This test directly tried it. After work, Xiaowu happily took the toolbox and walked out of the building door. When the flower bed came face to face, an elegant lady came.

Time seemed to stop at that moment, and both of them stared at each other. It seemed that they couldn’t believe that they could meet again after seven years.
Seven years ago, both of them were younger students in Camellia Star Snow City Middle School, but seven years later, the little girl who once wore a floral skirt blushed when she spoke turned into a tall, beautiful and beautiful workplace elite.
Once ignorant, Xiao Wu was so shy that he was dressed as a maintenance worker. The only thing that hasn’t changed here now is that Xiao Wu smiles and his expression is still childlike and friendly. This smile has been stationed in Shen Tong’s mind for seven years and has never been waved away.
"Xiaowu!" Shen Tong finally smiled. "Why are you here?"
Xiaowu smiled and said, "I didn’t expect to meet you here!" "
This afternoon, Shen Tong specially asked for leave to chat with Xiaowu in the street coffee shop. It is also from this afternoon that Xiaowu will appear in the building on time every evening shift.
Of course, Xiaowu won’t wait for Shen Tong in a dirty maintenance worker’s costume. He doesn’t have many decent clothes and is not a famous brand, but he always looks neat in his clothes. You can’t tell that this is a person who has lived in a slum for a long time, but Shen Tong’s colleagues can tell that Shen Tong’s boyfriend is not a rich man. But it happened that Shen Tong likes to cling to his boyfriend very much and always talks and laughs with his arm in his arm all the way.
Fang Fang, a colleague, was very surprised that she and Shen Tong were not only colleagues but also friends. She knew that there were many people pursuing Shen Tong, but Shen Tong always had his eyes above the top and refused. How could she look at this small?
However, it was later heard that the two were first love classmates, and Fang Fang was relieved. Later, Fang Fang also liked Xiaowu, a young man who smiled very kindly and was very kind to people, so that no one would hate him.
Shen Tong, a little Wu who lives in a slum, is not disgusted. She always thinks that it is not shameful to earn money by her own labor. It is glorious, and she has confidence in herself and Xiaowu’s future. She believes Xiaowu will leave the slum sooner or later.
However, she was very interested in how Xiaowu immigrated to Tianxing, and Xiaowu did not hide to tell her that she still had two eldest brothers suffering in Camellia Star.
After listening to Xiaowu’s story, Shen Tong was also infected. "Xiaowu and the two of them are not your big brothers, but they are actually your big brothers. I think they have suffered a lot from those 50,000 messages."
Li Dalong and Jiang Hua Xiaowu’s eyes are a little red together. "I heard that Long Ge was cheated after their first business and was wronged by the police station to clear his name. Brother Hua broke his legs in an accident and fell to the root of the disease. If he is injured again, he will be disabled for life."
So Shen Tong discussed that our marriage should be postponed for two or three years. Together, we must take Brother Long Hua to Tianxing to settle down. We must not let them spend the rest of their lives in Luoning Town. We must let them live a good life. You two big brothers are also my own big brothers. We can’t abandon them regardless of our own happiness.
Xiao Wu is firmly in favor of this suggestion. He has been afraid to propose to Shen Tong, but he suffers from the fact that the economy is not well off. Although Shen Tong does not dislike him, Shen Tong works for a large group company with considerable middle management income and a high salary of 150,000 credit points every month.
The business of Xiaowu repair shop is not bad, and it can earn 20,000 points a month. If two people maintain their family life after marriage, the total income of two people is nearly 20,000 points a month, which is absolutely enough to start a family. But it is far from enough to get Li Dalong and waters to the Star. It is impossible not to eat or drink for two or three years!
Money is still a small matter. The key is that Li Dalong is an alien refugee and does not have legal federal citizenship. To obtain this qualification, it is not possible to do it with money
Shen Tong’s proposal made Xiao Wu’s heart disease disappear immediately, but everyone, including Shen Tong himself, didn’t expect her proposal to make a dramatic change in the future. To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and ninety Immigration
Shen Tong is not a strong woman who says she can’t be a man, but she quickly quit her old company and her new owner is an energy enterprise.
In this era, energy enterprises are very powerful, because Star Star is rich in resources, but not any enterprise can mine it, which requires the permission of federal agencies, which is not something that ordinary companies can do.
Shen Tong’s excellent management ability and expansion ability were appreciated by the boss of this enterprise. In the past, he was directly the head of the project department with an annual salary of 40,000 credit points. He did a good job and got bonuses at the end of the year.
Shen Tong’s idea is also realistic. I have worked hard for two or three years. If I can be promoted, my two eldest brothers can get rid of the barren Camellia star as soon as possible and come to Tianxing to reunite with us one day earlier.
However, the income has increased substantially, but the price paid is also corresponding.
Get up early in the morning and work hard every day, so let’s not talk about it. Since joining this group company, Shen Tongban has been working late. The reason is that there are so many social parties and occasionally there is a strong smell of alcohol in his mouth when he comes back late at night.
I can’t help it. This is the way the world is. The higher you go, the more you will find yourself involuntarily.
Tong Shen’s principle is that if you can get rid of entertainment, you will definitely get rid of it. If you can’t get rid of it, you should drink as little as possible. This is the case. There are so many times when Tong Shen came home drunk.
Xiaowu is a person with very good living habits. He can’t smoke or drink. He is a little annoyed at Shen Tongyi’s vomiting in hygiene, but he is also a big brother when he thinks that his fiancee is so hard. So he still takes care of Shen Tong patiently and meticulously, carrying water and towels. He often has to sleep until midnight.
What they didn’t know was that at this time, Li Dalong and the "tooth" on the river were taking the last order to complete their immigration to Tianxing with 150 million points, and then they tried to get federal citizenship.
However, Li Dalong and Jiang Hua kept these things from Xiaowu. After all, many of them carried out the bounty, which was shady and illegal. They were so-called, but they didn’t want Xiaowu’s immigrant funds to be disgraced, so they lied that they were doing transportation business outside.
On New Year’s Day, Xiao Wu went back to visit Camellia Star. On the surface, he was ill, but in his heart, he was very worried. He dared not tell the two eldest brothers that Shen Tong was working hard to earn immigrants for you.
Even if you tell this to the waters quietly, you can never tell Li Dalong that Xiaowu is well aware of Li Dalong’s male chauvinism. If Li Dalong finds out, it’s not unusual to beat him up. You are a king calf. You want your fiancee to help you make money and we immigrate. Are you a man? Where’s your face? Do you really think we have no immigration?
Shen Tong paid off desperately, and soon she was promoted to the vice president of the group company, who paid more and more attention to her letter. Of course, her social activities became more and more frequent.
Finally, the group company took over a very big project, which is said to have detected a submarine monster crystal in the deep sea south of Tianxing. The company has actively sought the award from the phase organization as soon as possible.
"Shen, you are going to invite the responsible person and his family to visit the South China Sea one day. You will accompany me!" The boss ordered
Shen Tong didn’t work hard in the workplace for a long time, but he was unusually clever and naturally knew what the so-called inspection meant.
To put it bluntly, it is also a kind of public sincerity for the company to pay these responsible persons to come out for tourism and visit the newly-built exploration in the south of the company. Anyway, there is no bribery and it is nothing to eat and drink in violation of federal law.
The "investigation" went very smoothly and successfully, and the boss was very happy because he had seen that the company had little to do with the problem of this crystal mine. It was not a day or two before the person in charge dealt with his company and knew that its strength was really very strong.
However, three days later, the boss found that something was wrong. When it was time to award, the Federal Department of Energy just refused to award it.
What’s wrong with this? The boss looked at himself
After much deliberation, he still didn’t figure out that our company scored the highest in the Ministry of Energy when choosing the major competitive enterprises. He even secretly recruited two relatives of ministers to the company and distributed two shares of the project in the name of "excellent employees"
What should I do? Why not award it?
Since I can’t figure it out, I have to find someone to inquire about the news. This process of finding someone made the boss vomit blood and asked several talents to find out the result, but this result even made him vomit blood.
In this period, when Shen Tong comes to the office every day, she will receive a large bouquet of roses on time, and her lover has not left her name, but she has encountered too many similar things in the past.
When she received the ninth bouquet of roses, the boss summoned her again. "Do you know who sent these flowers to you?"
Shen Tong can shake his head.
The boss sighed, "The man who sent you these flowers saw you during that inspection and was deeply impressed by you. His father used to be the president of the House of Representatives, but of course he is not now."
But even if it’s not now, I can imagine that the other person is a powerful man, but what do I have?
The boss seems to know what she is thinking. "Shen, I know you are not married to this man. You might as well consider one."
"That’s impossible!" Shen Tong flatly refused, "I have a boyfriend and we have an engagement, and I will not let him down."
Xiaowu can arrive at the Star and reunite with her. It’s not just that there is providence making arrangements, but that the two big brothers have made great efforts and quietly heard who they are. Even the president can never take him away from Xiaowu.
The boss also knows that he is a resolute person, and he doesn’t persuade her to leave by waving.
This day lasted for two whole months, which made Shen Tong curious. Why did this man always send flowers and never show up?
A woman like her who is isolated behind her doesn’t know the other person’s appearance, but if she does, something will happen.
Two months later, the boss summoned her again. "Shen, I ask myself that I have treated you well. I have something important to discuss when I come to you today."
This is a big truth. The boss appreciates her and makes everyone in the company envious, but the boss has a dignified tone and Shen Tong has a bad feeling.
Sure enough, the boss primly said, "Our company has invested tens of billions of points in the crystal mine in the South China Sea, of which 1.3 billion points are bank loans, and the interest is 5 points every second. It has been delayed for two months, and the Ministry of Energy is stuck with it …"
Shen Tongxin is gradually sinking. "Boss, what do you need me for?"