trace of defeat, which shows that Kung Fu is powerful, so how can the Meng family be weak if he can teach such a younger brother?"
Warm slowly nodded his head.
I am fascinated and wrote, "Everyone in the northern city is Zhengjiajiang Lake, but some of the names are from Zhengjiawu Museum. I don’t know that maybe Meng Jia is the real master, but he won’t send it because of his identity."
Warm mumbling "Meng family is really not simple."
Section 42
This kind of simplicity is more disturbing to her, but she still can’t figure out a clue.
Fu Yunyi patted her hand and gently comforted "Warm son, I will let people stare at you and forget it."
Warm nai smiled "well"
Keep looking down at the keyboard, and suddenly there comes a phrase, "Things are much ado about nothing."
Smell speech warm eyes flash flash in the mind a lot of relief.
At this time, A Dai and Wei Min are still struggling, but it is obvious that Wei Min fell several times and was almost knocked to the ground. He missed hiding in the past, but in this way, the so-called game became a struggle and a fight. In fact, it is of little significance, but Wei Min can go on without giving up.
The magic is getting impatient. "It’s not enough to play with him for so long, is it?"
A Dai seems to have heard his words. Suddenly, his hands are in full swing, and his figure is as fast as an arrow. Ordinary people can’t see Wei Minjue’s eyes swaying. When he reacts, it is already a slow step.
A slow step is the difference between heaven and earth.
He lost.
A Dai didn’t knock him to the ground, but put two fingers on his throat. Wei Min needs to move immediately, and blood splashes on the spot. This is a killer skill. If he does, there will be no fighting behind him.
Wei Min thought that his face turned white and ugly at the thought of this cognition. Sometimes it is not losing but the gap between the two sides that really defeats a person. He just can’t escape that trick.
Everyone was quiet. No one expected A Dai to win suddenly. Winning seemed very simple and easy. What was the fight before?
The referee was so stupid that he didn’t wake up like a dream until someone coughed, announcing that A Dai won, which means that this year’s champion was won by A Dai!
At this time, it sounded like a thunder palm for a long time.
When A Dai let go, Wei Minxin was unwilling to ask, "Why did you do this now?"
A Dai, of course, and casual way "oh a trick that how to play behind? This is my last game, of course, it will take more time, otherwise I will be sorry for the audience! "
Wei Min’s pride was shattered and he couldn’t help laughing, "You are crazy!"
A Dai stare big eyes "I this is crazy? God, you’re so ignorant. That’s the crazy one. Compared with him, I’m just a drop of water and the sea. I’ll give it back to you. After more than a hundred moves, I’ll change to him. Hehe … "
Wei Min asked, "What about him?"
A Dai glanced at him sympathetically. "If it were him, he would kick you away with one foot. You didn’t even have a chance to move. That would be crazy, okay?"
Wei Min changed his face and gritted his teeth and asked, "You said it was magical?"
"Since he is so powerful, why not take part in the competition? Isn’t it just right to be famous and famous? "
"Ah large feed let me say you what good? Didn’t I just say that he’s crazy? He has no boundaries. Is that why you guys deserve him? Is he afraid of falling? "
Wei Min stared at him darkly.
A Dai is not afraid to shrug his shoulders anyway. "It’s a fact. You don’t want to believe it, forget it, or you can try to provoke him. Before that, you were not afraid of death and bought life insurance."
"I hope he is really as bad as you say, otherwise …" He dropped this calm face.