The magical consciousness nodded and then regretted the ambiguity. "I’m not always curious. You said it before, and you warned me again and again not to stimulate him too much. But after listening to your words, I canceled all the means of entertaining him. If he is a moth, he can ignore the old things. You must have pissed him off in the rose garden."

Fu Yunyi sneer at "you are innocent? Did you mistake him for a plane? "
"Who is wrong with him? It was a quid pro quo. He took a dagger from the old man. This one is invaluable, okay? There is also the classic and immortal art of war, which is not necessarily true. "The magical spirit shouted.
Hearing this, Fu Yunyi frowned. "Who told you to talk that big!"
Magic grunted, "How do you always know that his eyes are so vicious?"
Fu Yunyi doesn’t want to argue with him anymore. Anyway, it’s already happened. He waved his hand. "Come on, it’s done. Try to look on the bright side. People like him can’t figure it out. You’d better be busy with the game. I’m leaving, too."
"Then are you still on guard?"
"Let’s see how he behaves."
Besides, Zhou Han-yi’s complicated complexion immediately turned into an inscrutable smile. The driver in front felt inexplicably nervous and didn’t know who his family was planning.
Zhou Hanhan rubbed the dagger pattern for half a ring and suddenly said, "Check a warm mobile phone number for me."
The driver was stunned. "Miss Wen’s family?"
"Otherwise? How many warmth in this world can keep them from being as extreme as thieves? "
The driver swallowed. "Do you want it now?"
"One minute"
The driver quickly called out and ordered someone to check, with special emphasis on the public’s urgent need.
In less than a minute, the warm mobile phone number was sent over. The driver read it again. It is very dangerous and tempting to press the lip angle to evoke laughter.
Hehe, don’t everyone treat me as a rival in love? I’m sorry if you don’t really do something! Besides, Xiao ye is easy to bully?
It is not fatal not to fight back.
The words rang for several times, not warm Mei heard them, but staring at the mobile phone number. It was strange and didn’t answer for a while, but the bell rang abnormally. She finally answered the phone and gave a dull feed. "Who is it?"
That end doesn’t talk.
Warm and asked a "who is it? Don’t talk I hung up … "
At that end, I was lazy and said, "It’s me!"
Oh, what should I do? The genie is going to fight back. It’s warm and dangerous
☆, Chapter ninety Uber beaten.
"It’s me"
The two words are as light as a lazy wind, intoxicating, and as a misty rain in April, it is so simple for him to say it, but it is fascinating and provocative.
Zhou Hanhan has always known that he has bewitched people’s talents, whether it is peerless appearance or sexy figure, whether it is high profit or making people look up to their status. His talents need to be touted and boasted, which is absolutely natural. He is charming in the clouds and deeply loves him, giving him perfect external conditions. He knows that others are evil and calling this a manifestation of beauty to a certain extent.
He scoffed at this before.
Men’s strength is overwhelming, and everything outside is just a icing on the cake, so instead of enjoying those obsessed with worship and looking up, he is deeply disturbed
Therefore, he has never been complacent about this demagogue and played a sharp weapon to make it his own, but he is narcissistic and believes that he must be invincible if he is willing.
At this moment, he has released some for the first time, not because he has much respect for warmth, but because he wants to make a quick decision, because he can’t wait to see those men regret and beat their hearts to death.
If you dare to deal with him like that, you must be prepared to pay the price.
So it is worthwhile for him to sacrifice a little Uber attribute.
Who knows …
"Who are you?" Warm is not familiar with his voice, but I can guess a little. I wonder how this grandiose Uber called her. Isn’t cousin with him in the martial arts school?
The word "warm" is really as light as a feather and heavier than Mount Tai, which directly weighs Zhou Hanhan’s chest and breathes. He was lazy and sat up straight. He narrowed his eyes and asked in an incredible voice, "You don’t know who I am?"
The end was warm and funny and asked, "What should I know who you are?" Even if she knew, she wouldn’t say that his arrogant tone of course upset her. It’s strange that she would buy him!
So naturally, arrogant narcissism duke bring disgrace to oneself.
Warm also don’t think the knife stabbed deep enough and mocked for a knife "are we familiar with each other? Are you going to pretend to be a classmate I haven’t seen for many years or a relative who has been separated for many years and then make up all kinds of miserable experiences to cheat money? "